Daily Horoscope & Astrology!

Daily Horoscope & Astrology!

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Version: 1.2.17
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 262.82 MB
Developer: ALDEMA
Compatibility:   iOS 11.0 +.
Score: 4.72881
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Daily Horoscope & Astrology! 1.2.17 IPA. Daily Horoscope & Astrology! for iPhone/iPad. Daily Horoscope & Astrology! latest version free download. Download Daily Horoscope & Astrology! 1.2.17 for iPhone/iPad by ALDEMA directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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An accurate personal horoscope, zodiac compatibility, biorhythm chart, full numerology prediction, moon phases report and even daily planetary overview - ALL in ONE app! To make sure reports are accurate, we generate them based on your birth date and full name. Astrology is very powerful way for self-discovery, for understanding others and the world around us! ___________ Features: ● Zodiac Signs Characteristics ● Personal Horoscopes: • Daily • Weekly • Monthly • Yearly You will receive not just general forecasts but also separate forecasts for different aspects of your life, such as Love & Romance, Money & Finance, Career & Business, Health & Wellness. ● Zodiac compatibility Find out about your compatibility with different people in your life. It may give you a better understanding of relationships with your love partners, family members, friends, colleagues and other people in your life. • Moon Phases & Lunar Calendar Read our daily reports. We can tell what stage of the lunar phase all of us are in just by looking at the Moon and we know from experience the effect that the Moon can have on Your moods and Your emotions. • Daily Planetary Overview Planets travel through different signs, and their energy plays out differently depending on where they're at. Here you get great chance to read about how planets affect us each day. ● Numerology Readings The date and time of birth, also as a full name have a strong impact on human destiny, personality and our everyday choices. Find out what your numerology reading says about you and your life. ● Biorhythm Chart We all sometimes have good days and bad days. Looking at your personal Biorhythm Chart you can find out about them in advance without even reading a word. Reports are available for all zodiac signs. Support: [email protected] Terms & Conditions: http://aldema.me/terms-and-conditions.html Privacy Policy: http://aldema.me/privacy-policy.html


  • 20$/month to see anything

    By onakot
    You get 3 days free and then they lock everything unless you pay 5$/week. 
    Daylight robbery!
  • Tons of better (& free) apps out there

    By Okayyyyyyyyy__________
    You get a request to review the app before you have even finished signing up. Once you click out of the request pop-up your given 2 options to subscribe. If you do not subscribe then you only get one function (daily horoscopes). There are so many apps that offer additional features- and great ones at that- without having to pay or share their app to your social media accounts
  • Can't use!

    By joat2b
    I'm highly disappointed in this app. In order to use it, you have to provide some information. When it comes to city, you better live somewhere on their list or you can't use it. They don't have my city so that's it for me. I'm going to find a better app that actually lets me use it. Developer: Consider letting us type our city name instead of using a scroll down list.
  • Garbage

    By ACRahoy
    Don't bother. They take all your personal information, with ridiculously limited options in some areas, then block 99% of content if you don't pay $20/month. I see one horoscope, for today, it's poorly written and provides no actual astrological information. That is literally ALL they let you see if you don't pay. This app is just garbage. I can get better quality content elsewhere for free. So can you. Don't let them make a fool of you. 
    Eta: just received developer response, which is also total garbage. This is a low quality app, a million miles from being worth $20 a month. If you're familiar with any type of quality astrology, you know that you can get it elsewhere for free. The response is absolute deceit.
  • It was spot on in the beginning then tapered off.

    By ONeilSmile
    I'd give this app 5 stars for the trial but once you start paying the high price, they stop updating your horoscope. It's the third of March and my monthly horoscope is still stuck in February and the daily horoscopes haven't changed at all.
    To be fair, it was very on point when I used the trial. I just don't know what happened. High expectations, low result. If it's going to be so expensive, you'd figure that they'd be more on top of their product. It's like they take your money and leave you with a stale app. Do the trial but I'd be very very leery of going past it.
  • Beginning

    By human who is Anonymous
    I haven’t actually tried out the app but I am not going to because I am on the part where it asks you about all your VERY PERSONAL INFORMATION such as you EXACT time of BIRTH!! I understand that it is horoscope stuff but at the same time, what does my last name have to do with it, or the city and country I was born in. I wouldn’t download this app unless you are willing to risk answering these very personal questions and checking out the app. Other than that, I have no problem, thank you.
  • Great app, just too expensive.

    By rsd22
    Perfect app in so many ways. Horoscopes are spot on. During the 3 day trial (should be longer like 7 days so folks can see the next week horoscope) I thought that this would be my go to scope app for years to come. And then my trial ended and I was looking at $41.00 for a 6 Month subscription. Yes, only 6 months. I’m like, I really like the app but not for $81 a year! My highest paid subscription is $24.99 for a great weather app. I wonder how some developers can justify such an outrageous subscription. I guess if folks want to pony up $81 a year for this app than the jokes on me, right. Loved the app. Just not the outrageous price. And now that the trial is over all you can get is the current day’s scope. Oh well.
  • :/

    By ogbr1an
    give more gender options 😐
  • Disappointed

    By Hillybilly0103
    I never every make reviews for apps but i feel as if i needed to on this one. This is an extremely disappointing app, it was good at first because i put all my information in and i was excited because i thought it would be personal but once i got into the app i realized the only thing you can do without paying is get your horoscope for just the day of. Very upsetting, the app has been since deleted.
  • Refund please

    By ForbiddynFruit
    Don’t waste your money on this app. It’s missing info 2 days in a row. I emailed support and crickets. 
    FYI - My phone is updated to the latest version and this app hasn’t had an update since I downloaded it.


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