Jumbo: Privacy + Security

Jumbo: Privacy + Security

Category: Utilities
Version: 3.10.1
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 97.49 MB
Developer: 2121 Atelier, Inc
Compatibility:   iOS 13.0 +.
Score: 4.63774
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Download Jumbo: Privacy + Security 3.10.1 for iPhone/iPad by 2121 Atelier, Inc directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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Jumbo is a leading privacy and security assistant that protects you from online risks such as data breaches, online tracking, unwanted social media posts, unsecured wifi networks, and more. We tackle all online risks head-on by protecting you across 4 categories: PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL DATA 80% of people online have suffered a breach. Our promise: ◆ Notify you in real-time if any of your data (credit cards, passwords, SSN, etc.) is compromised ◆ Notify you if you’re connected to an unsecured wifi network ◆ Protect you from any damages from ID theft for up to $1m. STAY PRIVATE ON THE INTERNET On average, apps you use include six trackers with the sole purpose of collecting and tracking your personal information. Our promise: ◆ Automatically block 400+ trackers, including Google, Facebook, and Amazon, to ensure your browsing privacy ◆ Automatically delete your Google Search, Mail, Shopping, and YouTube search history CONTROL YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION 50%+ employers have passed on a candidate based on their social media profile. Our promise: ◆ Automatically delete or hide your old social media posts from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY ONLINE Due to shared bank accounts and logins, a data leak for one family member can lead to a security breach for the entire family. Our promise: ◆ Add up to 5 family members to ensure the entire family is internet-safe. $1m ID THEFT INSURANCE With Jumbo Pro or Jumbo Family, you are covered for up to $1m in ID theft insurance per individual. This coverage extends to any monetary damages you suffer as a result of identity theft or fraud and we at Jumbo work hand-in-hand with you to help you recover your losses. JUMBO’S PRIVACY PROMISE Jumbo is committed to never collect your data nor share/sell it to third parties. In fact, we engineered our product in such a way that all scanning and monitoring occurs right from your iPhone and the data is never stored on our servers. OUR INCREDIBLE TRACTION Since our launch in 2019, 1M+ users have trusted Jumbo to protect them online. To date, we’ve reported 5M+ data leaks, detected 2M+ unsecured wifi networks, archived 70M+ social media posts and blocked 100M+ online trackers. JUMBO PRO & JUMBO FAMILY If you choose to take your online privacy and security protection to the next level, Jumbo Pro is available at $99/yr and you can try it free for 7 days before committing. With Jumbo Pro, you benefit from real-time notifications of all new data leaks and a $1m ID theft insurance. Remember, online privacy and security is a family affair. When one family member’s data is compromised, the entire family is exposed. Jumbo Family at $149/yr offers Pro-level protection to up to 5 additional family members (or friends, or coworkers) with you in control as the account admin. USERS LOVE US "Seeing the amount of threats and trackers blocked weekly is a real eye opener!" - Darwood "I sleep much better knowing that Jumbo is protecting all three of my email accounts" - Cathey "I honestly feel so much safer since downloading the app - trackers, social network settings, and so many other things you had no idea about." - Ludovico PRIVACY EXPERTS LOVE US Washington Post: "It's my favorite app of the year." New York Times: "Tip of the Week: Jumbo Privacy App." FastCompany: “Most Innovative Security Companies of 2020." The Verge: "A powerful privacy assistant" Terms of Use: https://blog.jumboprivacy.com/terms-of-use.html Privacy Policy: https://blog.jumboprivacy.com/privacy-policy.html


  • Pretty great service for busy people

    First off I’m baffled by people complaining they have to pay for this service. All of the information you’re now looking to delete was given to those apps by you. Those apps that have your info were free and you were the product. 
    Look, this is a great app and I’m willing to pay what it’s asking because I know I could do all of what the app is telling me it can do on my own at no charge, it’s just I don’t have the time. Jumbo is definitely worth it for the convenience. 100 bones for a years worth of coverage and updates on my online activities? Yea, that’s worth it. 
    If you have hours upon hours up to days and days of free time depending on how much free information you have given to Zuckerberg and Dorsey, then do it yourself but if you’re busy, just pay up. 
    Lastly, good looking app. The interface is clean and easy to use. Other than that 5/5
  • Great app setup… but,

    By Angul💀
    I downloaded Jumbo because of an ad I saw on YouTube. I don’t believe that the app is a fake, but the real deal. It’s shown my photos from an account I tried to delete and my past searches on Google. But the problem is that I have to pay for the services. It’s like a glass box around a sandwich I want to eat and in order for me to get that sandwich is to pay. It doesn’t make sense and quite frankly an insult to me and other people who have no means to pay right now. I want to use this app, but the payment methods are ridiculous.
  • Mr. P

    By 80's muscle beach
    The best!
  • Jumbo

    By Sunny Chip Model
    A very 😊 app excellent to have

    By Ar5jvm21469
  • Jumbo review

    By 20 Rose
    It is fantastic so far, I love the reports to keep us up to date.
  • Best secure app

    By shadow freddy gamer
    This helps me secure my information thanks jumbo
  • Helpful

    By usuaiidhwb hhghhhw e e e huru
    Super helpful. Awesome to have the peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and how to protect it better.
  • Jumbo App

    By sxygreeneyes2u
    This is a AWESOME App(Jumbo), it tracks & stops hackers & Data Brokers in their Tracks, also checks for hackers using the Dark Web,, I am a Satisfied Customer, Check Jumbo App out, I recommend it!! You will Love it as much as I do.. Thanks
  • Great having Jumbo

    By Winter2027#
    The absolute best!!!!