Marine Multiples

Marine Multiples

Category: Education
Version: 1.0
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 154.41 MB
Developer: Teacher's Pet
Compatibility:   iOS 12.0 +.



Marine Multiples 1.0 IPA. Marine Multiples for iPhone/iPad. Marine Multiples latest version free download. Download Marine Multiples 1.0 for iPhone/iPad by Teacher's Pet directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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Marine Multiples is designed to check if children can fluently recall their multiples. Our game aims to give children a fun way to practise and learn their multiples and to challenge themselves. Marine Multiples has been designed to give both KS1 & KS2 children the opportunity to practise their multiples with entertaining and unputdownable gameplay that they are guaranteed to love. Marine Multiples comes with atmospheric music and sound to increase the immersion as well as varied game modes. Practice Mode allows children to play until their timer runs, no need to worry about the number of incorrect answers. Perfect for allowing children to get used to the game and focus purely on learning their multiples. We have separated our regular gameplay modes into varying levels of difficulty; Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme. *Extreme mode is not for the faint of heart; challenge your class to see who can achieve the highest score on extreme mode. All of this is alongside our fantastic scoring system which you all know and love, which informs our results graphs generated at the end of each play, informing you on that particular student’s strengths and weaknesses. Marine Multiples‘ simple and intuitive design allows it to be perfect for either whole–class interactive whiteboard sessions or for individual use on a tablet or other device. In Practice Mode, children can get to grips with the game, and practise their multiples recognition by simply selecting the fish with the correct number. There are no lives in this game mode, so if a child selects the wrong number there is no early end, the game will only end when the time limit runs out. Our Easy, Medium, Hard and Extreme Mode are a bit more challenging! The level of difficulty dictates the amount of fish that are on the screen at one time and how many of those fish will be the correct answer; as well as this, on Extreme mode the fish have a little extra speed behind their fins. Meaning the harder the difficulty you choose, the quicker and more accurate you have to be. Once in-game, it’s extremely easy to get to grips with. Shirley will say which Fish Multiple they want on the left-hand side of the screen. As the fish swim past the screen, all of them will have numbers attached to them, simply click or tap on the fish with the correct number(s). At the end of each game, you can choose to see a detailed summary of the run which will have information presented in a range of graphs allowing you to track the speed of recall and will highlight any particularly troublesome multiples for the child playing.


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