Bloom: CBT Therapy & Self-Care

Bloom: CBT Therapy & Self-Care

Category: Health & Fitness
Version: 1.53.0
Adult Rating: 4+
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Developer: Meemo Media Inc.
Compatibility:   iOS 14.0 +.
Score: 4.8259
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Bloom: CBT Therapy & Self-Care 1.53.0 IPA. Bloom: CBT Therapy & Self-Care for iPhone/iPad. Bloom: CBT Therapy & Self-Care latest version free download. Download Bloom: CBT Therapy & Self-Care 1.53.0 for iPhone/iPad by Meemo Media Inc. directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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Bloom is the easiest & most affordable way to learn the ropes of therapy. Train your mind with personalized daily mental health education. We've made videos that help teach skills to manage stress and anxiety, improve sleep, build better habits, foster stronger relationships and improve one's quality of life. We work with experts who are fluent in cognitive-behavioral-therapy (CBT). (More about why we chose CBT below). Bloom combines interactive video classes with journaling and mindfulness exercises to help you work on your mental well-being, change your mood & cultivate more joy in life. HOW DOES BLOOM WORK? Bloom is your personalized journey to a healthy state of mind. Bloom combines digital programs, guided journaling, and emotional analysis to give you a new hyper-personalized digital therapy experience. Through guided video classes, you will learn new self-care practices to cultivate more joy, happiness, and positivity in your life. Improve your personal well-being, manage stress & anxiety and feed your emotional health. WHERE IS THE CONTENT COMING FROM? All our classes are science-backed and bring you the latest research in mental health. Every video is designed & developed by a leading clinical therapist and best-selling author on CBT, Seth Gillihan, PhD. IS BLOOM SECURE? Your safety & security are our #1 priorities. All journaling entries are encrypted and saved in the cloud. Nothing is seen by humans. None of your training data is shared with third-parties or outside partners. IS BLOOM EFFECTIVE? The team at Bloom understand how helpful cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be for folks who need to improve their mental well being. We focus on teaching about CBT because outside research shows, again and again, that it the most effective form of therapy to improve mental well-being for the vast majority of folks who experience symptoms of mild to moderate anxiety or depression. Studies show that patients can get the benefits of learning CBT techniques without an in-person therapist. Bloom gives users the power to learn about mental health in a guided & self-directed way at their own pace. WHAT USERS SAY Bloom is considered a cheaper and more accessible option: “Not everybody has access or can afford a therapist. This is like a therapist in my pocket. Personalized but still private.” “I love that I can do it at my own time and I don’t have to feel awkward talking to a stranger about my life.” “It’s an easy and private discrete thing, no one even has to know!” DO NOT USE BLOOM IF.... CBT and digital options like Bloom aren't a fit for everybody. If you're suffering from severe depression or anxiety, Bloom education alone may not be the right choice for you. Bloom cannot and does not diagnose, only a medical provider can do that. If you are in need of a treatment plan, please seek care under the supervision of a medical professional. We are not a clinic, nor are we a medical device. We hope that you get the treatment you need. WHEN SHOULD I USE CBT? CBT can help people with depression by giving you tools to challenge the negative thoughts and override them with more realistic and positive thought processes. CBT is also used to help many more psychological problems. In some cases, other forms of therapy used at the same time may be recommended for best results. DOES IT WORK FOR TRAUMA? If you have been diagnosed with PTSD, your provider may have suggested CBT. But if you were diagnosed with cPTSD, your medical professional may prefer you to use a DBT program. At this time, Bloom does not offer DBT. CONNECT WITH US! We’re always keen on getting feedback from you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. Read more about our terms and conditions here: Terms of service: Privacy policy: Email us: [email protected]


  • Started out as promising

    By UnsatisFYD
    Unfortunately because of all the strong advertising and good hype, I bought a yearly subscription. But after using for a few times, I felt the reminders were intrusive. And even without the reminders, the app really doesn’t offer that much. Mostly just the same, but disguised as different ideas. I found that I didn’t use it at all the last 2 months so I contacted customer service, explaining and politely requested a refund for the time unused. 6 months. I was blown off. Customer service is terrible. Be warned. This app is for helping a person not to create stress. It did just the opposite.
  • Needs work…

    By bleu_chaos
    I use this app daily & would give it B-/ C+
    The daily habits need A LOT of work.  There’s not much content for a year subscription. The functionality is terrible, as it often just gets stuck on day 1 & the stats tracking doesn’t really work at all. Plus the app crashes a lot.
    I really like this app & it would be great if the time & effort is made to improve the functionality at least to start.
  • Too many tech glitches

    By Doc2301
    The app CAUSES anxiety because of all the tech glitches.  I got the same “lessons” every day no matter what I did. It’s the movie Groundhog Day but for an app that is supposed to help.  Tech support was no help either.  I am more stressed now than before.
  • Crashes 😞

    By Concernedchris00009
    - it crashes when you try to view old entries 
    - it doesn’t count your streak accurately 
    - they have great courses
    - the speakers are really good 
    I rated this 2/5 stars. I’d rate it 5/5 if this app didn’t crash EVERY time I tried to view old entries, and it accurately counted my day steak. It’s super frustrating. It also concerns me a lot about my privacy and personal data if an app can’t be trusted to not crash.
  • I like it but the exercises could be better

    By Megnmishel
    I love the concept of this ap. The best part about it is that it forces me to consciously think through my day in a way I didn’t before. My only feedback for improvement is to make the exercises more meaningful. I think some deeper though could have been put into the videos
  • Needs more content

    By ytterbug
    I really like this app, but when I search for specific content I feel like there may be one session that applies and that is just not enough. I paid for a year of this app but it is obvious that I will run out of sessions that fit. As a parent I am really hoping they add in more content since there is only two sessions in this category. My last thought is that it would be really cool to have sessions that you can do with your child, teen, significant other, or close friend. Sure you could do that without the session being targeted for this, but the opportunity to demo some of this two way communication would be really cool and help people talk together about difficult things.
  • Okay but…

    By Bri¡i
    It’s okay. I don’t subscribe, so maybe the paid sessions are better. I really just use the journaling functions to keep tabs on myself. But I notice lately that when I hit the “entries” tab the app crashes, not sure how to submit a report for that.
  • I can’t live my life without bloom

    By cassiewb_
    I use this app everyday and everyday I’m so grateful to have this app on my phone. It calms my anxiety, encourages me when I’m feeling down, provides solutions to difficult situations. Thank you for the team of bloom to make CBT accessible to everyone!
  • Political Views

    By mediarepublican67
    The app itself is decent it needs new contact however I do not expect to login to listen to a session and have reference to left and right wing opinions as someone who is a republican I keep my political preference to myself never inflicting on anybody else as I feel it’s a personal choice I do not expect to pay for a subscription and have it mentioned multiple times - terrible!!!!
  • I would give 5 stars but…

    By TheMadPaki
    I can’t help but get frustrated at my check in that I can’t select more than one thing. Life is complex. Forcing me to pick only one is untrue. Should I check in more than once for how I also feel? Also, when checking in against my family, the additional info selection reads for children and don’t apply to me. I wanted to post this feedback inside the app but there’s no other way to get this to bloom.


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