WorthPoint Price Guide

WorthPoint Price Guide

Category: Shopping
Version: 4.1.3
Adult Rating: 12+
Filesize: 59.08 MB
Developer: WorthPoint Corporation
Compatibility:   iOS 11.2 +.
Score: 2.22339
From 94 Ratings



WorthPoint Price Guide 4.1.3 IPA. WorthPoint Price Guide for iPhone/iPad. WorthPoint Price Guide latest version free download. Download WorthPoint Price Guide 4.1.3 for iPhone/iPad by WorthPoint Corporation directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 12+ to be able to install and run.

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The WorthPoint app provides collecting enthusiasts who like to roam with nearby shopping locations, current articles, and Worthopedia™ - the leading price guide for art, antiques, and collectibles with over 480 million sales records from auction houses, marketplaces, and eBay®. (Worthopedia requires subscription) It’s the most reliable source for valuing items for selling or buying. The WorthPoint app is especially well suited for those who need data on-the-go for venues like estate/garage sales; flea markets; auctions; and antique stores/malls. With a quick touch or two, you can locate the nearest shopping venue; obtain values and reference information on virtually any collectible item, and get up to the minute collectible news. The WorthPoint app is from WorthPoint Corporation the global leader in value and reference information on art, antiques and collectibles. WorthPoint Terms Of Use: https://www.worthpoint.com/page/terms-use


  • Bad app

    By sheeeeeeeshthisappisbad
    Do not pay for subscription through app, doesn’t register. Hassle and annoying, doesn’t look like they care to fix the app anytime soon.
  • How do you ignore this many complaints?

    By G35er
    For the subscription price that they charge, a functioning app is the LEAST that they could provide. From the looks of it, they probably developed this in-house in an effort to save money. Is it worth it? Every single review hates the app. Just pay up for a decent app developer and then you’ll have happy customers. 
    Let me share something with you, WorthPoint: if you can successfully bring your platform to mobile devices, the money you invested on real developers will look like nothing compared to the new revenue you’ll bring in. The world is mobile and you’re not getting there with an outdated app that never performs properly. No one under the age of 35 will be using your service if you don’t fix this.
  • Will change my review

    By RyanBrooklyn
    When the app gets fixed. It completely stopped working with the most recent update. Tried resetting my password but they don’t send the reset email! I’ll cancel my sub in a day if not fixed. Get to work worthpoint.
  • App is giving me a lot of errors

    By EricBarragan0712
    I wanted to look at stuff, but they crashed too many times.
  • I was hoping for better

    By ktjbarnes
    First i signed up at the end of this month and the subscription said only good till end of this month. Does not appear that the monthly service range floats with the sign up date.
    Cannot get the program to let me log in on either my iphone or ipad  keeps telling me “Error status code didnt fall within given range”. 
    No help or contact information on the login screen so how am I suppose to get this issue resolved?
  • App suddenly stopped working

    By ericatom1
    I’ve been using this app daily with no issue, suddenly today it stopped working.  Told me to update, directed me to App Store where there was no update just the open button.  Deleted and reinstalled the app even.  No luck, still saying to update and then I have no option to do so.  All my apps are updated, I made sure of that.  I’m going to cancel this because I need to use the app, I’m not going to use the website simply because your services are suddenly taking a crap, the whole point was the app.
  • Can’t use t

    By Bright Tough
    I can’t get to worthpoint to use it now. Horrible.
  • Free trial is a lie

    By Eric Fresh
    It tried to charge my credit card.
  • Logged out frequently…

    By magikchris
    I find the site itself to be invaluable and use it frequently to research items that I’m evaluating for consignment and sale. Where my annoyance comes from is that whomever developed the site doesn’t have the foresight to allow for multiple users on the same account, so whenever one person is using the account and a second person logs in, the first person is booted from the site / app. This happens frequently when I’m out at clients’ homes researching items while my staff is back at the office researching items. I’ve written multiple times via the contact page at  Worthpoint with barely any reply. It’s an idiotic feature to an otherwise fine service.
  • App search readability

    The app works well on my iPhone 6s Plus which has the latest OS upgrades but as an older user I have one major complaint. When you type in a search, the letters are very small and very faint. Why can’t the letters be slightly larger and bold to make it easier to see? As others have said, the app is used in auction settings to validate market values and if you can’t read what you type easily, it becomes mostly useless. As a paid subscriber, I would expect a more user friendly app.


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