Spectrum Spots

Spectrum Spots

Category: Entertainment
Version: 1.1.1
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 51.68 MB
Developer: Robert Heyen
Compatibility:   iOS 12.0 +.



Spectrum Spots 1.1.1 IPA. Spectrum Spots for iPhone/iPad. Spectrum Spots latest version free download. Download Spectrum Spots 1.1.1 for iPhone/iPad by Robert Heyen directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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Overview * A deceptively simple game of mixing up to three colored spots to match the color of a randomly generated target * Each puzzle will challenge your ability to distinguish and arrange colors based on the real-life interaction of pigments, light and ink * Situations are heavily randomized to ensure a fresh experience with each challenge * Many customizable playing options let you adjust the difficulty of future challenges * Spectrum Spots is intended to be a relaxing casual game for all ages with colorful minds Gameplay * Requires the movement of the randomly colored spots along one or more randomly generated paths or tracks called Slides * The object is to align the spot(s) with the central target, whose color is also randomly determined * Initially, just matching a single spot to the same-colored target is needed to succeed * As your progress continues, multiple spots must be mixed in a valid combination to match the target's color * The mixture of colors reflects both real-world and pure/theoretical sets of colors for each of the three selectable color models * Only two touch inputs are needed to play: a tap on either end of the string of spots to move them along the slide, or a button-press to add an additional randomly colored spot at a random end of a string of spots * The primary goal to complete a challenge successfully is to match the predetermined quantity of matches * Progressing through the challenges on the same level incurs an ever-increasing quantity of required matches * Each level introduces additional variations in spot/target colors and/or match method (same-color-match or mix-colors-to-match) * Additional difficulty factors can be toggled for upcoming challenges * A scoring system rewards the player for the basic gameplay mechanic with additional bonuses granted when difficulties are enabled Features * Three popular color models are supported: Red-Yellow-Blue (RYB), Red-Green-Blue (RGB) and Cyan-Magenta-Yellow (CMY) * For each of the 3 selectable color models, there are 243 challenges consisting of 9 per each of 27 levels * Successfully completing the first challenge on a level unlocks the next challenge on that level AND the first challenge on the next level * Previously played challenges can be replayed later in pursuit of improving upon your previous score * Randomly generated colors for spots and targets derived from 27 sets in each of the three color models * Procedurally generated slides of random shape and size that intersect the randomly colored central target, whose layout can be accepted or rejected before continuing to the challenge * Just two single-finger inputs: tap either end of the string of spots to move them along the slide, or press a button to add a new spot to the string * No time pressure to complete each match ...unless you want to enable a timer * Two automatic hinting systems (which can be disabled) help you discover what spot(s) is/are needed to match the current target * Post-challenge score breakdown * In-game tutorial/informational popups that are quickly dismissible * Musical notes emanate from one of 23 selectable instruments upon each match based on their frequency relationship to the target color * Three separate volume controls let you decide how much audio feedback you desire to hear (or not at all) * Six supported languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese * All challenge progress can be reset allowing you to "start over" * Many options are available to add more difficulty as desired: hints suppression, time and move limiters, randomizer adjustments and playing field visual obfuscations * No online connection or login required to play * No advertising to intrude on your gameplay experience * Extensive support website with troubleshooting FAQs and gameplay tips


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