Perfect Wax 3D

Perfect Wax 3D

Category: Games
Version: 1.6
Adult Rating: 12+
Filesize: 230.26 MB
Developer: Good Job Games
Compatibility:   iOS 11.0 +.
Score: 4.43598
From 36,839 Ratings



Perfect Wax 3D 1.6 IPA. Perfect Wax 3D for iPhone/iPad. Perfect Wax 3D latest version free download. Download Perfect Wax 3D 1.6 for iPhone/iPad by Good Job Games directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 12+ to be able to install and run.

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Enjoy the beauty center simulation with many different operations. Your service has to be neat and clean. Try to be as perfect as possible. It is not easy to satisfy all your customers. You won't regret to try this game!


  • Oddly satisfying?

    By Peggy ig
    This game is the definition of oddly satisfying. I download this game becuase I was bored and I like writing reviews, but I actually kinda liked it?  Melting the wax, shaving, and putting the shaving cream on was nice, but pulling the wax off made my stomach crawl.
  • ...

    By lilastar33
    I get this is a waxing game but I just think that it’s bad. Not to be rude but I was scared playing this game thinking that I was going to get in trouble ( but I knew I wasn’t) because of the way I had to shave the girl. I think that this game should be a little bit higher like a 14+ or whatever. This is my opinion but its totally ok if you think different I was just thinking about other kids.
    Thank you
  • Love but nooooo

    All the people say oh it’s just so good but also the people who rate this Bad I agree with that it’s a 4+ no this game should not be for four year olds and up because four year olds can see the underwear on men and women then they would think oh I just need to shave my hair because then I look disgusting like the hairs on the people on the app so no please do not make this for 4 year olds Plus there is fire related in the app so 4 year olds would think oh on the app it says that if I have hairy armpits I should I use fire )so please do not make this for 4 year olds
  • This game is soooo satisfying, I do recommend downloading

    By jorge washjng machine
    You can play this game anywhere you do. From camping to an ice cream store. And when your angry, this might help. Download now!
  • do not get

    By ✨. you're mom✨
    It is very glitchy and when you get to level ten it replays don’t get🤬😡😤
  • Cameras as the eyes

    By cameras in the eyes
    I like this game BUT I can see cameras in the eyes and I covered up the camera and the eyes turned white STAY SAFE KIDS if you want to play this make sure to put some tape,sticker,bandage but be carful and it show some inappropriate parts that are disturbing
  • This is not appropriate

    By Evie/ the best
    Hi, I just wanted to say this game is not 
    Appropriate for ages 4+. Because it Shows inappropriate places on your body. This should not even be a game! (Just in my Opinion.)  First time I tried this I wanted to see if it was fun because some people say it was, so I tried it but then I thought “ this is just not appropriate!” So then I deleted it. 
    Personally I really don’t want people  to play 
    it. Why? Because like I said it shows inappropriate places! Second: you should be fine with your body because it’s you and that’s the way God made you you are beautiful just the way you are! And I would’ve read this zero but I can’t
    - Evie  God bless you and have a blessed day!😇👍🏻😊🙏
  • Great game but-...

    By Butor4584
    I really love the game but there are a few problems first of all there are way too many adds! and I think you should make like I don’t really know how to say this but like harder levels I know they’re not supposed to be hard I don’t know what I’m saying OK never mind like I don’t know I like trying to say something but I don’t know what I’m trying to say but if you understand me that’s great! 🥰and just a tip if you don’t want so many ads put your phone/tablet/computer any device you have on airplane mode oh wait I don’t know can you put a computer on airplane mode please tell me when somebody finds out thank you bye this probably wasted your time I’m so sorry but you should really try this game it is so fun to play!!😁😄
  • Ew

    By sh1nyxstormy on roblox
    W weird
  • nope

    By alexzis rain culver
    oki when i first got this game it was oki when i got to day five it was not kid age and pluse you dont even wax just do not get this game


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