Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming

Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming

Category: Education
Version: 5.44.0
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 111.67 MB
Developer: Mimohello GmbH
Compatibility:   iOS 14.0 +.
Score: 4.84393
From 49,631 Ratings



Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming 5.44.0 IPA. Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming for iPhone/iPad. Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming latest version free download. Download Mimo: Learn Coding/Programming 5.44.0 for iPhone/iPad by Mimohello GmbH directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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Learning to code has never been so easy! Advance your career, build apps and websites, or even become a developer. Mimo makes learning to code and diving into computer science as intuitive and easy as possible so that everyone can learn to code - the skill of the century, step-by-step. You will learn to code in Python, JavaScript, HTML through practice, with bite-size coding lessons, by writing code and running it in our mobile code editor that works like an IDE and lets you run your code, interact with Mimo's coding community, create projects, learn multiple programming languages, and do much more at your own pace! With Mimo, you can fit coding into a busy daily schedule, whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Used by millions of learners, Mimo is just about the most accessible and effective way to learn to code in Python, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, and more. Our programming courses and lessons are suitable for everyone, even with little or no prior coding experience. Mimo helps you learn the most popular programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, SQL, and reach your coding goals: • Start the PYTHON path and begin your coding journey with an in-demand and all-purpose language. Learn Python with 2,600+ bite-size exercises, 53+ Concepts, and 32+ Projects that will unlock as you keep expanding your skills. • By choosing the WEB DEVELOPMENT path, you’ll dive into building websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Start your Web Development journey with 13,000+ bite-size exercises, 87+ Concepts, and 62+ Projects. • With the SQL curriculum, you'll dive into data science and learn to analyze data with SQL With Mimo you can: • Solve bite-size programming exercises that fit into your daily routine • Run code and build a portfolio of projects in Python, JavaScript, HTML • Learn programming at your own pace • Practice with coding challenges • Get a certificate to showcase your coding skills • Join a community of millions of coders What our learners say: • "I’m teaching myself HTML and Javascript using Mimo. I’m about 80% of my way through this path, and I have to say Mimo is brilliant." • "I started coding with Mimo a few days ago, and I already am interacting and understanding how webpages and other things are developed!" • "I have the premium subscription and it is fantastic. I would recommend this app to anyone interested in coding. I personally find the prices more than fair for the given information." Even if you know nothing about coding and programming but want to level up your skills and become open to the opportunities available to those who are fluent in computer programming, Mimo is a great way to get introduced to the world of coding. Install Mimo and start with the coding lessons in Python, JavaScript, HTML, that will easily fit into your day. By setting aside as little as five minutes per day, you’ll go through the coding classes and learn the basics of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, and SQL. Along the way, you’ll write real code, and practice programming by building your project portfolio. Mimo's professionally built curriculum and bite-sized coding lessons make it possible to learn to code at your own pace: coding tutorials and challenges are there for you to discover and learn more, whenever and wherever. TechCrunch and The New York Times agree that, with Mimo, everyone can learn to code: • "This way you can work learning to code into your daily routine, whenever you have a few minutes of downtime." – TechCrunch • "The app's lessons are bite-size to make it easy to squeeze coding into your busy day." – The New York Times We will be happy to guide you along your coding journey if you join millions of coders who are already learning programming and data science with Mimo's courses. You can code, too! Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are available at https://getmimo.com/terms. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]


  • Started out here

    By omenallmighty
    Haven’t played much but im learning alot
  • This app is impossible to quit. I thought I had cancelled

    I thought I cancelled before time was up.  Instead it’s renewed for a whole year. That’s not cool. Who gets and app on teial and then picks the year. I need that money back. 
  • Love it

    By onlyawnser
    I love this app it is teaching me so much and I really dident think it was this easy to understand thank you mimo creators.
  • I love it

    By josezuir
    I didn’t knew how to code but now I’m learning. If you don’t know I im from Mexico and English is my second lenguaje; so it was hard for me.
  • My fav

    By yay coder
    I love memo I use it all the time there’s not really a downside on it if you could think of one I would be surprised. you may wanna write a review
  • Good lessons bad ethics

    By Jordan The Rockstar
    This is by far the best way to learn how to code if you’re willing to pay for the app and i recommend you do if you’re serious about wanting to learn. This app acts as a coach and helps you code to real world references. But on the free version this app takes away “hearts” every time you make a mistake and after losing 5 hearts you’re done for a good couple of hours until you regenerate 1 heart. 
    This is a bad concept because it punishes you for making mistakes and as a coder you’ll make plenty of mistakes and failing and trying again is how you grow and is basically at the core of a coder. 
    There’s gotta be a better way to get people to buy the app.
  • Coder

    By doctorbaloch
    برنامج جميل جداً للمبتدئين في تعلم البرمجة
  • An amazing app

    By ¥<*\>}!€,!_=•[•!#!,'
    This is helping me very much, not much to say, but it works well
  • The hearts are stupid

    By stupid heart's
    I would give this 5 stars but first you have to get a rid of the hearts and make it so you can learn to code all day
  • The app is challenging, but fun.

    By alexiphone7
    The challenge is fun, and you do learn.  I have truly enjoyed doing this daily.  It’s like a game.  Recommend this to anyone that has some time and wants to learn something new.  I do 5 minutes daily.👍🏼


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