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Version: 4.36.2
Adult Rating: 12+
Filesize: 612.58 MB
Developer: TOP GAMES INC.
Compatibility:   iOS 9.0 +.
Score: 3.91988
From 70,722 Ratings



Evony 4.36.2 IPA. Evony for iPhone/iPad. Evony latest version free download. Download Evony 4.36.2 for iPhone/iPad by TOP GAMES INC. directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 12+ to be able to install and run.

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Build your cities. Train your troops. Solve Puzzles. Expand your empire. Be the King of 7 kingdoms! All in Evony: The king's Return, the hottest real-time strategy MMO of 2022! THE EXCEPTIONALLY RICH AND AMAZING SET OF FEATURES: ◆ Choose from 7 civilizations to customize your game’s architectural style: American, Chinese, European, Russian, Korean, Arabia and Japanese! ◆ YOU ARE THE DIPLOMAT! Join a strong Alliance where you can make friends, communicate in real-time via voice and text with auto-translations so you can improve strategies and win epic battles. ◆ YOU ARE THE WARLORD! With over four types of troops to select and train from ground-pounding infantry to massive siege engines; wage epic wars, fight against your enemies and see the battles happen all around you in real-time on the stunningly animated World Map. ◆ YOU ARE THE GOVERNOR! Administrate your cities in your Empire and use your leadership skills in managing resources and research improvements to gain strategic advantages. ◆ YOU ARE THE MONARCH! Recruit famous Generals of history to help with battles and city development. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, GEORGE WASHINGTON, KING ARTHUR, CHARLES THE GREAT, JULIUS CAESAR, GENGHIS KHAN, ODA NOBUNAGA, YI SUN-SIN, and more await you to explore. See them battle across the world of Evony in real-time, capture enemy generals and use them against their own leaders! ◆ YOU ARE THE PUZZLE MASTER! For each Keep Level-up, you can solve puzzles and earn awesome rewards! Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/Evony.The.Kings.Return/ NOTICE: Evony: The King’s Return is a completely free-to-play game, however there are some game items that can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Also under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Evony: The King’s Return. Do you want to be the king of 7 kingdoms? Join now with your friends in the highly addictive RTS/SLG game NOW!

  • Fair Assessment; no bias!!! (Mobile Device User)

    By the truthhh1
    The game is addicting and can help you to get through boring situations with ease. However if you want to be a stand out or at least formidable you’ll spend thousands. With that said, there are things in this game that they need to fix. 1) Lag 2) march speed button glitch around temples, buildings. It’s not visible once march starts or is off screen. 3) warning bell display glitch. Often red screen goes on longer then the scout or march. 4) the occasional inability to post battle reports in world chat. There are rallies from an unknown player not on any server competing yet being displayed in the watchtower bell area. 4) updates don’t change anything but events and sales packages. 5) they delay giving you consume rewards or achievement rewards and at times limited promotion rewards in order for you to spend more. At the same time, The same issues are always here. For example, you’ll receive teleport failures on an empty spot on the world map where you should normally be able to advance teleport to. With the amount of revenue this game receives you would think that you would fix these issues. And if you actually did youd make way more money in the long run. Keeping the glitches in order to motivate people to spend more due to a mistake or loss that occurred by no fault of their own is crooked imho. Thanks for hearing me out!!!
  • The game is not working

    By Asim 99
    The game does not work for three days and has been deleted and reloaded, but the download does not work. The download is not complete. Please help. Thank you.
  • Fraud

    By haleymort
    While attempting to make items such as traps in the keep, the game glitches, steals the resources and doesn’t give you the items you are making. A built in theft/fraud mechanism. The developers refuse to investigate or acknowledge their crimes or incompetence. Stay away.
  • Not as advertised.

    By Sandy954me
    This is just a war game. I have yet to see any of the treasure games you advertise, which is why I got this app. But low and behold I opened it up and it’s FarmVille the war version. And the treasure games you do have are the same few over and over again. 
    Why not just advertise it as the war strategy game it is instead of a treasure obstacle game. Your game is addictive and people enjoy playing it, so advertise it that way. 
    Unless people spend money on this game, it will take forever to build themselves up even just a little. But you give them just enough hope to make it seem like they’re getting somewhere. ( I don’t fault that. That’s smart on your part)
    My rating is as a treasure obstacle game. As a war game, it would be a 5.
  • Pls Fix this

    By Zain Baxter
    I Seen the ads for this game I thought it was a puzzle game it even says “do you ever see those ads with the puzzles in it and when u play it it’s not the real game” it’s very annoying there’s no puzzles in this game I would like for you guys to use the real game for your ads it is very rude please fix this it’s terrible. And when I play 2 days of this game terrible customer service please fix these issues that are stated thank you. -Zain
  • SVS

    By スカイpjd
    SVS matching force balance is bad.  We can't fight against a server with twice the strength.  If this continues, this game is not worth playing. It is a waste of time!
  • Good game

    By Paacaouramis1127
    Love the puzzles in it
  • Decent game

    By Henhslychmann48
    Gameplay is great, too bad the game is set in portrait orientation though
  • Not what I thought it was going to be

    By RixlLheegoBoy200
    I loved this game until I was scouted as an enemy by another alliance. I thought this was about killing and to my surprise its more about destroying other alliances. I loved building my city and troops to make them stronger to attack others.
  • Enjoy

    By Motbselugsd27385
    Good way to kill some time here and there. Fun game


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