Authenticator ®

Authenticator ®

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Version: 1.1.0
Adult Rating: 17+
Filesize: 39.37 MB
Developer: SMM service, s.r.o.
Compatibility:   iOS 13.0 +.
Score: 4.75716
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Authenticator ® 1.1.0 IPA. Authenticator ® for iPhone/iPad. Authenticator ® latest version free download. Download Authenticator ® 1.1.0 for iPhone/iPad by SMM service, s.r.o. directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 17+ to be able to install and run.

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Authenticator app store and generate secure 2FA (two-factor authentication) tokens for your online accounts on your device. 2FA Authenticator App is a simple and free application for Two Factor Authentication (2FA) which generates Time-based One-time Passwords (TOTP). Authenticator app helps you protect your account from hackers by adding an additional layer of security. With the 2FA Backup system, you can store all your keys in the cloud and access them when needed. In case you lose or damage your phone, you simply install Authenticator app on your new device to get access to your Keys.

For your convenience, you can either use a QR Code or enter your secret key manually. Authenticator app features:
 - Secure & Private All data stored in Authenticator is always encrypted, even when it's stored in iCloud to ensure that you are the only one who can access your data. - Encrypted Backup: In Authenticator, you can always make a secure encrypted backup, in case you lose your device or switch to a new one. - Synchronization Across all Devices: With Authenticator all your tokens will automatically synchronize across all Apple devices - Unlock with Apple Watch or Touch ID: Unlock Authenticator with Apple Watch or Touch ID for faster access. -Two Factor Authentication 2FA doubles the account's security by requiring a regular password and a Time-based One-time Password (TOTP). Authenticator App generates TOTP on the user’s device. -2FAS Backup We are developing a remote backup service function that will allow you to store service keys in a secure Authenticator Backup based on a cloud and recover it if you lose your phone. This feature will also allow you to generate codes on different devices (cross-device sharing). -Authorize with Touch ID or Face ID Confirm your identity with the application using Touch ID or Face ID and generate one time tokens required to log in to your online accounts. -Sync across devices Once configured with an online account, the application works efficiently on various mobile devices and allows you to log in from several devices at once. -No password stored The application generates Time-based One-time Passwords (TOTP), stored on the user's phone without internet access. This solution dramatically increases login security. - All Popular Accounts: We support the most popular services including Facebook, Coinbase, Amazon, Gmail, Instagram, Roblox and thousands of other providers. We also support 8 digit tokens. 
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  • Love it

    By West cash 01
  • Head CISO NSA

    By Ryan Wasylson
    This app  created is to enhance data protection thought out all data centers and password management!
  • Not microsoft authentificator

    By arthurkrieg
    Keywords and ads designed to pop up when searching for “microsoft authentificatot” i thing this might be called a scam
  • This is a scam

    By casp5839574
    They will steal your credit card info and steal your money
  • Cancel me please

    By Tinygirl4
    I want to cancel this is Fraud
  • Not Microsoft’s Authenticator

    By Alexinva
    This Authenticator uses a similar logo and name to the Microsoft Authenticator. It’s very shady.
  • Works great!!

    By mccool family
    I just got it today but it has been so easy to use and works great!!
  • Bait software

    By NoBodyKnowsBetter
    Two things. 
    1-The generated 2FA code doesn’t work when using it to authenticate from my QR code. 
    2-Worst of all there’s no way to cancel the subscription from the app which auto pays every month.
  • Misleading

    By jwaslookingforMSauthentifator
    Wanted to download MS Authenticator at work, as a part of 2FA reset this app was thrown up. Same name same look and feel
  • great app

    By SomeGhost98
    how do i add a sony account?


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