Family Farm Adventure

Family Farm Adventure

Category: Games
Version: 1.9.6
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 459.81 MB
Developer: Century Games Pte. Ltd.
Compatibility:   iOS 10.0 +.
Score: 4.72247
From 20,293 Ratings



Download Family Farm Adventure 1.9.6 for iPhone/iPad by Century Games Pte. Ltd. directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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Welcome to Family Farm Adventure, a gorgeous farming simulator game where you can harvest various crops, explore mysterious islands and start your own prosperous farm town! Join Felicia and Toby on their adventures where they meet new friends and help them solve fun puzzles. Pack your bags and roll up your sleeves. Start your journey in Family Farm Adventure now! Family Farm Adventure features: - Story. Immerse yourself in the beautiful story in this simulator game, full of mysteries, surprises, romance, and friendship. Solve puzzles to continue the story and learn more about the farm town. - Explorations. Leave your town and explore mysterious tropical islands with the fearless photographer Felicia and the bright archaeologist Toby and help them solve puzzles along the way. Bring the treasures back to the farm. - Decorations. Decorate your flower farm! Restore houses, decorations, and centerpieces that are essential for the Festival of Flowers. Finish all preparations for this festival and celebrate it with everyone on the farm. - Farming. Start your own farm on a tropical island. Harvest crops, raise farm animals and produce food with your cooking skills. Turn your farm in this simulator into a cooking powerhouse. - Adventures. Complete challenging puzzles on your travels through these mysterious islands. Take a break from your adventures by checking on the animals on your farm. - People and Animals. Meet friendly and peculiar villagers, as well as quirky wild animals. Ask them to come visit your farm and do some cooking together. - Treasures. Discover hidden treasures and rare ancient artifacts by solving creative puzzles. Trade them in for all kinds of bonuses that will help you on your farm. Some puzzles will lead you to unexpected rewards to decorate your town! Help Granny build up the farm that was destroyed by an earthquake. Show your farming skills, harvest crops, and build up what used to be a prosperous farm. The fertile soil makes it the perfect location for re-building the farm. Expand your farm life with all kinds of rare decorations from your adventures. This is not your ordinary farming game, this is a farm life simulator. Family Farm Adventure is free to play and will always be free to play. Some in-game items can be purchased with money. This will help speed up the progress in the game but are not mandatory to participate in any of the content. Enjoying Family Farm Adventure? Learn more about the game on our Facebook Fan Page:


  • Great fun

    By ladameblanche73
    Loving it. Totally addictive!
  • Hello

    By XXGamerChickXX
    Absolutely love everything about this game
  • Fantastic game

    By jessewalls
    Love this game so much fun
  • Addiccccted

    By Thecoldtruthplainandsimp
    Haven’t played games in awhile but this one has me hooked! Great story line and plenty of quests to complete. There are various game plays which is most appealing!
  • Great

    By jazbuddha21
  • Chels1313!

    By chels1313!
  • Glitchy game

    By Dcjonesy
    This game is really glitchy just like the customer service team. There are many rewards that freeze in the middle of claiming them and you either get a message asking you to force restart or have to force restart because your screen is frozen and when you do that, the reward is not in your account or the option to try and obtain them again is not there. I have reached out to customer service several times and they indicate that the reward was given or in my account and so there is nothing they can do! That is the whole purpose of me reaching out because the items did not make it to my account! There are also rewards I paid for that I did not receive and there are many ads that you do watch that do not give the reward promised! The overall concept of the game is cute but the mishaps will make this game one many uninstall because it is more of a hassle than anything!  Also, the amount of time it takes to clear areas and obtain energy is ridiculous if you do not spend money to help.  It takes 1:30 to get 1 new energy source and you have a max capacity of 60! You literally have to play this game all day to make some sort of progress! And when you do get the energy the direction you need to go is not clear do you spend more energy just trying to figure out where to go! What a waste!
  • Fun and best pacing

    By jgwenj
    Really fun and the best pacing of most games I’ve played!
  • It was Confusing?

    By me mom😇
    I saw the add and it looked so cool but I did not got to the part in the add we’re the man cheats on the girl so if you just fix that part your game would be the best game ever!!
  • Same as always…misleading ads

    By NWesteren
    The one thing that makes me angry about games like this is the marketing. This game is literally NOTHING like the ads. Secondly, it gives you all of these gifts and energy, etc…up until you fill out the survey. After that, nothing. The “mini game shack” is absolutely boring, have to wait so long for everything once you reach lvl 7. The constant flashing of “click your quests to see where you are” when you’ve literally done absolutely nothing to warrant it (again…waiting) is highly annoying. I really hate being misled, and this game is FAR from any ad I’ve seen of it…shame. I was really hoping, for once, a game had come out that was like the ads. Ugh!