Mahjong Soul

Mahjong Soul

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Version: 1.7
Adult Rating: 17+
Filesize: 885.18 MB
Compatibility:   iOS 11.0 +.
Score: 4.87108
From 3,832 Ratings



Mahjong Soul 1.7 IPA. Mahjong Soul for iPhone/iPad. Mahjong Soul latest version free download. Download Mahjong Soul 1.7 for iPhone/iPad by YOSTAR LIMITED directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 17+ to be able to install and run.

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Game Highlights - Exquisite playable ACG characters fully voiced by famous Japanese CVs. - Rich character designs paired with deep character progression and storytelling. - Enticingly cool visual effects, Mahjong can be just as thrilling as fantasy. - A various lineup of items for you to customize! - Mischief and mayhem with your opponents with hilarious character emojis! - The in-game tutorial will allow you to instantly grasp the fun of Mahjong. - Friends system, practice your Mahjong skills together with your friends. - Fair gameplay, with more events and tournaments to come. For the latest on all things Mahjong Soul! Find us here: Mahjong Soul Official Homepage: Official Discord: Official Twitter: Official Facebook: Official YouTube:


  • Mahjong Soul: A Thesis

    By Palbrandt
    It’s pretty good
  • Iraq

    By MemoPhantom
    I love this intelligent game🥰
  • Introduction to Riichi Mahjong

    By GogopriGaming
    The gacha is whatever, but if you want Riichi Mahjong that’s easily accessible to an English speaking audience (with a cute aesthetic), this is a good start. There’s also a decently sized player base, so you’re never stuck waiting too long for a game.
    Easily setting up friendly rooms, a clear UI, and having cross-platform support on PC also makes it my ideal for playing with my friends who I introduce to the game.
  • 垃圾游戏

    By jdjfh3jzjs
  • Mahjong and cat girls a purrfect combination

    By NuggetSPD
    Hey are you a weeb and or otaku? Do you think riichi mahjong looks fun? Then try this game out its worth it
  • Game has been crashing with recent update

    By slinkman05
    I really like this game, but the most recent update has brought crashing. I’ve tried reinstalling but it didn’t help. The game crashes during or after almost every match. I hope it gets fixed
  • Pon-Nya

    By HeyYouEgg
    Been playing since beta. Mahjong is my favorite game. I met life long friends through this app. I cherish all the memories. The competitive nature of the game can get to you. Non-Ten and Luck can be cruel. But I learned everything I need know from Ichihime! Pon-NYAAAAA!!!!
  • Does luck exist??

    By wfr1999
    I made it to adept in three player and even got my second star. After that, I have played several games and have waited 1 or 2 off of winning for each game in each lobby and I only win maybe 15-20% of the time. If I am so close to winning and all the tiles I am waiting on have 3 or 4 left, how is it that in each game I never get them and I see my opponents discard them? Is this secretly a pay-to-win game where the more you spend the better your luck is? 
    3 stars because it’s a great app and it’s easy to use, but for some reason once I got to adept 2 stars, the game never gives me the tiles I need despite despite waiting nearly the entire game for them just to lose to someone with a 1100 point hand.
  • App loading took forever - update

    By E-kit
    I would love to play on my phone, but my app just says loading and never loads the game.
    Edit: my app loads the game now and I love it! It’s very fun to play. It’s a little difficult to understand but the developers made a pretty good tutorial to help. 10/10 game
  • 经常掉线!!!

    By Chicken To Go


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