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YI Home

Category: Lifestyle
Version: 5.3.1
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 306.79 MB
Developer: YI Technologies, Inc.
Compatibility:   iOS 10.0 +.
Score: 4.60741
From 35,523 Ratings



Download YI Home 5.3.1 for iPhone/iPad by YI Technologies, Inc. directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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The YI Home app is the intuitive and easy-to-use app for all your YI Home Cameras. Follow the simple onscreen instructions to add your YI Home camera then easily access 24/7 live view of your home, from anywhere. App Features • Real-time video streaming from your camera to your phone • 2-way conversation and audio • Activity highlights of unusual motion detected activity • Pan, tilt, and zoom on your phone to see more details of the room • 1080p HD video with both day and night vision • Secure your videos with a micro SD card Auto-renewing subscriptions info: -Subscription name:Kami Cloud Entry(Yearly) 1 cam, 7 days history, motion -Length of subscription: 365 days -Price of subscription: $29.99 per year -Subscription name:Kami Cloud CVR(Yearly) -Length of subscription: 365 days -Price of subscription: $59.99 per year -Subscription name:Kami Cloud Standard(Yearly) -Length of subscription: 365 days -Price of subscription: $79.99 per year -Subscription name:Kami Cloud Plus(Yearly) -Length of subscription: 365 days -Price of subscription: $129.99 per year -Subscription name: Kami Cloud Entry (Monthly) -Length of subscription: 30 days -Price of subscription: $2.99 per month -Subscription name:Kami Cloud CVR (Monthly) -Length of subscription: 30 days -Price of subscription: $7.99 per month -Subscription name:Kami Cloud Standard (Monthly) -Length of subscription: 30 days -Price of subscription: $9.99 per month -Subscription name:Kami Cloud Standard (Plus) -Length of subscription: 30 days -Price of subscription: $14.99 per month 
-Payment: The user confirms the purchase and pays it with their iTunes account. -Cancel renewal:If you need to cancel the renewal, please manually turn off the automatic renewal function in Itunes / Apple ID settings management 24 hours before the current subscription expire -Renew:Apple ITunes account will be debited within 24 hours before expiration, and the subscription cycle will be postponed for one month after the deduction is successful
-Precautions:After renewing the subscription automatically, the service is free for the first month, and the trial period ends from the day of purchase to the day of next month, and the charge is automatically deducted -Terms of use:https://api.yitechnology.com/home/terms_of_use?location=USA&lang=zh-CN?location=USA&lang=zh-CN -Privacy policy:https://api.yitechnology.com/home/privacy_agreement?location=USA&lang=zh-CN?location=USA&lang=zh-CN -YI Cloud Service Agreement:https://api.yitechnology.com/homecamera/cloud_agreement_ios.html -Autmatic Renewal Service Agreement:https://www.yitechnology.com/newapi/#/YihomeAutoRenewalAgreement


  • Last update terrible

    Last update lost ability to record on SD card. Lotsa problems since they have been pushing the cloud recording.
  • Can’t zoom after Update

    By freerideinapolicecar
    Can’t zoom after update. The top of the frame will not zoom in or scroll down. The bottom of the frame works but not the top. I expect a fix.  I have 10 cameras for at least 2 years. I’ve had one camera specifically that i had to replace about 5 sd cards after being corrupted. Good Samsung SD cards. That camera also sometimes will stop storing new video like it can’t overwrite. Or the camera will shut off until I manually eject the as card and put in a new card. The zoom feature is needed the most though.
  • New app is step backwards

    By Arhsrs
    What changed that is negative
    1. They now darken the screen when the controls are up.   There is no reason to do this as the old version did not do this. Makes it harder to especially in low light
    2. When pinching to see more closely you cannot pan up or down.  The old app did it.  
    I would like to go back to old app.
  • Having an issue recently

    By hav3n
    I’ve loved these camera because for the price there decent cameras but recently we’ve run into an issue and I wonder if it’s because of the recent update but now when I’m looking at the live view on my phone and I zoom in I can’t adjust where I’m looking. It’s frustrating because I have a camera in my living room and when I zoom in all I see is the floor. Before I could zoom in and move my view around and see my front door. If there’s a way to fix this I’d like to know as I would love to update my review to a 4 star.
  • Camera view no longer fits my phone screen

    By JohnJQue
    Congratulations you took an app that was working perfectly, and with the recent iOS update, it now hardly works at all! It takes a lot longer to load. Also the picture no longer fits my phone screen I can no longer see the top of the picture and I can’t pull it down to make it visible, meanwhile I have a large empty dead black space on the bottom of my phone. Why do your updates make this app much worse? I’m looking for a new provider and going to throw your junk in the garbage shortly if you don’t fix this!!
  • Worst developers ever

