Positine - Helpful Assistant

Positine - Helpful Assistant

Category: Lifestyle
Version: 1.9
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 65.75 MB
Compatibility:   iOS 13.0 +.
Score: 4.58007
From 281 Ratings



Download Positine - Helpful Assistant 1.9 for iPhone/iPad by SEILAN LIMITED directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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Positine is your key to the world of effective affirmations and psychologically proven approach to guaranteed life changes. Our app makes it as simple as possible to find the most matching affirmation or to create your own one. We know how to make this useful habit stick for long. The best way to implement this is to make the tool understandable, helpful and exciting. We are happy to give you this opportunity! Have you ever tried practicing affirmations? If not, you definitely have to try this approach! Maybe, your life will improve magically… Even in case you have already tried this method, you will find lots of exciting things inside our app. We know for sure that everyone experiences the lack of something important. All of us wish to live better and achieve higher results. Of course, it’s impossible to reach the aim only by repeating special statements daily, but this approach can make you think like you have already started living that desirable life. The beginning of every great thing is inside our mind, so why not? Just install Positine, find the most matching affirmation and give it a try! What about the app? Let’s find out everything about its benefits and main features! Positine includes hundreds of affirmations divided into groups by topics. Whether you are looking for statements, which can improve the global life quality, or the ones, which just match your mood - you will find everything! In-app categories cover lots of popular topics like business&finances, happiness, positive thinking, philosophy, relationships and so on. Each time you launch our app you will get an inspiring affirmation of the day. Just save it if it matches your mood, aim or lifestyle. If you can’t choose the best variant or have already found the most matching one on third-party sources, then you can create your own affirmation by using our basic editor. The instruction is clear and simple. You just need to place a quote on the most matching background to get a picture. By the way, if you don’t like the prepared backgrounds, it is possible to upload your own photo from the Gallery. If your project turns out to be outstanding and worth being shared, then you can do this at ease! Just choose the most preferable social media or messenger to send an image. Are you afraid of losing the affirmation and giving up after a day or two? Then, we have a super solution! You can set the chosen affirmation as wallpapers to keep it always in sight. Privacy Policy - https://clck.ru/XzyUQ Terms of Use - https://clck.ru/YMz47



    By Parkerr Youung
    Thank you for saving my phone 👍
  • Doesn't lag at all

    By Bigs 190
    Flawless tool! It was really important to me to find a worthy program, which wouldn’t lag during the session or cause me unexpected surprises. I wish to make the whole process of mindfulness practices comfortable enough for myself, as pleasure and positive emotions help to stick to the new habit quicker. Moreover, with Positine, this will be really soon! I hope that affirmations are helpful - my friend recommended this method, actually. She is fond of such things, but I haven’t realized yet whether this approach is suitable for my case or not. But, I hope for the better! Love your app and its work!
  • Scam/ Fake

    By g gf jhfh
    So I was searching through Chrome and got a pop up sayin go had a virus. I didn’t know at the time but IPhones can’t have viruses unless they’ve been jailbroken which mine hasn’t. Obviously I was worried so I downloaded the app because I was worried. It told me I needed to pay to use the app. Obviously I was worried so I paid. However it seems as if my phone is completely fine. Plus the description of the app has nothing to do with viruses? Overall it’s a scam and the makers of this app place fake ads to make you assume you have a virus. I will not be changing my review neither will I contact support because this is disgusting.
  • Reliable

    By Mosley Tess
    Perfect service, which I like! The program is user-friendly enough, so I can easily find the most matching affirmation for my life goals. Y’know I started thinking about influencing my life smartly to achieve what I wish. This psychological approach seems to be the most effective, so I wish to try it out. As for now, I don’t see much progress, of course, as this is my second day of usage only. Nevertheless, I expect many changes soon! Maybe, these affirmations and practices will help me achieve everything! Positine itself is a comfortable app, which I like using! Nothing to say against its work!
  • Thanks for your work!

    By Page716
    I didn’t believe Positine to be so effective when I saw it for the first time. But nevertheless, I installed it and started practicing affirmations regularly. In a day or two, when I have already tried all the features and tested prog’s work, I realized that Positine is even better than I expected! There can be no problems during the editing - my affirmations are also cool!
  • I found a super app

    By Ball51.
    Positine includes all the affirmations I need! Moreover, it lets me create and edit my own ones! I can quickly change backgrounds, edit text and make my personal mindfulness practices really comfortable. I can even call them unnoticeable for my brain, as it used to annoy me to access unworkable programs. I used to get negative emotions, so the total result wasn’t satisfying enough. I was just annoyed and didn’t want to continue anymore. With Positine, the situation has changed completely! Now I can state that this is the best app for mental practices, which doesn’t send unnecessary pushes, but works well!
  • Spam/scam app

    By idk what to write in this field o.o
    Got sent from a fake malware warning website impersonating Google, saying your iPhone has malware and to download this app now. If you visit the same site without the GET parameters, it just shows a normal ad for this app every time, so it’s obvious the authors set it up and went out of their way to hide it. Report to Apple for removal.
  • I like it

    By Cullen Simpson
    Positine is lovely! My favorite app for psychological work without a specialist! I believe in self-suggestion and know for sure that it can affect the whole life! This is why, I am not afraid of changes, as they depend only on my personal thoughts and aims. With affirmations, it takes not long to achieve some visible results, ‘cause you repeat one phrase all day long, motivate yourself and, as a result, believe in what you say. So, even if you are a careless or unfocused person, but say opposite things day by day, then you start being the one you imagine. Certainly, not everyone will like this approach, but as it turned out to be, the method is helpful and effective enough. Positine makes my first experience with affirmations really enjoyable! I don’t want to look for other apps, as Positine satisfies my needs 100%! I love your program and everything related to it!
  • It’s great!

    By GamingMarkF
    So This is app helped me because I was scared I did have to pay I think I don’t know but it cleared all viruses.
  • U serious it said I had to subscribe to remove “77” viruses

    By That brawler leon