Category: Entertainment
Version: 14.16.0
Adult Rating: 12+
Filesize: 111.53 MB
Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Compatibility:   iOS 14.0 +.
Score: 3.76341
From 298,927 Ratings



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  • Netflix please read

    By ebeng94
    So my parents got Netflix for free it is good, the way the app works is great and all but there are some things that I have to say it’s wrong, first thing add more profiles I have to share one with my little brother and he watches little kids stuff I don’t because I’m an older kid so I don’t like that, Next thing is add more and better kids shows-movies in Kosovo they have all the shrek and spongebob movies that’s cool but they don’t in America and you removed Star Wars Clone Wars WHY😒👎! And add more profile features like Disney + I like Disney + much more than Netflix I’m sorry to say that but I don’t want to lie thank you if you fix it.👋bye 
                        P.S. can you add locking profiles please
  • Your Prices Are Out of Controll

    By Freddy Forehand
    Stop the constant and consistent escalation of your prices. Your programming is lame
  • App

    By panamagal16
    This app doesn’t work on my iPhone 12
  • You can do better

    By Maria rios Garcia
    Why would you remove Haikyuu from your app like that’s so stupid why would you do that are you that dense to to the point where you would remove move such a good show like you did with one day at a time and it was saved by Cable 😟
    Anyways don’t be surprised to have such low ratings, but if you put the show back on and maybe you can also add more seasons like it doesn’t only have two season so you better be removing it just to add more seasons, that’s all I have to write 😍🤞
  • Chelsea

    By chelsea doucette
    Can you put more teen mom 2 season 1 -10 and you put teen mom OG 1_9 and can you put  16 and pregnant 1-6 and. Basketball wives on 1-9 season  thank you
  • Downloads does not work on iOS 15

    By tjh2822
    Try to delete downloads on iPadOS15. It dosen't work. You have to exit the app for every episode. It is exhausting.
  • Netflix

    By jasminevasquez273
    I love this app but I don’t like that they took off haikyuu it’s a really good show

    By Halo Darkness
    Your updates are extremely unhelpful. Here's an idea fix the glitches. That's what we the users want. ------
    And your claim that your updates are to enhances our enjoyment shows you are not paying attention to our complaints. Here's an idea go online and search for what annoys users about Netflix or newsflash ask us what would enhance our enjoyment of your app. This goes for all app developers.-----
    What's with companies nowadays? You create a great product then proceed to ruin it with idiotic updates that don't improve anything. Instead it annoys, ruins our enjoyment, and makes users want to delete the app or smash the product against a wall. -----
    It's like a conspiracy. You all do it. Release updates that frustrates, aggravates, and irritates. -----
    Users find themselves searching the internet for solutions to issues you cause. Where's the enjoyment in that? Try listening to us for a change. JUST FIX THE GLITCHES BEFORE INTRODUCING features we do not need, care about, want, and likely won't use. -----
    We are simple creatures. We just want to sit back relax and enjoy your app not get stressed out trying to find fixes for issues you caused. ------
    Here are examples: ------
    1- When I press HOME, every poster in every genre should appear on the Home Screen not just one poster for the show that I haven't finished watching. ------
    2- It shouldn't take an hour for the posters to appear on screen nor should users have to repeatedly delete and re-install the app. And no it's not me or my internet IT'S  YOU. ------
    3- When I hide films and series that I have watched, it should stay hidden. I shouldn't have to see it 6 months to a year later despite having hidden every view film and series several times since. ----- 
    4- Also stop including films I have already watched in your picks for me (which by the way are 99 point 9 9 percent wrong - because you do not know my tastes). Considering all the data quote unquote that you collect with or without my permission you know my viewing. ------
    5- Since you had the bright idea to move much of settings and account info from the app AAAAAND you know users change mobile phones every few years, can you please stop the annoying notification that I'm using a different device every time I go into my account online ON THE VERY  DEVICE WHICH HOUSES THE NETFLIX APP. Do you really think I'm still using iPhone 4 in 2021. Seriously get a grip. ------
    6- Last but not least, we the users are really getting sick and tired of being blamed for issues originating from you. We have family and friends we call 9x out of 10 to see if it's us or you. In my case as I have proven repeatedly, IT IS YOU. ALWAYS. ------
    And please please stop blaming the internet connection for every glitch and issue. I pay premium for the best of the best internet which has never ever ever has failed me. So stop the blaming and just fix all the glitches and issues in your app that is 100% caused by you. ------
    Once upon a time your app was perfect now it's not so great yet we pay premium for it. This is not fair to us the users. All we want is to watch a film without pulling our hairs out and finally getting so annoyed we spend a half-hour critiquing your app. ------
    No doubt Apple is going to either delete this review or ban me from ever reviewing an app. But someone has to speak out about all the nonsense we have to deal with in regards to apps and mobile phones.
    Note: I intentionally added the dashes because Apple removes the paragraph demarcations. The dashes denotes new paragraph.
  • “Not Interested” in App?

    By Nun'ya..Business
    This is primarily for the AppleTV app. It would be great to add the “Not Interested” button/option to the app. I know it’s available (or was available) on the Netflix website, but I barely use a computer these days. Please make this available. My algorithm used to be fine tuned to my tastes.
  • Holiday makeover with Mr. Christmas

    By 8080 8080
    I love your episodes of Holiday makeover with Mr. Christmas this so cool.