Category: Games
Version: 1.0.51
Adult Rating: 12+
Filesize: 3.40 GB
Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Compatibility:   iOS 13.0 +.
Score: 4.7919
From 19,511 Ratings



Download SLIME - ISEKAI Memories 1.0.51 for iPhone/iPad by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 12+ to be able to install and run.

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Enter the world of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime in a new 3D battle RPG! You won't want to miss this riveting, new adventure that brings together your favorite series characters—Rimuru, Great Sage, Gobta, Shion, Shuna, Benimaru, Gabiru, and more—and introduces brand new ones! A new story supervised by Fuse, author of the original light novels! A mysterious girl named Shinsha appears, claiming to be Rimuru's daughter. What is her relation to Izis, the witch from the "mirror land"? Will Rimuru and the citizens of Tempest survive the challenges Izis and her followers have in store? Don't miss the alternate universe versions of familiar characters like Gabiru, who has ascended the Lizardman throne in mirror land, or Shion, who evolved after absorbing her fallen comrades' souls. Their stories won't be told anywhere else! Relive famous moments from Season 1 of the anime in fully voiced cut scenes! The star-studded vocal cast lend their talents to battle voices and interactions in town as well! Use the nation-building system to create your ideal version of Tempest! Build and position all sorts of buildings and facilities: your citizens' homes, restaurants, the blacksmith shop, the laboratory, magic-enhancing facilities, and more. Walk through the town you've built and interact with your citizens to get a glimpse of their daily lives! 3D command-based battle system! The controls are simple: just select the cards for your hand. But there's deep strategic gameplay to enjoy as you learn to effectively use abilities drawn from the original work! Enjoy dazzling finishing move animations that will make you feel like you've stepped into the anime! The Predator and Great Sage systems bring you deeper into the TenSura world! The Predator system recreates Rimuru's unique skill, Predator, from the original work. Use it to strengthen your characters! If you find yourself unsure of your next step, the Great Sage system is there to provide gameplay advice and guidance. Animated opening and theme song! The theme song will be "Phantom Lights" by Takuma Terashima! Enjoy a theme song written specially to capture the TenSura world, and animation by Eight Bit, the studio producing the anime! BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Website: By downloading or installing this app, you agree to the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Terms of Service. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy: Note: This game contains some items available for in-app purchase that can enhance gameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases can be disabled in your device settings, see for more details. This application is distributed under the official rights from the license holder.


  • Unplayable good game

    By Xaither
    To begin, of what I was able to play until just recently was a great game appealing to the lovers of the anime series and even those just getting into it via the game. It featured a unique town building aspect alongside being a turn based fighting gacha game, a combination I’ve yet to come across before this, much less do so seamlessly. HOWEVER, it must be duly noted that this game is riddled with bugs, glitches, and crashes. Prior to this, there was a common bug among the community that I experienced where when you were down to your last character in a battle, all actions would become unresponsive and you would have no choice but to restart the app and lose your progress in the dungeon just to go back to doing anything. As of late though, the game has become completely unplayable, crashing every time I attempt to enter a stage. I truly hope these things will be fixed as I believe the gameplay itself is extremely fun and innovative.  The team behind the game is working hard as can be seen by the number of patches, but at the moment that has yet to remedy the current state of the game. Wanting to invested a small sum into the games in app purchases, I hope their efforts come through sooner than later as they do have enticing events to partake in. Hoping on the devs 🤞
  • One of the est mobile games

    By TheNewKing....
    Best mobile game I’ve played in years
  • Super crashed

    By Darklord Senpai
    I love the game because I love the show.  I find myself playing it a lot.  Here is where I give it a low rating.  It continuously crash no matter how many times I re-download.  It always stalls in the same area every time.  Whenever I enter the town to speak with someone, it stalls.  I am the idiot here as I have re-downloaded over 5 times I think?  I am flustered and will give up.  
    It is truly a wonderful game, but don’t let my rant prevent you from trying to play the game.
  • Amazing

    By gfghgghghggjbh
    Its one of the best games I’ve ever played
  • Very unbalanced and many glitches

    By No Default Nickname
    *Update* I’m still having the issues where whenever I push the “back” icon to go to the previous screen, the game will completely close itself. It’s been happening at launch and it’s still going on to this day. *Original Review:* I’m a fan of the Slime series so I was ecstatic that they were making a game for it. However, the game is riddled with glitches and bugs. Oftentimes when I press the back button on the menu, the game closes itself completely instead of returning to the previous screen. The game also freezes while the dialogue still plays. Other times, the game will just stop working, I had fights stop in the middle and the fighters just stand there looking at each other without doing anything. This has happened on both Wi-Fi and cellular. So while the game isn’t glitching out on you, which it will, there are a multitude of things you need to pay attention to keep your head above water in the game. The difficulty ramps up quickly, it encourages paying for crystals which allows you to summon characters. You need to forge weapons but you can’t create powerful weapons unless you grow your town, and you can’t grow your town unless you beat levels on expert mode, and you can’t clear expert mode unless you have powerful teams, and you need to use crystals to get powerful teams, that’s how it goes. If you’re not going to spend a lot of money on crystals, you’ll need to get used to playing the lower difficulty levels with lower grade drops, grind for free crystals, and hope that eventually you’ll get enough to summon for a high level character, and even then you’ll need multiple copies of it for it to be workable for the higher levels. The main culprit of this practice are the “predator” levels where you do damage to an enemy, damage them enough and you can absorb them. If they do damage to you, it subtracts from the success of absorbing them, the expert levels make it very apparent that you must have multiple colors of 5 star characters in order to get past these stages, you can’t just bypass the level by spending crystals like you can on regular levels. These expert Predator levels are essentially a check to see if you spent enough money to continue playing or languish over not being able to clear the level until you summon enough times to get multiple cokes of high level characters, which is infuriating as it stops your overall progress in increasing the population of your town. Overall, it is a gatcha game, but the difficulty ramps up very quickly to promote in-game spending and the glitches are a plague which takes you out of playing it for a while. Hopefully they can hash out these issues in the upcoming updates, hopefully.
  • Best anime game ever play

    By NO advertisement PLZ PLZ
    This game is so awesome and fun and addictive to this is the first time i see a gacha game that give a lot of credit to player to roll gacha im having so much fun with this game the art is beautiful the story is basically from the anime and i already watch it all and it have so much fun im looking forward to new update and new mechanics in game.
  • Why

    By I hate Rimuru
    Why does it lag so much and it keeps kicking me out the game when summoning causing me to get pure commons
  • After a bit you can’t progress unless you pay

    By DaHenny
    I’ve been playing for a bit have some of the games best characters element specific amour and yet things that are 20k to 50k power under me are still consecutively betting me. That would be annoying enough but because said characters have amour and are full leveled and ability raised there is no way for them to get stronger unless I waste a huge amount of time
  • Bug report (probably)

    By Suicei
    When playing I often encounter some errors. It caused me to be kicked out of the game, I don't know if it's due to the configuration of the device or an error, but hopefully if it's an error, everyone can fix it soon. overall, as a fan of anime, I love this game i just hope some bug be fixed
  • Requesting controller support

    By Noshame2000
    Seems like a lovely game so far being able to use my controller would be great though.