SolidStarts Real Food for Baby

SolidStarts Real Food for Baby

Category: Food & Drink
Version: 1.7.38
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 24.89 MB
Developer: SolidStarts LLC
Compatibility:   iOS 12.0 +.
Score: 4.93503
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Download SolidStarts Real Food for Baby 1.7.38 for iPhone/iPad by SolidStarts LLC directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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Everything you need to know about introducing real food to babies with baby-led weaning or within a transition from spoon feeding to finger foods. Learn how to safely introduce more than 200 foods to baby. Each food has detailed nutrition information, choking & allergen guidance, specific instructions on how to cut and serve the food based on baby's age, videos of real babies eating the food, a unique recipe, and more. Better yet, every food's entry has been written and reviewed by a team of doctors, feeding specialists, swallowing specialists, and dietitians. Quickly search for a food (eggs, chicken, strawberries, anything!) and feel confident in exactly how to prepare it for baby. With a paid subscription, you can record baby's progress with a digital food log, track baby's favorite foods, make a list of foods you'd like to try later, and track any foods baby has had a reaction to which you can share with doctors and caregivers. This app will be a crucial tool to help you to raise a healthy, happy eater, avoid picky eating, and enjoy family meals!


  • Jenny Best is awesome!

    By zerogallons
    Highly recommend this app and database for anyone beginning solids! I’ve been around since Jenny Best started solid starts, she’s a purely amazing and loving human being. ❤️ Happy to see your database has come so far now! Take care xoxo
  • Incredibly helpful!

    By chelsea.annette3
    This app is worth very penny! I knew when my son had intolerances from breastfeeding that we would need to log his solid intake when we started baby led weaning at six months. I am so thankful we found Solid Starts to help us not only track which foods he has tried, but also reactions. This app is extremely helpful in giving the best research based information on allergens, choking hazards, how to serve foods, where foods come from, and even how the food can impact their diapers. I use Solids Starts every day and love being able to quickly search for a food that I'm unsure of how to cut or serve appropriately for my son. It is also helpful to see at a quick glance which fruits and veggies we have had that day/week so we can offer a nice variety. I 100% recommend this app to any parent who is starting solids with their little ones!
  • Invaluable

    By seeabigail
    I haven’t even had my baby yet but I’ve already learned so much from Solid Starts Instagram. I know this app will be invaluable.
  • This app changed my life.

    By emilykuhnell
    Solid Starts has been a game changer for our family. The pediatrician told us to start introducing solids around 5 months. No directions. No guidance. Lots of googling "can babies eat ..." and anxiety was skyrocketing. I was going down the path of purees  and spoon feeding. Then soon after a friend told me about Solid Starts and I've watched every Instagram story ever since. Jenny and her team gave me a priceless gift-one thing to cross off the worry list in raising our daughter. I have a 16 month old little foodie all thanks to this app and this team. It's on my Home Screen. I use it all the time. Just so grateful for the Herculean effort it took to build this and have paid it forward telling any friend with a new baby to further this community and Jenny's most admirable mission to create a feeding revolution. It's unstoppable.
  • Just here because I enjoy it so much :)

    By Asia B. Lee
    I don’t even have any children of my own yet and won’t for a while, I just love the information being made available to me and everyone else! I also feel as if whenever I do start to have my own family that I’ll be well prepared for their food journey and that excites me. I quite literally just read and absorb all of this information for fun and I just wanted to thank you for even giving my the option and opportunity to do so! My name is Asia ❤️ hopefully I can have a solid starts baby being featured on the Instagram stories in a few years too.
  • Love everything EXCEPT

    By Emilee1992
    Sometimes my baby tries more than 3 foods between his two meals but the tracker only displays 3 foods even if you log more. Frustrating
  • Best app for mamas!

    By mchoi91
    My son is now 16 months old and he started solids  when he was 6 months. Thanks to Solid Starts, my son can literally eat anything and everything and is always willing to try new foods. I was so scared to introduce certain foods to him when he was younger, but Solid Starts (the website) taught me how to serve each food, how to choose the right food, and how to make eating FUN! It made me feel so confident as a new mama! This app makes searching for food 100x easier and is a TRUE LIFE SAVER! Thank you Jen for all your hard work!
  • Life changing

    By addydiab
    We have a happy healthy eater and it is entirely due to Solid Starts and this app. Don’t wait, just download it.
  • Great app!

    By Arqueli315
    Awesome app - I use it in conjunction with the 100 Day Meal Plan. 
    I wish I could zoom into the pictures for How to Serve. My eye sight is bad and it would be helpful on some images. 
    I also wish there was a way to use the 100 Day Meal Plan in this app. Like a calendar so when I open this app, it shows me what babe should be eating that day.
  • Gives me confidence

    By Kgf7395
    I knew all the reasons why baby led feeding was good for a baby, I just didn’t know how to do it. The foods database is a game changer. You can look up any food and it will tell you if it is a common allergen, whether it is healthy for baby (why or why not) and how to serve it to them in an age appropriate way. There are also some easy recipes to help you incorporate those foods into baby’s diet.