Sine Cosine Tangent

Sine Cosine Tangent

Category: Education
Version: 1.11
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 30.00 MB
Developer: Flooki
Compatibility:   iOS 13.0 +.



Sine Cosine Tangent 1.11 IPA. Sine Cosine Tangent for iPhone/iPad. Sine Cosine Tangent latest version free download. Download Sine Cosine Tangent 1.11 for iPhone/iPad by Flooki directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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This explains the behavior of the basic sine, cosine and tangent function. You can modify the amplitude and the frequency of the function. In addition you can enter an x value or a periodical step for the solution you require. The app shows every important calculation, provides an info image and displays the graph. Decimals, fractions, negative values and π are supported. The solution is shown step by step. All calculations are stored in the history. The final solution can be shared. [ Contents ] - all important quantities for sine, cosine and tangent - domain of definition, range of values, periodical length, maximum, minimum, zeros and pole of the functions - proof of symmetry and periodical behavior of the functions - results are also calculated as π-value - diagrams for sine, cosine and tangent - history function to save the input - detailed solution - negative values, decimal numbers, fractions and π are supported - option to remove advertisements [ Usage ] - there are fields for entering values using a special keyboard - press the check mark button at the bottom right to start the calculation - if values are missing, the app will use default values - if the values are wrong, the affected field will be highlighted red - the entries in the history can be deleted or sorted - if you select an entry in the history, it will be automatically loaded for the calculation - the whole history can be deleted by pressing a button - solutions can be shared


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