Barter by Flutterwave

Barter by Flutterwave

Category: Finance
Version: 2.0.9
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 161.17 MB
Developer: Flutterwave Inc.
Compatibility:   iOS 12.0 +.
Score: 3.9177
From 887 Ratings



Download Barter by Flutterwave 2.0.9 for iPhone/iPad by Flutterwave Inc. directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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Barter is a lifestyle payments service that offers you a cheaper and seamless way to send, request, and receive money, pay merchants and bills and from the convenience of your mobile phone.


  • Please fix the Rate

    By oleeverking
    Please fix the rate. I don't know what rate i am buying. It's just  frustrating going for more than 6month
  • Would have given this 5 star but no

    By RwandaGloria
    The app is having issues. I can’t use it to send money, when I refresh, it stays like that for a long time. I have to exit the app. PLEASE FIX IT! Nothing shows until I refresh it. No alerts or anything. And refresh stays there for ever. This doesn’t happen in android only iOS
  • Is it available in USA

    By gerome king
    Like bro I was going to like sign in and then when I put my phone number since I live in untied states I put my right phone number when I person enter then I saw like a red thing saying that not live or something lm confused like you guys better fix it this is just unbelievable.
  • Hello there

    By topboy_0z
    I can’t use my number to create the barter account,+2335999 numbers can’t be use
  • I’m unable to withdraw

    By temicoker
    Y’all don’t have customer service or any means a customer can reach you I’ve been unable to withdraw my momey for over a week even your solar card was charged from Visa card to MasterCard so it’s as good as useless as the card can’t be used to buy internationally anymore ❌ this app isn’t worth if you’re new nd trying to download it’s not worth it… flutterwave acct on Instagram isn’t responding to anything that has to do with barter app they will ignore you… ur money is stuck if you top up
  • Bad App. Keep off. They charge bank without remitting destination and they used to charge twice

    By Olatunji2030
    I made a transaction telling me it was unsuccessful and they charged my bank account for it. I contacted my bank and they let me know the money has already left my account that it should on this flutter-wave account so I contacted their customer support immediately telling me to supply some sort of info and evidence of debit from my bank and I did it accordingly. Since then they haven’t gotten me money back to me telling me it will be refunded 1-3 days it’s almost 14 days now and I see nothing while I keep chatting them they also keep telling me same thing that I should keep waiting. And also Sometimes they used to charge twice from your bank for some successful transactions. They would firstly charge your bank immediately after the payment and they won’t send the alert of debit to you bank and it won’t show on your statement so after few days it will then show on your bank’s statements then debited another money for the transaction. If you contact their customers support on that they would tell you they didn’t charge any money in the first place, that they just did now that is after few days. How is that possible for you not to charge for transaction?
  • Dollar card option not working

    By DadeD4D3
    I got this app for the virtual dollar card but it’s not working.. I keep clicking the the option but it won’t open. I Deleted the app and downloaded again but it’s still the same thing
  • What an awful experience with barter

    By tox19&
    I was able to deposit into the app without any problems but when it came to withdrawal issue developed its been months since I made transfer to another account and till date me and the beneficiary haven't received any dime am so annoyed and regret using this app
  • Useless

    By ombofh
    I deposited money in this app and I have not seen the money reflect and you claimed it’s instant days I haven’t seen my money
  • Verification

    By naij7399
    Having issues verifying the acct