Headway: Self-Growth Challenge

Headway: Self-Growth Challenge

Category: Education
Version: 144.1
Adult Rating: 12+
Filesize: 57.82 MB
Developer: GTHW App Limited
Compatibility:   iOS 13.0 +.
Score: 4.69604
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Download Headway: Self-Growth Challenge 144.1 for iPhone/iPad by GTHW App Limited directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 12+ to be able to install and run.

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Boost your personal growth with key insights from the world’s best books on Productivity, Business, Negotiation, Money, Health, Love, Investment, and more. Busy schedule? Well, no wordy books here — only 15-minutes summaries and inspiring widgets to keep you motivated on the journey to your better self! WHAT DO READERS LOVE ABOUT HEADWAY? “This app really got me reading more every night before going to bed) I like the variety of books and topics!” — Rana Eldars “Great concept, cool UI/UX, the right thing for my busy lifestyle, really love it!” — Denys Moskalenko “This app is amazingly easy for me because I can't really read when working or drive; however I can listen all day long at night. When a topic isn't clear I get my eye on it for improving my reading skills.” — Carlos Vieira HOW DOES HEADWAY MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER? • Audio version for each summary No extra time needed — get the book’s key points while commuting, working out, scrolling the newsfeed, or doing your everyday routine. • Actionable insights Advice and ideas on how to live the life you want. • Spaced Repetition feature Recall technique that helps your brain to keep book insights in memory. • Widgets Inspiring widgets to stay motivated about your achieving life goals. • In-app Look Up New words check without breaking reading flow. • Reading habit builder Non-stressing notification system. WHY SHOULD YOU START READING HEADWAY? From harmony in your personal life to success at work — try out Headway and get actionable tips and techniques from the world's best nonfiction books. It's time to achieve anything in just 15 minutes! — To suggest an idea about how to make your reading and education with Headway better, please send an email to [email protected]


  • Another deceptive trial —> ambiguous terms

    By M from Texas
    When will I learn? Lured in by ad, free trial with sneaky automatic renewal that they refuse to refund. Shameless business practice especially in these stressful times.
  • 5 star

    By Ughhhh him
    I loveeeee the books! Very motivating and informative
  • An appreciative customer

    By SereneQween
    You guys have a great selection on here as well as the free bucks that you offer, that’s kind of a hug! This is a really wonderful app and I really do appreciate the sharing!! 😜🙌💝
  • Money

    By Anonymous_roblox_player
    Can even use that all with out spending a lot of money. As a teen who is broke this is not helpful. Should be free or cheaper.
  • what I need-when I need it. Thank you

    By kaptn cook
    Thank you. But Why won’t you tell me your phone number and name so that I can call you and get what I need. I don’t know how to communicate this to you
  • Good App. Needs Improvements.

    By Grantster97_529
    The App is fine when it will load. It used to work fine but the past few weeks it takes ages to load. I've tried restarting my computer and it doesnt fix it. I have a brand new Macbook I know its not the problem.
  • Absolute Scam on Trial

    By Headway Review - Headway Scam
    I got billed a couple of times and I didn't even intend to continue. I got no notification about billing. Anyway, the first payment, fine I'll accept. But then I deleted and removed the app from my phone and didn't use it. I completely forgot about it.
    Then out of nowhere I got rebilled! $39.99 on something that wasn't even installed anymore. I kindly requested support to cancel and refund my subscription payment. They cancled but denied the refund!!
    Ha! what company keeps money from their customers on products that weren't delivered or provided?? Well a scam company, that is. 
    Stay far away from this company. There is an unfortunate trend of companies nowadays who believe in quick profits over customer sentiment. 
    This is one of them, and one of them you need to steer clear from.
  • Hate apps that waste your time

    By eldisblu1
    Ask a bunch of personal questions & say if u want info then u have to pay $xxx
  • Needs Some Tweaks

    By MSB87
    I have to say, one of the most annoying thing about this app is how I keep randomly losing my reading streak. 😒 It just happened again on day 4. I have no idea why it keeps happening but it keeps starting me over. Another thing is, when highlighting something in a book, we should be able to access those bits we highlighted. The only parts available in the “repetition” section are the quotes you can choose to “remember” from the summaries. There also needs to be a landscape mode for iPads. Overall, I think this app is a good idea. The selection of books is good, in my opinion, there need to be a few tweaks.
  • Too many emails

    By putmab
    Love the idea, however I get like 5-7 emails a day. Also they charge you right away the full cost of the app. Very disappointing.