Baseball Radar Gun & Counter

Baseball Radar Gun & Counter

Category: Sports
Version: 1.0
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 16.69 MB
Developer: Scott Dawson
Compatibility:   iOS 10.0 +.
Score: 3.66667
From 6 Ratings



Baseball Radar Gun & Counter 1.0 IPA. Baseball Radar Gun & Counter for iPhone/iPad. Baseball Radar Gun & Counter latest version free download. Download Baseball Radar Gun & Counter 1.0 for iPhone/iPad by Scott Dawson directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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The Baseball Radar Gun & Pitch Counter - Allows you to easily check the pitch speed for any professional or amateur baseball pitcher like a speed gun. Perfect for spectators or parents looking to see the speed of their favorite players or kids pitches using this baseball radar gun & pitch counter. This pitch counter and baseball radar gun is a game changer for any baseball fan who wants to know how fast the pitcher is throwing. Now you can know without having to buy an expensive radar gun/speed gun! Speed gun tracking for baseball and baseball pitch counts has never been easier! Simply tap and hold on the screen when the pitcher releases the ball. Then release when the ball crosses the plate and the pitch speed will promptly display on the screen. You also get a pitch tracker included. For the pitch counter you can simply tap on the screen for each pitch and the app will do all of the work of keeping track. Take the stress out of manually keeping track of the pitch count with this baseball pitch count app. FEATURES: • The baseball radar gun / speed gun can track pitch speeds and pitch counts on whatever game you are watching. Tap and hold on the screen when the pitcher releases the ball and let go when the ball crosses home plate. You will instantly be shown the pitch speed. • Easily keep the baseball pitch count for any pitcher. What a game changer! • This baseball radar gun / speed clock is significantly cheaper compared to buying a radar gun at a store. • The pitching speed and baseball pitch count are clearly indicated on screen instantly. • This is a baseball scoreboard + ball and strike tracking all in one. Continually tracks your teams progress. Great pitch tracker! • No expensive baseball speed guns needed to track the pitch speed with this baseball radar gun! Simply tap and hold on the screen when the pitch is thrown and release when the ball crosses the plate. What could be easier? Works for pitching speed with the speed clock! • Memorization of pitch counts not needed, now you will never forget the baseball pitch count! Tired of manually keeping track of pitch counts? You can throw out the old notebooks as you can do this task easily from your phone and reduce errors and have an accurate pitch count always. • Impress your baseball buddies when you can show them how fast the pitcher is throwing. This baseball radar gun will make life so much easier as you can quickly and accurately track the pitch speeds during any baseball game with the on screen speed clock. • One of the best speed gun and pitching speed apps you can find for use during Americas favorite past-time. It even has a pitch tracker for the baseball pitch count included! • Grab this game changer of a pitch counter and pitching speed gun app to help you never forget the current pitch count with the pitch tracker. Works for pitching speed with the speed clock! Download the Baseball Radar Gun & Pitch Counter and finally know how fast the pitcher is throwing and how many pitches they have thrown, great pitch tracker! This is the baseball speed clock game changer you have been waiting for.

  • This app garbage

    By Honeymenina
    This app is trash/garbage/poo does not work at all
  • Fantastic Radar Gun

    By Rinrin9663
    This app works great. I like that you can set the distance as needed. I can measure my kid’s pitches. Great tool for parents and coaches.
  • Easy to use!

    By Nickid50
    Easy to use app. Don’t go buy an expensive radar gun, just download this app. It makes it simple to get an estimate of the pitch speed at baseball games.  I highly recommend this app!
  • Baseball radar gun and counter

    By Cwd4000
    What a great idea! Will be very useful


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