FAC Alteza

FAC Alteza

Category: Music
Version: 2.4
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 12.08 MB
Developer: Frederic Corvest
Compatibility:   iOS 12.0 +.
Score: 4.87931
From 58 Ratings



FAC Alteza 2.4 IPA. FAC Alteza for iPhone/iPad. FAC Alteza latest version free download. Download FAC Alteza 2.4 for iPhone/iPad by Frederic Corvest directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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• Exospheric stereo reverb with ultra low latency pitch shifting • Amazingly lush, dreamy and beautiful • Shimmer kind effect, harmonizer • Unique feedback processor and fine tuning of the All-Pass delays • High-pass filter and stereo width input controls, separate Dry/Wet outputs • Sidechain input to duck the reverb • Multiple outputs, extra output bus to route the feedback signal to your own fxs • Advanced Responsive Design, portrait and landscape views • iOS Audio Unit V3 - Universal (iPad/iPhone) Designed for ethereal lush sound textures and dreamy space reflection, FAC Alteza is the perfect solution to bring your instruments to heaven in no time. Thanks to a powerful feedback section containing, inter alia, two pitch shifters, the unit is able to deliver the very typical "Shimmer" sound kind effect very much prized by musicians that are making ambient music, or any kind of music that needs to be carried by a fabulous angelic evolving choir section. FAC Alteza is definitely not "another shimmer reverb..." effect because it comes with additional parameters that make it very versatile. A particular attention to each part of the signal path was necessary to reach this level of high-end quality. Here some features that make FAC Alteza an outstanding unit: • the input signal is not monoized by default, a knob allows to control the width of the input stereo image before reaching the reverb • the topology of the effect, based upon a series of All-Pass delays, allows to control the intrasec characteristics of the reverberation • the number of All-Pass delays per stage and the echo density are alterable in the main section and in the feedback section • two ultra low latency pitch shifters deliver progressive pitch-shifting of the reverberation tail or the input signal • the feedback section contains a blend knob to control how much of the original signal is mixed with the feedback reverb • the wet signal can be ducked by an external signal provided by the host Note: - AuV3 and Standalone App - To use the sidechain and/or to output the additional feedback signal, you need a host able to provide to the AuV3 an input bus and an additional output bus. The documentation is available at fredantoncorvest.com/FAC_Alteza.html

  • The best

    By wildrosecece
    This is the best!!!
  • Incredible ambiance space

    By Hamachi chop chop
    This is just what I was looking for, in an ambient reverb.
    Beautiful dreamy spaces, for my synthesizers.
    Good interface allows me to get what I want, with ease.
    Incredible presets. 
    I suggest adjusting dry/reverb mix to taste, and saving, as many presets are a bit wet to start with.
    Really glad I found this.
  • Excellent

    By Cshriner
    Lush and organic. Amazed something of this quality is available on iOS. App is stable, reliable with a well designed interface.
    All of the FAC apps are extraordinary and professional.
  • Gorgeous Reverb

    By cmruko
    Everything FAC does is amazing. I highly recommend all of his apps. This reverb is a perfect example. All his stuff is a great mix of form and function. It can be super lush and atmospheric, or tight, and wobbly. There is a lot of potential sounds to be made with this effect. Two pitch shifters, with +-12 semitones add to the fullness of the sound. My go to reverb. Definite 5 stars.
  • Good sound, confusing interface

    By lolwhoami
    Monomaker is too confusing, stages are cryptic
  • Absolute MUST HAVE for ambient guitarists!

    By Musecrafter1
    This app is a MUST HAVE if you play ambient guitar! It is truly stunning to play through it and the presets with certainly keep you busy for hours.
  • Believe Every Review!

    By Tilden Thorne
    This is really that good! Just listen to the reviews and understand that yes (against all your attempts to believe otherwise), it really does sound that freaking amazing!!!
    This is the way...
  • Great developer / Amazing Apps

    By djmaxwellhouse
    It's effects like this that make hours go by like minutes and music production a real treat on the iPhone. Don't sleep on these - every FAC effect is a gem. Be sure to check this guy's YouTube channel out as well - he goes way beyond tutorials and shows unique ways to use his remarkable products.
  • It’s like Heaven

    What a fantastic reverb..  if you could call it that.   I love the sounds that you can dial in with this app!!!!!!   My go to reverb on IOS now!!!!!!!    Thanks Fred you are a Great DEV!!!!!!!
  • best reverb i’ve ever used

    By reasOne Won
    alteza has so much character and so much control. you make a small reverb or the largest longest , most lush reverb you’ve ever heard. this one can take on many forms and fit into any situation. i suggest reading thru the user manual to understand everything that the controls do to sculpt your sound. i put this on everything and it is light on the cpu. don’t miss this one it is an essential app and will give you great results starting from the init patch and all the way they creating your own presets.


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