Scholly: College Scholarships

Scholly: College Scholarships

Category: Education
Version: 2.29.6
Adult Rating: 4+
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Developer: Scholly, Inc
Compatibility:   iOS 9.0 +.
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Scholly takes the hassle out of the scholarship search process so you can focus on what’s important—getting free money for school. We have helped students win over $100 million in scholarships so far, making college affordable and dreams a reality. Scholly was created by Christopher Gray, who won $1.3 million in college scholarships through grit, sweat, and hustle. In realizing how broken and time-consuming the scholarship search process was, he created Scholly Search to make things much easier. How does Scholly make it easy? * Customized Scholarship Search: Get matched with scholarships for college and graduate school tailored just to you. * Scholly Scores: Review and choose the best scholarships to apply for based on their Scholly Score. The higher the Scholly Score, the stronger the match—which means better chances at more money! * Easy Scholarship Tracking: Keep track of scholarship deadlines and track your application statuses, all in one place. * Mobile & Desktop Access: Access scholarship opportunities anywhere, on the go, on all of your devices. Scholly Search is proud to be 100% ad free. The app is supported by a small subscription, available at $34.99 per year, $24.99 per 6-months or $4.99 per month. We offer a 3-day free trial for the annual and 6-month subscriptions. Payment will be charged to your Apple ID account at the confirmation of purchase. You will not be charged during your free trial period. When the free trial ends, your iTunes account will be charged for the annual subscription of $34.99 or the 6-month subscription of $24.99. To avoid that, you must cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before it expires. Manage your subscriptions in your iTunes Account Settings. Any unused portion of the free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription to Scholly. Membership automatically renews ($34.99 for annual, $24.99 for 6-months, $4.99 for monthly) unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. The account will be charged ($34.99 for annual, $24.99 for 6-months, $4.99 for monthly) for renewal within 24-hours before the end of the current period. Terms of Use:


  • Waste of resources

    By OOSOOShay
    I paid for Scholly for my brother, sister and myself for two years. Not ONE successful scholarship match for any of us.
  • Unauthorized Subscription payments

    By Casey_Rene
    I bought this Scholly app before I paid for any membership fees or subscriptions. Every time I log into my account it brings me to a choice of whether I want to pay monthly, weekly, or yearly. I have not chosen anything yet they continue to take money out of my account for a subscription I did not approve of. These people are a bunch of crooks and I want my money back. People are out here trying to go to school, and get an education while school is hard enough to pay for. I swear money is the root of all evil. They need to shut down this Scholly platform because it’s nothing but a bunch of crooks working behind the scenes.
  • Sappy origin story, doesn’t help.

    By Dr. KluverBucy
    Guy who started it was poor and got $1.3M in scholarships Without this app. He created it to be easier for others, but charges subscription fees. Not even a free trial. The developer couldn’t have been his own customer because of the fees—- doesn’t seem like a savior to me, just another businessman trying to make a buck. If they want to help struggling students— help them. Don’t charge them. RESPONSE TO DEVELOPER: Your excuse means nothing. You use cookies to track, make users accept it & then make money off that tracking data. You offer no customer service — proven by your response to several of these concerns and comments, a YEAR LATER. Find your next cash cow— people will see through this soon enough. Shame on you. College is hope for so many & you steal money from those who are vulnerable & looking for help. Lord help you.
  • Can’t finish Creating Account

    By iSRS73
    I saw this as a featured app on the App Store. As the parent of a High School Senior, timing is perfect. A few suggestions before I get to my issue (which is not that there is a subscription). When creating an account? The first page should have the selection of Parent/Student before you enter an email. Now, the real issue. I can’t finish creating an account. The app constantly returns to the top after every entry. Selecting a choice and having it save takes several attempts. At one point, you can not get to the remaining questions.
    July 2021 UPDATE: lowered rating to 1 star from 2. Why? Today, 9 months after my review to a real issue, I get the following response:
    “We are constantly working to improve the app and its functionality. As software updates are made, we are excited to meet the goal of making our app more secure and user-friendly.”
    Well, thanks for the non response. As noted above, in October 2020 when I wrote the review, my daughter was a senior. Way to go not answering or fixing issues. Feel sorry for those that pay for this service.

