Infinity Clan

Infinity Clan

Category: Games
Version: 2.3.52
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 668.29 MB
Developer: TOP GAMES INC.
Compatibility:   iOS 9.0 +.
Score: 4.45395
From 608 Ratings



Infinity Clan 2.3.52 IPA. Infinity Clan for iPhone/iPad. Infinity Clan latest version free download. Download Infinity Clan 2.3.52 for iPhone/iPad by TOP GAMES INC. directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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With clans fighting and people struggling to survive, who will end this chaos? Join the clan and be the strongest warrior! It is your duty to restore the glory of your clan! Instant Upgrade Whether it's building or troop unit, just merge and upgrade. No more tedious waiting. Experience the exciting clan cultivation! Recruit Heroes & Defend Home Become the commander of your clan, recruit different heroes to fight and defend your own home. Lead Your Clan Develop with your clan mambers. Compete with other clans and make your clan stronger. Build Your Home Start from zero, build your home to train troops and make your home more unique by placing and upgrading various buildings. Global Online Battle Various game modes are waiting for you. Develop the clan with players from all over the world and recast the glory of the clan!

  • Nothing like the ads

    By Zaboola
    So sick of companies making ads for their games with gameplay that doesn’t exist in their game
  • Can’t give 0 Stars -_-

    By LadySauvage
    Ima just make a list of stuff good/bad :
    Constant updates to the game 
    New content pushed out 
    F2P Friendly (somewhat)
    Decent variety of events both pve/pvp
    The constant updates slowly make the game less F2P friendly 
    They never fix bugs 
    Game will constantly crash/freeze 
    Game has become a massive grind fest with limited rewards for stuff 
    Devs don’t care about players and only want money
    Events are all unoriginal 
    Events are never timed properly so they overlap with each other (example : 2 power boost events will never be on the same day even if it’s on multiple days in a row)
    Events give horrendous rewards 
    TLDR: Game has more downsides to upsides Probly best to avoid this 1 unless u wanna waste money.
  • Bro so annoying

    By icefigher194624962
    I was swap from my position as leader and I had school which stop me from playing and I come back and SOME RANDOM GUY IS RUNNING MY CLAN/ my clan is call the sand creed and my name is test account and bro this is a dum feature for people who cant be on because of school/please fix this I wasted gems on this clan.
  • Not safe for my sons gaming experience

    By DannyC1963
    I founded an alliance for my kid and I and then made it open to anyone, since most were closed off.  I get sidetracked by a medical issue for a couple weeks and I come back to someone else as an alliance leader and I'm so blocked in the alliance I can't report anyone even.  The new leader has made no one an officer and allows nothing to happen.  I'd report it but there is no obvious customer service.  I was inactive for less than 30 days, so still within the rules
  • Decent Game

    By CMInfinite
    I really enjoy this game, but I’m wondering when it will be updated/upgraded. What’s the timeline? There’s so much potential for this to be better. 
    Starting out, I felt the gameplay was a little cheesy and hard to get into, mainly because I never played anything else like this game and was a challenge to understand how things operated. Work on the tutorial, make it more comprehensive, and maybe add a storyline that would help understand who the heroes are, showcasing their abilities. 
    I also had an issue determining what server to choose. Some games will allow you to pick servers based on your region or time zone. This game is either not popular enough in the US, or retention is low. Either way there is way to many AFK players on my server. 
    Finding an active clan that will have members in your time zone would be awesome. There should be a way to see how active the overall clan is, a easy to understand charts that shows each clan member’s average time play, contributions to the clan, number of rallies joined/started, etc.
    Also when it comes to attacks on other cities we should have options in pillaging, not just accumulating gold which has almost no purpose in accumulating due to the ease of access to it. We should be able to choose needed items that those cities have like ore, holy water, take captive soldiers/creatures, and decorations. 
    Fighting in PVP needs more interactivity, I hate feeling like my outcomes are random and having no ability to control outcomes. I should be able to choose which characters my hero strikes/heals/enhances in the battle . 
    Looking forward to customizing my city and heroes to, I could go on, but who has the time. Hope this gives you some good insight.
  • Poor customer service

    By Martinezm024
    I’ve been playing for awhile and spent quite a bit but customer service is piss poor and honestly not worth spending a dime on this game. Save your money and time and don’t download. Devs just care about money and don’t give a dam about its players
  • Not like the ads

    By lolygood
    I downloaded the game and it wasn’t like the ads.  The gameplay was different.
  • H

    By g$tgugseujibg
    Great game a little more features would be nice 😊
  • The best game ever

    By dodododododosoodosodododod
    It’s the best!
  • Great!!!!!

    By Lancaster_Maiay
    The quality used is very good


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