    By LShaps
    Every time they update this app there’s a catastrophic error. For M O N T H S many users couldn’t review SD card footage of the previous day, but online the developers kept insisting the issue was fixed. Now it’s been 3 days since the most recent update and I cannot zoom in using my phone. 
    I really want Yi/Kami to know that if I hadn’t invested $200 in their cameras I would have already switched to another company. 
    Waiting for the update to fix the most recent issue, really hoping it comes soon and doesn’t cause anything else to break.
  • Horrible. Very bad sound quality...

    By Dga223
    Considering I paid for my cameras, I should Have a ad free accompanying app. Not so with This one. The worst kind of ads are in your face scrolling ads. That’s all right here. The app tries to acquire the cameras multiple times when going back to home screen. Poor sound quality from the dome camera. Can not make out what folks are saying. Poorly implemented app. Cameras are not to bad, but the poor implementation of the app is clearly a deal breaker. Customer support is non existent. User must use this app, as no other will work. So if you buy Yi cameras, take that into consideration. Best bet would be to purchase competitive cameras that haves solid app, not this one. Choose Reolink. About the same price, good customer support, excellent app, with many more user friendly options.
  • Yi Home

    By postman71
    A sido sorprendente lo bien que funciona todo entre aplicación y cámara.
  • DO NOT UPDATE #YiCamIOSupdate

    By StoryBookBob
    Update Thu Dec 2
    Don't buy a Yi camera... but if you already own 1 or more and, like the majority of reviewers here, hate the restrictions posed by the latest versions of the app, try searching for the Yi-hack  version 5 on Github.  I used their modified firmware to boot the cameras (I a Yi Dome and a 1080p, both from 2018).  The mod enables web and ftp access on the cameras, so you can access the 1 minute stream files without having to remove the SD card. 
    After Yi "Support" refused to give me access to my camera's firmware, I used Githubs version to bring the Yi Dome back to life.   I will never purchas another thing from this company.
    Wed Sep 29 - In summary, the cameras are still functional, but the app updates have dramatically crippled the ability to read the SD card, which is exactly what the updates, including this most recent one, were designed to do. Knowing that, why would I ever buy another camera from Yi? NO. Meanwhile, I've been using the information from Githubs "YI-HACK" page to be able to read the card without having to remove it. Works pretty well and I can still display the 1 minute time stamped files. Sat Sep 25 - the supposed update didn't work on either of my Yi cameras. Will never buy another Thu Sep 23 2021 - yesterday' update now leaves the SD card entirely beyond reach. When you attempt to look at the timeline, the app freezes. To All, please hash tag your suggestions (e.g. #YicamIOSupdate) on twitter so we target our efforts to make the developer see reason. Meanwhile, as I suggested in my previous comments below, check out Github articles (search "YI-HACK") which I found useful for maintaining access to the sd card - Cheers (Comments prior to 9-22): The update, despite description, does not fix the ability to review events captured by the memory card. I have had two cameras for 3 years now; they still work well but, thanks to YI corporate greed, I can no longer make use of the card. Tell me this, YI: why would I EVER pay for your cloud subscription now? Ain't gonna happen. As another review said, time to consider other options. Just checked out Amazon descriptions of their current offerings; They're still saying you can use an SD card, but no mention of the 12 hour limit. 9-11-2021 update - Everyone, the Developer response has been disappointing. The camera's are good, but let's see if we can get their eye back on the ball re the app. Update - Tue Sep 21 - 2021 For those of you who hate the update and refuse paying for a subcription, there's still a way to get some use out of your cameras. Take a look at Github.com and search for YI-HACK-V4. Among other things, the hack allows you to access the SD card from your PC, Mac, or iPad without having to remove it. I installed the hack on both of my cameras; now when I want to see a longer clip I use FTP to look at the time-stamped 1 minute mp4 clips stored on the SD card. Lastly, if anyone has suggestions/fixes please put somewhere on a forum somewhere and use #YIcamIOSupdate on twitter to help band together.
  • V5.3.1 Can’t scroll video down after pinching to zoom

    By jmalatia
    With the new v5.3.1 update, when viewing a camera and you want to zoom in by pinching the screen, you can’t swipe (scroll) down to see the top of the video… you can swipe left, right and up, but not down to see the top zoomed in.  Worked fine with previous version.