    By Technie Fabien
    Please save your self and don’t download this app. From the description it sounds really good and useful but it is NOT. Once you make an account you can’t go past that because it will ask you to pay a monthly fee to use this app. I am in the process of applying for grad school myself and I thought this would be a great resource to help me find scholarships but it’s honestly not worth it. If I can call it a scam I would. It does not make sense to create an app for students to find scholarships but you are charging them monthly fees just to have an account and use that account to seek out FREE money! Like come on! So please people, do not waste your time, don’t get this app. I’m in the process of deleting my account.
  • total scam

    By A Concerned Pintrester
    why pay to LOOK at scholarships you can easily google? It’s nice to have them all in one place, but the monthly fee and no guarantee of a scholarship is truly useless. Don’t recommend.
  • Waste of time

    By randar
    Saw this guy on shark tank a while back and no one gave him a deal. Now I know why. But I liked the concept and it sounded promising so I bought in for a very expensive one year membership to help my daughter in her first year of college. I'm a fair-minded person and I don't write a review unless I feel it's actually warranted to serve others. So, here you go. Based on our experience I would say that your chances of getting a scholarship through this app are worse than a roll of the dice in Vegas. Many of the scholarship requirements are so specific, or so extremely vague, that it's hard to find any that would fit your student- even in the most general sense. Although we did apply for the zombie apocalypse scholarship (not kidding) because we thought it was pretty funny. That was a few months ago and nothing but crickets. Don't waste your hard earned dollars to pay for someone else's retirement fund. You'll probably find whatever exisits out there through the Google search engine.
  • I’m better off using the commonly known scholarship websites.

    By JMYD49913150
    Okay, I decided to try this out (because looking for scholarships that I qualified for is like going through a rabbit hole). Interesting enough, you cannot make a free account. It’s MANDATORY to pick a payment plan. Oh! And that plan gives you a short “free trial.” I picked a month so I could really use all the app’s advantages. 
    I’m here to tell you that I’m better off using the commonly known scholarship websites. I was hoping this app would help me find scholarships that are more local and/or don’t have that much competition. But majority of the scholarships that matched with my profile are just from other popular sites, mostly from Unigo.  
    When it comes to the app: I also don’t understand why I can’t scroll down on certain scholarships. If you click on the description and it’s too long, you won’t be able to scroll down and read the rest of it. Most importantly, you can’t scroll down and click on “apply.”
    Another pet peeve about this app is that on my profile I stated that I’m attending a community college and yet the app keeps matching me to scholarships that are for high school students. 😒 
    Let’s say you tell Scholly you are from Florida. They will still send you scholarships where the requirement is to be a resident from Wisconsin or any other state you don’t live in.
  • Extremely disappointed

    By Xmxkksjsxvnjchzjzbxjkx
    What seemed like an amazing opportunity for college payment was completely a fail. For starters, the app only works half the time, and crashes frequently. You pay the $5 a month, to be prompted with many scholarships which you will never hear from again. They offer house scholarships, which you will spend time on meticulously and hear absolutely nothing, and you cannot see progress, or even an accepted/declined option. This app gives false hope for scholarship, and overall I would not recommend it to anyone. If I was a developer I would make a selection screen where you can see the status of applications, as right now I’ve been waiting months for responses to yield me nothing.
  • Not a fan

    By Brewines16
    Waste of money. Most scholarships are way in advance or for high school students. Or VERY detailed to what it’s for. Race/gender/degree/etc. not worth the money or work going thru all of them to finally find one you qualify for only to have to write an essay to MAYBE have a slight chance at getting the scholarship. I get it, it’s work. But there’s not enough options that fit me to make it worth while. Money down the drain, especially since I forgot it was a subscription 🙄