Fit'em All

Fit'em All

Category: Games
Version: 4.2
Adult Rating: 12+
Filesize: 175.09 MB
Developer: Good Job Games
Compatibility:   iOS 11.0 +.
Score: 4.55532
From 89,725 Ratings



Fit'em All 4.2 IPA. Fit'em All for iPhone/iPad. Fit'em All latest version free download. Download Fit'em All 4.2 for iPhone/iPad by Good Job Games directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 12+ to be able to install and run.

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A mind blowing puzzle game. Very easy to play, not that easy to solve. Rotate small blocks to create big shapes.


  • Bad game djmfurjdkekrjfkdie

    By trverfg etvg
    The game is glitchy and there is way too many ads.
  • R******d really?!

    By MsAshleyMarie
    I only downloaded this game so I could write a review.  The only ad that popped up for this game shows you being labeled r******d for not completing the puzzle correctly.  Disgusting!  Makes me not want to download any games from this company or support them in any way!
  • Ads in first play

    By zzzzzzsssssappppp
    Too many acs
  • just got an ad

    By gagaboots
    i just got an ad for this game that has the r slur in it. get rid of the ad or at least replace the word with something that isn’t offensive. i don’t understand what made anyone think it was okay to put that in this ad in the first place but it should be taken out promptly.
  • Too many ads

    By AZBelle51
    I downloaded this game thinking it would be fun. Except there are too many ads that take too long to get through. And no I’m not buying anything it isn’t that good a game.

    By katlambrix
    This game has way too many adds and that’s that
  • I Love This game

    By mzwhatsherface
    So cute and happy birthday to your family

    By chicapikameeka
    This is the worst game ever do not play this. It is sooo boring and when you try to play it it will glitch. The only thing giving it 2 stars is because there’s no adds but over all it is just so boring and the
    Levels NEVER get harder I probably should give it 1 star but I’m not.THIS GAME IS THE WORST DO NOT GET IT
  • Ableism

    By aloha-lexi0811
    One of the ads for the game has a IQ bar at the top showing how your IQ increases/decreases as you play. At the end of the bar there is Albert Einstein showing that if you reached that level of IQ you would be a genius. At the end of the ad the player fails and the bar drops to zero and says the r slur. Says a lot.
  • These people lie about how fun the game is

    By InsaneInfantryman
    I noticed this has a 4.6 out of 5 rating, yet the ratings are off set from the use of companies writing in fake 5 star reviews, and anything at a certain number (usually 1 and 2 stars) are not all counted, some companies delete the negative reviews to make the game seem better than it really is. 
    Sad thing is there are no laws from any company (Apple Google Amazon etc) that do not block this kind of behavior from these companies. Because let’s face it, they want the revenue from the games as well. 
    This game runs more ads than games, hasn’t fixed issues brought up 2+ years ago, etc etc. 
    They do not care about player experience, they care about the money, Oh they didn’t like this one, well let’s just leave it and create an even worse one. That’ll show them how bad it can get.
    Which this game is, as bad as it can get.


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