GOHUNT / GPS Hunting Map

GOHUNT / GPS Hunting Map

Category: Navigation
Version: 2.3.9
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 183.02 MB
Developer: GOHUNT, LLC
Compatibility:   iOS 13.0 +.
Score: 4.82235
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GOHUNT / GPS Hunting Map 2.3.9 IPA. GOHUNT / GPS Hunting Map for iPhone/iPad. GOHUNT / GPS Hunting Map latest version free download. Download GOHUNT / GPS Hunting Map 2.3.9 for iPhone/iPad by GOHUNT, LLC directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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For all hunters who aspire to grow their skills and seek new adventures, GOHUNT is the most reliable interactive hunting platform because every aspect of its offerings is led by expert hunters and built by world-class technologists. Our tools serve hunters across their planning, preparation, scouting, mapping, and time in the field. GOHUNT's hunting GPS maps are the best in class, and are built to withstand the harshest environments with or without cell service. Try it yourself with our 7-day free trial, and see firsthand why our maps are the most innovative solution for the challenges you face both in the field and planning from home. Our Explorer subscription ($49 /year) gives you access to the following features to plan, prepare, and succeed on your next hunt. We currently provide coverage for all 50 states! LAND BOUNDARIES Public/private land boundaries, hunt units and districts, and more show you exactly where you can and can’t hunt HUNTS Plan and share your entire hunt plan with other GOHUNT users across all your devices (desktop and mobile) IMPORT DATA Simple data & waypoints import your from other mapping apps using a computer. Hunters can import any .gpx or .kml compatible file. HUNTING LAYERS Easily filter for public and private land, government land, walk-in access properties, hunt zones (antelope, bighorn sheep, deer, black bear, elk and more) with species distribution, hunt units, land usage (grazing allotments and timber cuts), terrain of upwards of 11,500 ft, unit boundaries, water, wildfire, trails, and more during your hunt OFFLINE GPS MAPS Download your hunting maps and confidently use your phone's GPS without cell service 3D TERRAIN Visualize your approach with realistic terrain analysis MAPPING TOOLS Measure and mark your secret spots with waypoints, lines, tracks, photos, and more BASEMAPS The most accurate satellite and topographic maps with every detail you need for your hunt RECORD TRACKS Always find your way back to your camp with accurate GPS tracking MAP SETTINGS Ability to display map coordinates, crosshairs, outlines, open to last viewpoint, and more By using our seamless hunting maps GPS to plan your hunt, you can focus on what really matters: getting into the field. STATE COVERAGE GOHUNT app features are now available in ALL 50 states! https://www.gohunt.com/terms

  • Great map

    By quinn7remmag
    I’ve had lots of different maps, and this is my go to now. I still have some other to supplement what this doesn’t have, but it’s by far my number 1.
  • Usually good

    By Atrudel
    Easier and better to work with than OnX. However a few glitches that need to be worked out. Mainly GPS takes a few attempts to know where you actually are.
  • Better than the other hunting map app.

    By Quadestartthereactor
    Great app, one thing they should add is a easily accessible map key.
  • No guzzlers, Nv

    By jg123984576
    Best app for big game however it’s doesn’t show guzzler locations in Nevada which pushes me to the competitor for upland hunting. When will GOHUNT put in guzzler locations?
  • Descent for beginners with a few annoying flaws

    By Shawn21099
    This app covers bases descentky well, but underperforms gaiaGPS and OnX hunt. When opening app it can take in excess of one minute for the app to ping for GPS coordinates leaving me standing off the trail wondering exactly where I am. I would constantly open gaiaGPS to get my location immediately. This is a huge inconvenience in my opinion when you are trying to keep moving. I do like that it downloads the highest resolution satellite imagery. The topo map it gives only sparsely gives you the elevation on the topo lines meaning I’m scrolling around the map just trying to see what elevation I’m at, also annoying. Overall it doesn’t not offer much that gaiaGPS and OnX hunt maps don’t also offer. Everything else that gohunt has done is been great though.
  • Best App Ever!

    By B. Tuft
    I love this app, you get the map features and the drawing odds info. Worth its wait in gold if you want to hunt out of state in the west!
  • Great App

    By SlayerCalls
    Lots of great information with great mapping.
  • Maps

    By garrett89113
    Love the tools and usability of those tools. It is very easy and intuitive to use.
  • Free trial

    By cfr1959
    I have been using onX maps for several years. And have been very satisfied with it. When I saw the advertisement for a free trial for the gohunt maps I thought I would download it and compare it to onX. The only problem is, the free trial does not allow you to access the different layers, which is what I wanted to compare. Very unfortunate. If you’re going to offer a free trial, you should be able to access all the features so you can see if the app is going to work for your needs.
  • Not Quite There Yet

    By huntcurs
    The desktop app is clean and easy to use. Offline maps work great. The price point is better, too, as you get access to all 50 states. As others have said, though, they’ve still got a little ways to go. Here in the East where we don’t have all the Western public land, door knocking is still required. You can’t view landowner data from the app to do so, which I relied on heavily with OnX. I was promised back in August, just days after subscribing, that it would be available “in a few weeks,” but almost 3 months later it still wasn’t functional. I requested a refund and cancellation and only got a pro-rated refund. Would have canceled earlier and got it all back if I’d known I still wouldn’t have it by now.


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