Dragon Anywhere: Dictate Now

Dragon Anywhere: Dictate Now By Nuance Communications

Category: Business
Version: 1.87
Adult Rating: 12+
Filesize: 26.43 MB
Developer: Nuance Communications
Compatibility:   iOS 12.3 +.
Score: 2.76949
From 603 Ratings



Download Dragon Anywhere: Dictate Now 1.87 for iPhone/iPad by Nuance Communications directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 12+ to be able to install and run.

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The most accurate professional-grade dictation service available on the market. Create templates, add custom words, and instantly dictate your documents – Dragon Anywhere will automatically adapt to how you speak. Download your one-week FREE TRIAL now! Trial converts to a monthly ($14.99) or annual ($149.99) subscription. WHY USE DRAGON ANYWHERE Paperwork doesn’t end when you’re away from your desk. Dragon Anywhere is the only mobile dictation app that enables continuous dictation of documents, with no length or time limits. This means, you can dictate documents of any length, edit, format, and share them directly from your mobile device—whether visiting clients, a job site or at your local coffee shop. Mobile employees are often burdened with heavier documentation demands—client intake forms, reports and more. Dragon Anywhere makes it easy to create detailed and accurate documents, fill out reports and forms, or complete other paperwork— directly on your smartphone and tablet, all on-the-go. And because you can also synchronize your personal customizations with Dragon Professional for the desktop, work started in the field or out on the road can easily be completed back at your home or office. DRAGON ANYWHERE FEATURES: • Fast & accurate dictation means you can dictate immediately with 99% recognition accuracy right out of the gate, with no training required. • No time or length limits means you can speak as long as you want to complete documents of any length – from a business report to an entire book! • Need to fill out forms from the road? Easily create form-based templates using Dragon Anywhere’s auto-texts feature and create and fill out forms, such as client in-take forms, and even navigate field to field by voice commands. • Powerful customizations, like the ability to add words specific to your industry, means even better dictation accuracy as you create documents. Or create simple voice commands to short-cut repetitive steps, like inserting an email signature or standard clauses into documents. • Robust voice formatting and editing lets you select words and sentences for editing, correction, and deletion, apply common formatting like underline and bold, or voice navigate through fields of a report template. • Need to share or work anywhere? Simply import and export to and from popular cloud-based document-sharing tools like Dropbox® and note-taking apps like Evernote®. • Synchronize with supported Dragon desktop solutions and work started on the road or in the field can be completed back at the desktop for seamless document workflows. Additional Information: • Dragon Anywhere supports the following languages: US English, Canadian English, UK English, and German. • Dragon Anywhere uses cloud-based speech recognition, and requires an internet connection to dictate. • For any technical or subscription assistance with Dragon Anywhere, please contact Nuance Support: https://www.nuance.com/dragon/support/dragon-anywhere-support.html Dragon Anywhere has your privacy in mind: • All communication with the cloud is secured with Enterprise grade encryption. • The app does not require access to your personal information, and only requires access to the device’s microphone and storage. Subscription details: • One-week free trial converts to Monthly subscription. Monthly ($14.99) subscription; Annual ($149.99) subscription. Subscriptions charged to your iTunes account. • Manage your subscription via iTunes Settings. • Subscriptions auto-renew at the end of term unless auto-renew is turned off 24-hours before the end of the current period. Privacy policy: https://www.nuance.com/about-us/company-policies/privacy-policies.html Terms of Service: https://www.nuance.com/dragon/dragon-anywhere/eula.html


  • Can’t even start using after subbing

    By Kilgor23
    I initiated the free trial using my iTunes email and iTunes has my subscription listed. Yet the app does not know it. Restore subscription feature says I have no sub.  If I try to sub again, it tells me I do have a sub. Finally, if I want yo just log in, I can’t because I do not have a password, and “forgot password” does not help either. 
    Bottomline, subscribed, can’t even enter, unsubscribing.
  • Glitchy and doesn’t understand me

    By Staceeiy
    Siri dictates better. I’ve tried calling technical support and he told me that it must be me that other people don’t have this problem and most people love it. I am dictating this to Siri and she seems to understand me better. I’ve tried to call and cancel for my seven day free trial before and I was told I didn’t cancel in time which was the day of the seventh so and then they wouldn’t refund my money unless I called somebody else. Terrible and not impressed use Siri instead.
  • Won’t even let me log in!

    By hln500
    Like other reviewers there is some sort of bug with logging in. It says I already have an account, which I do have a desk top version. Reset the password four times and still won’t let me in! They might have more success if people could actually buy the app!
  • An hour of my life I can’t get back

    By 805live Guy
    I downloaded app, ran app, successfully created account and accepted subscription.  Then error telling me to check my internet.  Why? Good question.  Uninstalled, cancelled subscription, same thing.  All this from iPad Pro 11” 2021.  Logged out of iPad and back in. Nope.
    Tried from iPhone 12 Pro.  All steps gave the exact same result.
    Created a support account, not recognized after verifying my email address.  No help available plus the mediocre average review have sent me to what appears to be a much more worthy competitor.  I don’t remember the name but just look for the 5 star user rating.
    Get ur poo together, Nuance!  🤬
  • Barely works

    By RuneCat
    The dictation is fine. But the app is a bug riddled mess. I linked it to my Dropbox and all my documents disappeared from Dragon Dictate. Well, the files were in my Dropbox folder, but they were not able to be opened again in Dragon Anywhere.
    I tried linking to my Evernote. That did not work either. In fact, using the “sign in with Google” option returns an error message. So I couldn’t link my Dragon Anywhere and Dropbox accounts.
    Nuance has been around a looooonnnng time. You’d think they’d have this figured out by now. But they don’t. I want to use Dragon Anywhere. But I am afraid my files are gonna get deleted or I won’t be able to open them. This app is so full of bugs that it’s a wonder Nuance stays in business. I will never pay $300 for the desktop version of Dragon, because Dragon Anywhere has made me afraid of how broken I imagine it to be.
  • Zero stars

    By Liss01236
    I am deaf and wanted an app to help translate speech to transcript like closed captioning. I tried the app as a trial and it doesn’t work. Now I can’t cancel subscription because Nuance does not recognize my account in english and uk websites. No clear instructions on how to manage subscription when you can’t login as it does not recognize my account.
  • Very disappointed in nuance software

    By Raju222
    I could not be more disappointed with the amount of time I spent trying to get this app to work. Calling technical support was an unfortunate encounter as well, since I just got handed off and hung up on. I really wanted this dictation solution to work, but it didn’t. I paid for a one year subscription and after 30 days the app consistently told me my subscription has expired, and stopped working, just when I needed it!
  • Useless

    By Reviewer0847492
    Unless you want to see what goofy, nonsense this thing can conjure from clear coherent words don’t download this. Subscribed and then subscribed 5 minutes later after I realized how laughably awful its transcription capabilities are.
  • Terrible softwares

    By Appuser1212
    I love nuance. 
    But I was unable to even set up the app to use the free version!
    The software would not let me set a username and password- error was that it wanted me to connect to the internet!
    I had just downloaded the app and was on the internet tho.
    I then had an impossible time with help desk
    I love the voice recognition that dragon has to offer- but I can’t use it because I can’t set up the account
  • I don’t know what the problem is

    By Thomgeo1
    I have used dragon for many years on the desktop and using Dragon Medical one. Because of my experience with dragon medical one I thought this program would work immediately in easily. That was not the case. It’s only understanding about 20% of what I’m saying. The app is working wonky.