PlantIn: Plant Identifier

PlantIn: Plant Identifier

Category: Education
Version: 4.6.1
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 102.28 MB
Developer: Vortemol Limited
Compatibility:   iOS 14.0 +.
Score: 4.47654
From 95,238 Ratings
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PlantIn: Plant Identifier 4.6.1 IPA. PlantIn: Plant Identifier for iPhone/iPad. PlantIn: Plant Identifier latest version free download. Download PlantIn: Plant Identifier 4.6.1 for iPhone/iPad by Vortemol Limited directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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PlantIn is always there for you! With our care plans, you will learn how to identify a plant, how often to water your trees, or why the leaf on your flower turned brown. We have a wide variety of features that every green thumb would fall in love with: ► Watering Calculator This feature will help to figure out the right amount of water your green pet needs. You just need to answer several questions regarding your plant’s conditions, and voila! ► Light Meter Here is another helpful tool that calculates the correct lighting level for your greens! Just click the Light Meter button and point the camera at the plant. Our AR-based technology will automatically scan the nearest environment, measure the amount of light, and tell if you need to move the plant to a brighter or shadier spot. ► Care Plans Plantkeeping will become even more effortless with our Personalized Care Plans. Request a plan for almost any species, from common houseplants to exotic cultivars. Your Snake plant care needs some improvements, or maybe you just got your first air plant and are not sure what to do with it? Get thorough watering, fertilization, lighting, and even pruning instructions easily and make ‘em grow! ► Care Notifications Our users say that our plant care app helps with organizing daily routines! Keep calm – we will send your reminders to make sure that all your green pets are following their watering and fertilization schedules. Moreover, there are special weather notifications so that you will be warned in case of storms, freezing temperatures, and other unfavorable conditions that may harm your outdoor oasis. ► Ask the Botanist Use this feature to get a consultation with our experienced gardening experts. Ask any questions regarding houseplant care and get custom recommendations, step-by-step guides, useful hints, and detailed instructions for your particular case. PlantIn was created to provide loving care for each of your green pets, so let’s make this world greener and educate ourselves on botany together! Stay plantuned for more lifesaving info from our plant care app. Privacy Policy: Terms of Use:


  • One good app

    By Og garden
    This app is easy to use and get good results.
  • Scam

    By Jswartz43756
    This app is a complete scam. I have been dealing with them for a month to receive the botanist help that cost me $19.99. They continue to give me a run around and have never done anything except ask for screenshots, which I have provided twice. I have over 60 emails that all day the same thing that they are working on the issue but never tell me what’s wrong. Worst customer service and a complete fraudulent service.
  • Impossible to cancel

    By Beezle123
    Don’t subscribe!!!  I subscribed to the free trial and tried to cancel when I didn’t find it worth it.  Went to the “Manage Subscription “ page in the app, but they don’t provide an option to unsubscribe.  Contacted customer service and it took 5 emails back and forth before I figured out how to unsubscribe, and not because they provided that info.  In the meantime, they charged me.  Overall this feels like an unethical company trying to make it very hard to unsubscribe.
  • This app rules!!

    By Littlebettyboop
    I’m just getting started, but i love it so far. Its very easy to use and it stores the information about your plants for you so well! I use the free version and its great for beginners! 

    By Fagnut111
    Yes this app is a SCAM!! BEWARE BUYERS!!!! Subscriptions and charges double if not triple sometimes. Many errors in their billing.
    BEWARE IT IDENTIFIES PLANTS WRONG!! I have been able to trick this app so VERY EASY!! It identifies WRONG types of circumstances !! 
     Trust me when I tell you, BUY A BOOK, or cross reference on the Net, don’t waste your time with this SCAM APP!!!
    I wish I could rate this trash a 0!!!
  • Great app

    By DannyyPhant0m
    This app makes caring and learning about your plant a lot of fun.
  • My review

    By Larry s review
    So far I have no problem identifying plants from this application. Keep up the good work.
  • First time use

    By #1SCW
    I expected the app to ID the plant not to have to take a picture and then be given options.  First time experience:  3 out of 10
  • Three out of 5 plants correctly identified.

    By LindaQ-Tip
    Only 3 of 5 plants correctly identified. It seems user needs a higher level of knowledge for this site to be helpful. Since I know nothing, it doesn’t really help me.
  • It’s okay

    By langloisJ
    I wish it could tell you more information on specific parts of the pant that doesn’t seem to do good