PlantIn: Plant Identifier

PlantIn: Plant Identifier

Category: Education
Version: 3.9.1
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 83.46 MB
Developer: Vortemol Limited
Compatibility:   iOS 14.0 +.
Score: 4.47279
From 77,074 Ratings



PlantIn: Plant Identifier 3.9.1 IPA. PlantIn: Plant Identifier for iPhone/iPad. PlantIn: Plant Identifier latest version free download. Download PlantIn: Plant Identifier 3.9.1 for iPhone/iPad by Vortemol Limited directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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Best indoor house plants require the best possible care, and PlantIn will be there for you to help with this task! Our care database includes more than 17,000 species of greenery and expands daily to satisfy the needs even of the most whimsical users and their green pets. Find short yet informative houseplant care guides about each of them – now you don’t have to think about how often to water house plants and how much light does your plant need. All the vital information is stored in one place and can be gathered in several clicks! We have a wide variety of features that every green thumb would fall in love with: - Try Watering Calculator to determine the exact amount of water your pet needs. You just need to answer several questions regarding your plant’s conditions, and that’s all: our plant watering app will let you know the needed amount of moisture. - Light Meter is another helpful tool that measures lighting level. Open the feature and point the camera on your plant. Our cutting-edge AR technologies will identify the species and amount of light it needs automatically. Then, scan the nearest environment so that the tool can measure the lighting level there. Finally, you will get a notification if you need to move the plant and some hints. It only takes several seconds! - Plant care will become even more effortless with Personalized Care Plans. Request a plan for almost any species, from common houseplants to exotic cultivars that need special attention. Your Snake plant care needs some improvements, or maybe you just got your first air plant and are not sure what to do with it? Get thorough watering, fertilization, lighting, and even pruning instructions easily and make ‘em grow! - Our users say that our plant care app helps with organizing daily routines! Keep calm – we will send your reminders to make sure that all your green pets are following their watering and fertilization schedules. Moreover, there are special weather notifications so that you will be warned in case of storms, freezing temperatures, and other unfavorable conditions that may harm your outdoor oasis. - Use the “Ask the Botanist” feature to get a consultation with our experienced gardening experts. Ask any questions regarding houseplant care and get custom pieces of advice, step-by-step guides, useful hints, and detailed instructions for your particular case. PlantIn was created with an aim of providing tender loving care for each of your green pets, so let’s make this world greener and educate ourselves on botany together! There is no limit to plantfection, so stay plantuned for even more lifesaving info from our plant care app. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:


  • Deleted all other apps on gardening

    By Jadiah Standonqzgo
    Could not be better... had many of them before but only this one suffices my needs in full
  • A social app

    By Malakii Canerozysueoel
    I was in the center of attention coming over to my relatives when I offered to check up their plants in app
  • 5 stars

    By Herica Kellickfgbccili
    My best friend told me to install it, it's so fun to walk around and get to now everything about a plant
  • Cucumber insects

    By 2510evi
    Please i need help with my cucumber plants. The second year that they have the same problem.
  • Bok gibi

    By moliconi sedat
    Sakın indirmeyin sahte program para tuzağı
  • Not great

    By Zonie at heart
    I’ve scanned three plants to test it out and so far it’s only correctly identified one. Also, in the ads it looks like it’ll tell you exactly what’s wrong with a plant, but when I tried it, it only gave me potential options.
  • It’s perfect

    By airjordan 505
    Well it’s perfect for because are mom as so much plants I don’t what half of them are but with this app it helps me find what type they are super recommended
  • Ummm what? This app is the worst !

    By plantho
    Honestly I can’t believe how bad this app is considering Snapchat can identify my plants. I took pictures of at least 10 plants, all in broad daylight, - it was able to identify one, a birds of paradise, which is pretty obvious but then again I would have thought my majesty palm would have been obvious as well. Tried doing some of the diagnosis stuff and those results were even worse if you can believe it. Definitely save your money there are way better apps than this one that probably cost far less
  • Not great for me

    By shell1239876
    I see great reviews but I didn’t have the same experience unfortunately.  The first two plants I tried to scan the app was unable to identify. I wanted the app to diagnose the issue of browning leaves, but instead I had to search the name of the plant since it couldn’t identify it and all I got from it was a watering schedule. Considering it’s an app you have to pay for I didn’t find it worth it at all. Glad for everyone else’s good experiences though. Wish I had the same.
  • Interesting

    By Poua Bolzenezlv
    I teach preschoolers and use this app for educational purposes. Maybe you will add an option of teacher's section in the app with additional information from education practitioners?


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