Straightaway Powered by Mapbox

Straightaway Powered by Mapbox

Category: Navigation
Version: 3.4.0
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 69.36 MB
Developer: Straightaway LLC
Compatibility:   iOS 14.0 +.
Score: 4.4359
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Straightaway Powered by Mapbox 3.4.0 IPA. Straightaway Powered by Mapbox for iPhone/iPad. Straightaway Powered by Mapbox latest version free download. Download Straightaway Powered by Mapbox 3.4.0 for iPhone/iPad by Straightaway LLC directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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Don’t go the extra mile. Go Straightaway. Join tens of thousands of drivers already shaving hours off their routes everyday. Add up to 250 stops, optimize, get directions and be on your way faster than any other app. Whether you’re delivering packages or food, running routes or running errands, Straightaway can get you done faster. We’re the #1 Route Planner for delivery drivers across FedEx, UPS, DHL, onTrac, and Amazon. Use what the pros use. Get Straightaway. Add stops with the snap of a photo. Take a picture of an address and see it instantly on a map. You’ll be doing routing magic before you know it. - Take a picture of your itinerary - Take a picture of a shipping label - Take a picture of the shipping manifest - Take a picture of NMLS listings - Take a picture of anything and be on your way. Fastest search out there. We have a global database from hundreds of sources updating addresses daily. Search for stops manually and never miss a beat. Our intuitive, quick design makes adding stops to your route a breeze. Optimize for the fastest route. Get up to 250 stops is the quickest order in seconds with our best in class route optimization algorithm. We’ve been improving our technology for over a decade now to get you the best route possible, every time. We look at real-time traffic, road closures, speed limits and even weather conditions to get you where you need to go. Navigate without switching apps. We built turn by turn navigation right into Straightaway so you’ll never get lost again. With Straightaway autocomplete and auto advance your run through your stops and finish your route in no time. How to use Straightaway to plan and optimize your route: - Scan addresses: Use your phone’s camera to capture up to 250 addresses or add stops manually - Optimize your route: Our proprietary, state of the art route optimization algorithm will get you the best order of stops available. - Navigate to stops: Hit directions for any stops or all your stops and get audio guided, turn by turn directions built right in. Free Version: - Up to 25 addresses per route - 10 hours of turn-by-turn directions - Scan up to 25 addresses from images Pro Version - $9.99/month: - Up to 250 addresses per route - Unlimited turn-by-turn directions - Unlimited image scanning - 7 day free trial How FedEx drivers use the app - How UPS drivers use the app - All Product Features - Company website - Terms & Conditions - Privacy Policy -

  • New update

    By smudgey420
    Update 9/3: the Developers have fixed this issue and even let me know. Excellent app, excellent team. Thanks!
    Most recent update broke the follow feature. Now you press it and it goes to you but stays there and I drive off the screen. I use this app mainly for the house numbers.
  • No just no

    By bumblebeesnowbunny
    Literally took me into a toll road then when I click optimize route, I was literally passing stops that said we’re optimized for last. Circuit never does that. Atleast I actually save time with them
  • Straightaway is better than Circuit

    By Acker Logistics LLC
    Love the built in navigation in the app! Definitely works amazing for me and our company! We are a Subcontractor for OnTrac and i definitely recommend the app to others!
  • Newspaper delivery

    By AmandaLee30221
    I just started delivering newspapers which means I’m going to the SAME EXACT HOUSES EVERYDAY! I love everything about this app EXCEPT I WONT BE ABLE TO USE IT BC it dose t let me save a route ( so I’d have to re write 350 stops everytime) & it doesn’t let me put in notes (so I know which house gets what paper) if you could add those two things this would be 5 stars for me! Please let me know if that’s possible! Thanks!
  • Couple issues

    By Zeal426
    The app is great at route optimization, but has a couple flaws in other areas. Firstly, when taking pictures of the addresses, the detection is not super accurate. So i usually have to go through and double check and correct a lot of addresses, so i end up just entering them all in manually. Second the navigation sends me through a lot of alleys which is not ideal, and also registers a lot of addresses as being in the alleyways instead of the actual street. So a lot of the times i end up switching to another navigation app. And lastly every now and then, while navigating to the next stop, the screen will turn white and i have to close the app and go back the the stop i was on to continue my route. .. all that being said, i still use the app everyday, even though it’s a little frustrating at times.. and if those three issues are fixed the app would be perfect. All of the other features are great, and I’d still recommend it for the price and route optimization alone. Looking forward to an update with those bug fixes that i mentioned.
  • A must have.

    By #TeamFedex
    The best app I’ve ever used. What other app can let you take a picture of the manifest? Just this one lol
  • When it works, it’s great.

    By WildwingSuz
    I have had very mixed results with this program. It’s great to scan in your route but the GPS can’t always find the streets. I deliver in an area with a lot of new construction and have a real problem with the GPS not being able to find certain areas. I use Google Maps in conjunction with this program when it can’t find an address. Sometimes it will take me way off my route when it can’t find an address, so I have to check every time to make sure we’re going to the right location. The one thing I would really like to see is to have the program say the address when you arrive. I’ll keep using it, but hope that the GPS gets upgraded if nothing else.
  • In theory

    By rebrat99
    In theory this is a cool idea, take a pic and it transfers to the app and in order for the most part. I’m a mailman and liked this to begin with but it has too many issues. The worst part is When doing multiple addresses it will skip from first address to last and then you are forced to redo the stops.
  • Pretty good

    By Mr.JiveTurkey
    Fairly easy to understand and use. I only gave it 3 stars because it lacks the ability to use CarPlay with it.
  • Lacks CarPlay Support

    By Leitourgia
    Hard to understand how one could write a maps type app and not have it available on CarPlay. That’s a deal breaker. Uninstalling.


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