The Christmas List

The Christmas List

Category: Shopping
Version: 4.0
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 13.66 MB
Developer: Erik Eggleston
Compatibility:   iOS 13.6 +.
Score: 4.81989
From 4,636 Ratings



Download The Christmas List 4.0 for iPhone/iPad by Erik Eggleston directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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The #1 Shopping App in the US – The Christmas List is an easy-to-use app to help you organize your Christmas lists and budget so you can spend less time buying presents for the ones you love and more time being present with the ones you love! _________________________________________ EASY PROGRESS TRACKING Track gifts by to do, purchased, shipping, received, and wrapped. When editing a list you can change the status of multiple gifts at once (for example, when you are wrapping gifts you can change the status of those gifts from purchased to wrapped all at once). EASY BUDGETING Set a budget for a person or don’t – it’s up to you. The Christmas Lists tracks the budget for you. It’s so easy that The Christmas List has been recommended for managing holiday spending by • Good Housekeeping • The Motley Fool • • • CNBC SHOPPING OVERVIEW Simple, at-a-glance views of shopping progress including budget. ADD GIFTS LIKE JOTTING A NOTE Adding a list of gifts is as simple as typing (or even dictating) a note. Just place each gift name on a new line and The Christmas List transforms your note into a gift list. It’s like Christmas Magic! IMPORT FROM YOUR CONTACTS Get a jumpstart on your lists by importing select recipients from your existing contacts. EASY SHARING Easily share lists using AirDrop, email, iCloud Drive, or Messages. Use AirDrop to quickly share a single recipient or an entire group. SHOPPING LISTS BY STORE Once you select a store for a gift, The Christmas List remembers that store and automatically builds a shopping list for the store to help make sure you get everything you need when you are out and about. MULTIPLE GIFT RECIPIENTS Once you create a gift you can copy it to other recipients on your list without the need to retype the details. POPULAR RETAILERS The Christmas List comes with a list of popular retailers, but if you don’t see the one you are looking for you can easily add your own. You can even use emoji in the store name. ADD PHOTOS Add photos for gifts and people from your photo library, clipboard, or camera. CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN See a countdown to the number of shopping days until Christmas right in the app. PRINTING Print lists directly from the app. NO PEEKING Optional password protection – set up a PIN or use Touch ID to keep out snoops. EDIT MULTIPLE GIFTS AT ONCE Changing the status of several gifts at once has always been possible on the lists by status (accessed via the Progress tab). Now the lists by person and the lists by store can do it too. Also new is the ability to change the store for multiple gifts at once. It’s never been easier to keep track of what’s wrapped, shipped, and left to do. _________________________________________ PEOPLE ARE TALKING… "The Christmas List is solidly better...with more options and an easier interface." – The New York Times "’s happy-making" – Yahoo! News "Some of The Christmas List’s best features are the little details that the app just gets right." – Macworld "Hooray for productivity!" – MSN Tech "It's a handy way to keep track of what you have bought…" – LA Times "…everything you need" – “…great for keeping a budget and tracking shopping progress” – Business Insider _________________________________________ SEE A VIDEO DEMO AT


  • Incredibly handy

    By YoYoSher
    Update: STILL loving this app
    Very handy & extremely useful to keep track of what you’re getting who & how much is left to spend. When something you ordered arrives, you can look in the app if you forgot who you ordered it for. 😁
  • Best Christmas list out there

    By LoveNLuck
    I tried a few different ones this year but ended up back at this one, which I've used for years, because it's the best. It lets you view all gifts by progress, have multiple recipients on one gift, add the store it was bought from, etc., and I learned quickly that lots of gift apps don't have those features. The ONLY thing I really, really want is to be able to change the progress names. I don't ship any gifts so that button is useless to me. I'd LOVE to have To Do, Purchased, Received (for gifts ordered online), Wrapped, and Given.
  • Love it!

    By Rocking Christmas
    Only way I can keep up with all the family gifts And other gifts I can stick in boxes according to group and pull after looking through my Inventory!
  • Great app!

    By DPP20
    I love this app!  I have one suggestion that would make this app even better. It would be nice to have a  note section where you could note what gift you received from that person.
  • Do not use

    By LauralO'Rourke
    Everything is gone. It's a lie, it no long us saving my lists. So sad that I trusted this. Ugh. Look at the other negative reviews. Those are real reviews.
  • Time saver

    By emtee11
    I have used this app for many years and it is a great time saver. It keeps me organized throughout the year and no more forgotten presents. The first year that I used the app it honestly helped us get to bed at a decent time Christmas Eve just because we could keep track and wrap more  ahead of time. My only complaint is the scroll to add stores. So frustrating when I’m trying to quickly add a gift. It should be a type in preemptive selection. Please?!? Thanks!
  • Makes Christmas so much easier!

    By CBW89
    Love, love, love this app! Yes I could create a Google Doc spreadsheet that would do the same thing, but having the information in a user-friendly format on my phone is so much better. I would not be organized for Christmas without it!
  • Couldn’t do Christmas shopping without this app

    By lgrogro
    I’ve been using this app for several years and have archived my past gifts. Now I can look at what I purchased in the past so I don’t buy the same thing again. I keep track of how much I’m spending per person and total. I create a budget for each person and know when I go over. I can keep track of where I purchased each item too. I could go on and on. This is an app that I could not go without. Seriously.
  • Meh, it’s free

    By CCEP
    The things I wish were easier or probably the result is this being a very low cost no cost app. 
    Two things at the top of my list of wishes would be that I can archive an entire years worth of people’s gifts as a whole year, but retain the people in a new blank list;
    Make it easier to iflag that the person is done and checked off the list without having to go through 1 million steps to get it to turn the color that you wanted to turn so it comes off your “undone view”. This seems unintuitive and the people that looked checked off are really not checked off and the people who are not checked off need to be checked off but it is a complex web of mystery as to how to get them each to be reversed.
  • So Helpful

    By SeniorTraveler
    This is my fifth year using this app. It helps me stay on top of my Christmas shopping. I like being able to see what has arrived, what is shipping, what needs to be wrapped. Also it let's me easily track number of gifts per family member and amount spent. The last 2 years I added a "person" as all the stocking stuffers I needed to bring for a big family event. Now I can check off when each little gift is purchased and I don't need to track the $. I really like the flexibility of this app as well. It is well organized and easy to navigate.