Revived Witch

Revived Witch

Category: Games
Version: 1.05
Adult Rating: 9+
Filesize: 2.15 GB
Compatibility:   iOS 9.0 +.
Score: 4.74537
From 3,456 Ratings



Revived Witch 1.05 IPA. Revived Witch for iPhone/iPad. Revived Witch latest version free download. Download Revived Witch 1.05 for iPhone/iPad by YOSTAR LIMITED directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 9+ to be able to install and run.

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In a dark forest of this continent, a lofty tower reappears, suffused with strong magic. Legend has it that the tower hides a mystical power. Countless people entered the tower for it but no one has managed to get out alive. A maiden who reposed in the forest was awakened by a soft calling from nowhere. She's a witch who doesn't remember much. To get her memories back and fulfill her destiny, she picks up her staff, wears her pointy hat, and pushes the tower's heavy doors open under the guidance of that mysterious voice. Revived Witch is an adventure RPG game that combines both 2D dynamic pixel art and 3D lighting. You play as a young witch who enters a mysterious tower and travels across various worlds to fulfill her destiny. You’ll meet many companions with different personalities and fight with them against powerful enemies on your journey. ●High-Resolution Pixel Art & Exquisite Lighting Effect Combination of dynamic 2D high-resolution pixel art and 3D lighting. The splendid worlds are waiting for you to explore. ●Character Cultivation & Team Building Level up your characters, and forge and enchant your equipment to build up your team. Get fully prepared for the unknown adventure. ●Dynamic characters Characters are presented by Live 2D technology and their voice-overs are presented by excellent voice actors such as Ogura Yui, Yuuki Aoi, and Tomatsu Haruka, etc. ●Real-time battle Manage the use of both order and chaos energy to defeat your enemies and protect your companions in real time. Reverse any critical situation with your hands. ●Exploration of Different Worlds Travel across parallel worlds to appreciate the beauty of magic forests, ice world, lava caves, and more. Find much pleasure and delight in exploring. ●Beautiful BGM The proper melodious soundtracks add more fun to your adventure. Use headphones for a better experience. Revived Witch Official homepage: Official Facebook Account: Official Twitter Account: Official Discord Server: Please contact us via sending email to [email protected] if you meet any game-related issue, Our customer support will help you resolve it.


  • Gets boring fast and then they lock you out of events

    By Lieta
    Thanks for gating an event behind a fairly high power level. I guess you wanted to totally kill any motivation I had to play.
  • Stuck on download page

    By 渡渡鸟ddl
    I have download the game for several times, every time it stuck on the resource download page and loading indefinitely. I tried turn on and off my phone, redos load the game and nothing work.
  • Old school madness

    By Ghastor
    I absolutely love the graphics, and the gameplay is pretty smooth so far…! I give it 5 out of 5 nomnoms
  • Can’t get past the loading screen

    By Gosh darn it stein!
    I enjoy the game a lot, but unfortunately I can’t play it due to the game just frozen on the loading screen. My wifi is fine, my internet is fine, but I just can’t seem to get off the loading screen when you first enter the game.
  • I love this game but...

    By catellion
    my biggest issue with it is the fact there's a beautiful world that I never get to learn more about after the story is done. It makes me sad that I cant go into the world whenever I want and interact with the NPCs or characters and actually talk to them. It feels very surface level and the only thing that keeps me playing is the fact I always enjoy the story. I just wished the game had more interaction with the characters and world. Instead of it being grind, story and event that is just more grinding. And then even with the new characters, I never feel connected to on more than I think their design is cute because even the gift/affection system doesn't feel rewarding or worth actually reading no matter how much I like the character. I don't even do the combat because it's too difficult, so I can't even enjoy that part of it. There's nothing in the game outside of the story stages that makes me enjoy the game, which makes me really sad. Because I've been playing this game almost every day since the week it launched. But I guess for someone like me who enjoys a good balance between grind and relaxing in a game, it doesn't give me what I want in the relaxing department. There's no casual gameplay, even the cottage feels very surface level and doesn't praise creativity, just use the sets for achievements and call it a day. I want to feel connected to the world and the characters, but I feel like it won't be happening any time soon, which disappoints me.
  • A good way to past time

    By ooffsfhy
    I have fun with it that’s all
  • Please fix

    By Sarahpgfd
    Stuck on loading screen and can’t play the game
  • Forever Loading

    By brothersetsu
    Can’t get passed loading screen :/
  • Whimsical

    By pochighost
    It’s the most beautiful story/gameplay I had experienced in my life time. This RPG is breathtaking with its visuals and music! I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to pass the time!
  • Can’t start game

    By EricJ0037
    I have downloaded this game multiple times and every time I try to start the game I get an error message saying my connection has failed I’ve tried restarting my phone and it still doesn’t work so I don’t know if it’s my phone or something else


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