Plague of Z

Plague of Z

Category: Games
Version: 2.14.1
Adult Rating: 12+
Filesize: 831.65 MB
Developer: TOP GAMES INC.
Compatibility:   iOS 9.0 +.
Score: 3.86667
From 255 Ratings



Plague of Z 2.14.1 IPA. Plague of Z for iPhone/iPad. Plague of Z latest version free download. Download Plague of Z 2.14.1 for iPhone/iPad by TOP GAMES INC. directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 12+ to be able to install and run.

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Zombie siege, recruit survivors, lead your army to survive, break through the siege, and find a safe place. It’s an abandoned city, and you need to lead your army to build it to resist the attack of zombies. Sometimes zombies will attack you in the sewer, please be careful. In an environment of scarce resources, train your army, upgrade your technology, and find other survivors to lead the light. ### Features### -Survive- Build abandoned cities, protect yourself and the army, recruit survivors, find heroes, and fight zombies together. -Danger- Warning! There will be zombies in the city’s sewers at any time! You need to destroy them and protect the residents. -Choice- Resources are limited, would you choose to share it with other survivors or grab them? -Cooperation- Zombie mutation, destroy it with other survivors! -War- Found a new refuge with limited capacity. You need to cooperate with some survivors to defeat other survivors to get more resources to survive. And more… Facebook:

  • Devs read this!

    By D Marengo
    We appreciate the changing aspects of the game, however, there are some pressing issues that need fixing or all servers will be forced to boycott any spending indefinitely. We need you to hear us. We ask you fix the issues such as: iOS and android updates need to roll out the same time; fixing SVS rotation; the ongoing issues with battlefield and rewards from rallies; the merging of server 1. If these issues are not resolved by December 15th, all servers in the game will boycott any spending.
  • Fraud

    By melm275
    Game is a fraud they updated the game for android users only and completely ruins gameplay and fairness for Apple.  Don’t waste money playing this
  • This game had potential but developers killed it

    By Bad🐷
    This game was fun , until developers decided to do what they call a “test “ update that was made available to users of android but not ios. So now in pvp battle android players with no game savvy can decimate ios players due to the fact that they are able to use multiple heros/buffs on attack while ios can still only use one . Cs doest respond . Its a ripoff stay away .
  • Response to the latest developers response

    By Dd2123
    Are you just responding for the sake of just to have a response in. Last review clear states that IOS users only have the 1.38 version available where as android users are now on version 1.39.1.what screen shot do you want??? Open your own App Store  and android market and see what version of the game is available for download. Unless you have Erica just responding to reviews without even giving it a thought …..
  • Not for iPhones Part 2

    By Ndub6
    Check out another users post on March 10. I didn’t really know this until today - all android users have version 1.39 of the game and Apple users have 1.38. There are significant enhancements in this release, to the point it’s putting me at a disadvantage in the game. You can now attack with 2 heroes instead of 1 on the Android app, but not the Apple app. You can collect your gifts with one click and on the iPhone it takes 20 minutes of intense clicking. Plus all the other issues the other user mentioned. I’m certain there are more. Start giving us IOS users the same stuff and I will change my rating. Pissed…
  • Can’t get in/ issue fixed

    By howcanallthwnicknamesbe
    Problem was the software. It got fixed by the developer.
    Well after a year of playing . There seems to be a glitch. I’m not able to get in at level 18. Error says wifi error. The problem with that warning is that I can get into my other games on my phone. Don’t waste a year of your time playing.hope.
  • Crashes

    By Wes7264
    Got the new update today and it crashes after about 10 seconds. Please fix asap!!!
  • Not a bad game

    By Mr.Mista
    Need to fix using the resource pack when upgrading/training to us the amount of boxes needed to fulfill the upgrade like Evony. One little feature that could make it break this game for me. Fix that and I’m good lol
  • Yeah….. NO!

    By BabyCakes904
    Yeah so the graphics in the actual game are nothing like the graphics ur are shown during the games preview.  Disappointing in my opinion.  I would have enjoyed playing a game with such quality game graphics but unfortunately after installing and trying - it was obvious that I was once again misled by another cheap gaming app.
  • Clone of another game, lousy support

    By Parmenion-crofton
    This is a clone of another game, just a different skin and setting. Choose the other game. It’s more popular, and I hear the support is better than it is in this game. 
    The devs ignore complaints and instead of addressing issues, they continue to work on graphics and adding more content. Content that crashes the game or locks players out of the game and is only fixed when they roll back the game to the older version.  
    The high rating for this game is faked or spoofed by the devs.


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