King of Biology

King of Biology

Category: Education
Version: 1.6.9
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 67.15 MB
Developer: HANAUTA INC.
Compatibility:   iOS 11.0 +.



King of Biology 1.6.9 IPA. King of Biology for iPhone/iPad. King of Biology latest version free download. Download King of Biology 1.6.9 for iPhone/iPad by HANAUTA INC. directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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Are you worried about the foundations of biology and the score of living things? With this app, you can enjoy studying the basics of biology and biology as if you were playing a quiz game! The foundations of biology and the perspective of living things will change for those who dislike the foundations of biology! Moreover, since it is a question that conforms to the "High School Curriculum Guidelines", it is also useful for regular exams and university entrance exams! I'll introduce you a little! ======================= example) ======================= ▼ Questions and answers Q. What is a microscope that uses an electron beam for observation? A. Electron microscope Q. What is the DNA strand that forms a base pair with adenine and binds to it? A. Thymine Q. What do you call the antigen used for vaccination? A. Vaccine ======================= ▼ Four-choice question Q. What is the substance that conveys genetic information to offspring in three letters of the alphabet? 1. DNA 2.DDA 3.NTP 4. FDA A.DNA Q. What does the human central nervous system consist of the brain? 1. Ischium 2. Lungs 3. Spinal cord 4. Heart A. Spinal cord ======================= ◉ Overview ・ 1000 questions for each question of the basics of biology, 2000 questions for each question of biology ・ 1000 questions for the four-choice question of the foundation of biology, 2000 questions for the four-choice question of the organism ・ You can enjoy the game elements as you solve 10 questions and 1 stage. ・ The terms used are of high importance in the entrance examination questions. ・ Covers the contents necessary for preparing for regular high school exams and university entrance exams ◉ How to use 1. Select "Start" 2. Select a series 3. Select a stage 4. Let's proceed with the "examination" ・ Read the question and answer the correct choice from the four choices ・ If you answer 9 or more of the 10 questions correctly, you will advance to the next stage. ・ Check the wrong problem 5. Let's proceed with "question by answer" ・ When the question is displayed, think of the answer in your head and press the "See the correct answer" button. ・ Check the wrong problem 6. Focus on solving the wrong problem in "check mode" ◉ Features of this app ・ Includes terminology and calculation questions that "appear" in university entrance exams. ・ Covers the knowledge necessary for all entrance exams, including center exams, common tests, and national and private universities. ・ The maximum effect can be achieved in a short period of time. ・ The explanations that hold down the problems and points that are directly related to the entrance examination are posted. ・ Explains how to solve standard problems that frequently appear in entrance exams in an easy-to-understand manner. ・ Only important issues that need to be held down in order to acquire the practical and applied skills in the entrance examination are posted. ・ The main issue is to ask knowledge about living things so that it can be used easily even while on the move. ◉ Price and period of special training plan (subscription) • ¥ 360/1 month, ¥ 1,800 / 6 months, ¥ 2,900 / year • Prices are subject to change. • The period will be automatically renewed within one month from the application date. • Payment will be charged to your iTunes account. • Paid plans and free trials will automatically renew the paid plan period unless you cancel the automatic renewal at least 24 hours before the end date. • You will be charged for automatic renewal within 24 hours after the end of the paid plan period. • You can check the paid plan and cancel the automatic renewal from the user account settings of the App Store. (* Similar confirmation and automatic update cancellation / setting can be performed from iTunes) ◉ Other ・ Terms of use: ・ Privacy policy:


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