AT&T Voicemail Viewer (Home)

AT&T Voicemail Viewer (Home)

Category: Productivity
Version: 1.14.0
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 5.07 MB
Developer: AT&T Services, Inc.
Compatibility:   iOS 11.0 +.
Score: 2.23756
From 181 Ratings



Download AT&T Voicemail Viewer (Home) 1.14.0 for iPhone/iPad by AT&T Services, Inc. directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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This app is for AT&T landline voicemail, not mobile phone voicemail. Make sure you have your AT&T home voicemail PIN prior to downloading this app. Voicemail Viewer makes it easier to stay on top of your Voicemail or Unified Messaging voicemail messages directly from your iOS device. Like looking at messages in your email inbox, you can check your AT&T Voicemail messages visually, choosing the order in which you listen to them or even reading your messages as voicemail-to-text. For more information, visit our web site at If you are a Voicemail or an Unified Messaging customer and are having trouble signing into or using this app, please contact us at 800.288.2020 (Voicemail) or 888.300.6500 (Unified Messaging) and be prepared to provide your landline phone number associated with your mailbox, the device you are using to access the app and the problem that you are experiencing.


  • Good for a while, but then died.

    By Jean Brodie
    Suddenly and unaccountably,  I lost the ability to log into the VM Viewer.  My phone number and PIN work for other ATT services, but not for this.  Too bad, this might have been a useful app if only ATT cared about maintaining it.
  • Recent login issues

    By Rolo456
    Has issues keeping you logged in lately.  Keep have to either reload in or delete and reinstall the app.
  • Stopped working

    By Pekwa76
    Doing fine until early this year. Suddenly told me to check settings because unable to log in. Probably around March like other reviewers said. Called ATT twice. Didn’t get any help and gave up since so much time on hold without results. Works when calling the number to retrieve messages from home phone but have to call several times from mobile phone and input password few times. I have 6 digit password. Will probably cancel landline because of this. Just having it as a backup to mobile at this point. 
    Ps won’t let me send review of 1 star saying nickname is taken even if I put ridiculous names. Will try to change to 2 star and send. Still won’t will have to try 3 stars now. It’s actually -3.
  • Great app, great customer service

    By YH in WI
    Well, I‘be got to take back any negative things I’ve said about this app not working. I finally set aside time to call AT&T customer service and the rep figured out and fixed the issue in a couple minutes (and I was only on hold for about thirty seconds). It was a password problem, so a simple fix once the rep got it updated for me. Anyway, this app has been a great way for me to check in on my home office calls and faxes when I’m on the road, and I am thrilled to have it up and running again. If I run into further snags, I won’t delay calling their customer service line. Very nice work, AT&T, I appreciate you (and this app).
  • Doesn’t work

    By AlanBro
    Doesn’t work. Enter your phone number and PIN, then … error. Try to send report … error sending email. Try sending report another way … error sending email. Utterly useless. Shouldn’t be allowed to continue to do business in the USA!
  • No longer works

    By jmaddogp
    App no longer works since the update.  Say unable to login please check your settings. My setting are good. Says the same when my husband tries to retrieve messages.
  • They broke it

    By seriously a nickname to submit
    The home and work version are now interlinked some how. I had to reset the number and pin. And now both the home and work have the same tele number. I change the work number the home number changes. When I change the home number the work number changes. PLEASE FIX
  • Was great till it stopped working altogether

    By forachel
    Amazing to break an app that worked.   users can no longer sign in, problem reports bounce, no info on website and customer service calls are pointless. It’s been weeks. Did ATT forget they made this app? Please fix.
  • Delete app and reinstall to start working

    By Happy crafter!
    To get app working again, delete and reinstall from cloud.  Enter your home phone number and pin...  wouldn’t it be nice if AT&T would post to help their loyal customers! LOL
  • Can never sign in

    By eb3210
    Send reports, never fixed. Useless app.