Bumper: Vehicle History Report

Bumper: Vehicle History Report

Category: Shopping
Version: 8.35.0
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 128.04 MB
Developer: Bumper, LLC
Compatibility:   iOS 10.0 +.
Score: 4.07042
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Download Bumper: Vehicle History Report 8.35.0 for iPhone/iPad by Bumper, LLC directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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Get the skinny on your next car with Bumper's VIN lookup or vehicle model search. Take advantage of all of Bumper's features, including: ACCIDENT AND SALVAGE RECORDS - If it seems too good to be true, it might be. Find out if the great deal you found is really a lemon in disguise. MARKET VALUES - We analyze millions of vehicle sales records to help make sure you're getting a good ride, not being taken for one. THEFT REPORTS - Not only can theft bring down a vehicle's value, purchasing stolen goods can also get you in hot water with the fuzz. WEB AND APP INTEGRATION - Bumper is more than an app. It's more than a website. It's an app AND a website. Get the same great report features whether you're at home or on the go. RECALLS - Unresolved factory recalls can put you and your family in danger. We'll try to help ensure there's nothing hiding beneath the surface. EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS - Need a certain amount of cargo space? Is a sunroof on your bucket list? Dig into the nitty-gritty of a vehicle to make sure it meets your needs. OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNITION - Life moves fast, but cars move even faster. Instead of hurrying to jot down the vehicle plate number of a vehicle, use the app's OCR to initiate a search with your phone's camera. And so much more. Whether you're buying, selling or researching a car you already own, Bumper has something for you. The days of paying for individual vehicle reports are in the rearview mirror. The Bumper Difference At Bumper, we are on a mission to bring vehicle history reports and ownership up to speed with modern times. A vehicle is one of the most expensive purchases you'll likely make, and you deserve to have access to the same tools and information the pros use to make the right decisions. FAIR PRICING - If you’ve ever purchased a vehicle history report, you might have experienced sticker shock. According to J.D. Power, car buyers spend a minimum of three months researching vehicles before a purchase. At an average of $30 a report, you could spend upwards of hundreds of dollars simply researching. With Bumper, you can run unlimited reports for one low cost. With that extra savings, why not put it towards a down payment or even upgrades. ACCURATE DATA: Our vehicle records come from government agencies, insurance providers, car industry sources and more. From accidents and salvage records to vehicle specifications and market value, if a record exists, we'll do our best to find it so you have reliable, up-to-date information. AHEAD OF THE CURVE: Until now, running a vehicle history report was not easy. Introducing: Bumper. Go ahead, set up alerts, and be the first to know when something changes with a vehicle you're monitoring. Or check vehicle reports on mobile or desktop - it's the same great intuitive experience. View Terms of Use: https://www.bumper.com/terms/ View Privacy Policy: https://www.bumper.com/privacy-policy/


  • 0 stars would be merciful for what this company deserves

    By sloona
    Con artists. They'll keep charging you monthly even when you only sign up for one record. They'll make it impossible to cancel subscription from the website or the app, you'll have to contact them to cancel the subscription. It's almost as if they're trying to rip people off their money.
  • Dummy accident database claim .. SCAMMERS

    By Mehdi K.M
    Fake advertising, this service has no access to accident database, I tried intentionally many cars that has been in accidents in many parts of the east coast ( which they claim they mostly cover that ) and none of the accidents showed up on Bumper reports, while it was reported on Carfax and Truevin and bunch of other services, I contacted them to request a refund, they never got back to me… SCAMMERS !!!
  • Useless

    By benjit192
    I paid for the full report and it doesn’t even give you the service records. just buy the Carfax
  • Wasted my money

    By Pate jdpate
    Don’t waste your time !! It’s a scam to take your $$$ 
    It took $32 from me and showed me nothing!!
  • Just Bad.

    By Edzo17
    Wrong information about vehicle.Missing information, service records mileage.Phone is out of order.No chat option.Unusable website and app
  • Recommend you skip this but OK for 1st look

    By t775i
    Not a great search compared to car fax but an OK option if you’re looking at 10+ cars and want to initially check before diving deeper with a better search history service such as car fax. Warning though, this apps monthly fee can be tricky to cancel so just call the help line and follow up with an email.
  • Scam

    By Can I help you?
    Apps a scam, nothing like KBB. They try to force you to buy a membership by locking the whole app behind it, so if you don’t buy one you get to look at it and that’s it
  • Worth the download

    By yup629
    Found a truck for a great price thanks to bumper. 
    Would use again..
  • Inaccurate Results 👎🏻

    By TakeAChillPhill
    Don’t waste your time or money; Bumper isn’t showing accurate results. I’ve used this app for an hour running several VINs. Bumper missed salvaged cars and accidents. It doesn’t provide maintenance history, owner history, or fleet/rental/corporate/government history. 
    There is a difference between a cheap price and a good value. Bumper offers cheap priced reports. It’s clearly not a good value though because of the blatant inaccuracies between Bumper and it’s competitors.
  • Awful

    By ciccolinifoley
    Vin through this service came back clean. It was stolen weeks ago. I'm out 2 grand and they could care less. They don't want you to know but this service is worthless.