Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle

Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle

Category: Games
Version: 1.3.4
Adult Rating: 12+
Filesize: 278.72 MB
Developer: Good Job Games
Compatibility:   iOS 11.0 +.
Score: 4.54291
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Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle 1.3.4 IPA. Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle for iPhone/iPad. Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle latest version free download. Download Zen Match - Relaxing Puzzle 1.3.4 for iPhone/iPad by Good Job Games directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 12+ to be able to install and run.

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Playing Zen Match for 10 minutes a day sharpens your mind and prepares you for your daily life and challenges! Enjoy this tile-matching mahjong game, have a moment of peace throughout your day to calm your mind and boost your brain. Sharpen your mind with a series of tile matching levels that gradually increase puzzle difficulty. Relax and enjoy beautiful background sceneries and use your creativity to decorate your very own zen room to relax! Challenge yourself with this addictive mahjong-inspired game where your goal is to match 3 tiles and clear the board. If you love Match 3 puzzles or mahjong, you will love the challenge and relaxing effect of Zen Match. Match tiles, clear the board, decorate your own relaxing room and find your peace in Zen Match! Come back to it every day, as there are always new daily tile matching mahjong puzzles to explore, which allows you to care for your very own house plant and become a mahjong master! Our new generation mahjong game will have you addicted to solving tile matching puzzles, reaching new levels and becoming the master. There's never a dull moment when you're playing our unique tile-matching puzzle game! ► Match Tiles - Challenge your brain through thousands of mahjong puzzles. Puzzles start with low difficulty and become challenging fast! ► Create a Calm Experience - Solve addictive yet always evolving tile matching mahjong puzzles in a unique and calm experience. ► Relax and Have Fun - Take your time to solve the puzzles and clear the board. They are simply for your entertainment and will relax your brain. ► Create Your Own Designs - Decorate your own relaxing Zen Space to escape and find your balance. ► Explore - Discover unique and relaxing sceneries that are displayed in the background while you match tiles. ► Make Unique Collections - Collect relaxing rooms, stunning backgrounds, and various Zen tiles. ► Care for Plants - Solve daily puzzle challenges which allow you to care for your very own house plant. Zen Match is a modern mahjong tile match game that has a user base of over 10 million people! It is the highest-rated tile-matching game for puzzle lovers. If you are the master of games like match-3, blast, jigsaw, crossword, or other tile matching puzzles, then you’ll love Zen Match. Increase mindfulness, exercise your brain, and take control of your daily life through meditative puzzle games and a world of Zen design. Start your Zen journey today!


  • Ads freezing up

    By every name has not been taken
    I wish the ads you display did not freeze up preventing the continuation of the game!
  • Misleading

    By kk1324937
    Don’t get zen pass. You pay for 8 lives but it’s only temporary. It is not clear anywhere!
  • Good game but buggy

    By K8EK8H
    Like the levels and the daily challenges are challenges.  But the game freezes and shuts itself down.
  • Edit finished rooms

    By feepayt
    First off I’d like to say that I enjoy this game a lot. But I just ran out of lives (like always😂) and got bored so I started to just browse through the rooms I have already finished because I was going to redecorate them, but unfortunately I’m guessing we’re not able to??? Or is there and I just can’t figure it out? Lol help!!!
  • Higher levels require too much money

    By NEBJO
    If you really want to succeed and proceed you have to keep buying coins, etc to win the games. And they are not cheap! When it tells me I have to wait 20 minutes to get more lives, I just close it and go on to something else. I enjoy the game, but the frustration of losing and then having to keep paying is hardly worth it.  I have quit playing.  Developers are only interested in my money.
  • Kitty Kat Gamer is right!

    By Sosan68
    If you want to win enough at the higher levels, you’ll have to spend money.  And if you have a lot of time on your hands to fill, you might not mind the amount of time you’ll have to spend playing this game. It is a waste of time.
    It’s crashing more often with the latest update, so all that appears is a black screen that requires exiting the app and starting over. Also slow to load. I’m deleting the app.
  • Rope you in b4 forcing you to spend

    By 3D MANIA
    This game was great for a few months.  Then I noticed it was impossible to win some sets without spending money.  You can look at the beginning and tell that there aren’t enough options to make it work without help.  I am deleting it.  It’s a scam.
  • Small glitch

    By Nunya Buzzinezz
    I love playing Zen Match, especially the daily aspirations. 
    But, I can only play 3 games at beginning. A puzzle will come up, but then goes to an ad. Ad came up after the first and third game. 
    Thank you
  • Different from the ad

    By AVoegeli
    Why did the ad, that popped up 50 times in another game, show me a game that I am not playing? Maybe that board will eventually happen but why only advertise the game that way if it’s not really like that?  This was not at all relaxing.  
  • Where’s the new tiles, backgrounds, etc?

    By ElctricButrfli
    I’ve been playing this for awhile and I’m at level 2502 but there hasn’t been any new tiles, backgrounds, or rooms in a long time now… with every update I keep hoping there will be new levels… but… that hasn’t happened… kind of bummed. And it does slow down and get glitchy sometimes… not sure why that is. I do like the game… I’m just starting to get bored because there’s nothing to work towards that I find rewarding.


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