Escort Live Radar

Escort Live Radar

Category: Navigation
Version: 3.1.27
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 171.37 MB
Developer: ESCORT Inc.
Compatibility:   iOS 11.0 +.
Score: 4.41829
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Escort Live Radar 3.1.27 IPA. Escort Live Radar for iPhone/iPad. Escort Live Radar latest version free download. Download Escort Live Radar 3.1.27 for iPhone/iPad by ESCORT Inc. directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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Connecting drivers to beat traffic enforcement together! ESCORT Live is the world’s most advanced real time radar and laser ticket protection community, giving drivers unprecedented warning of what lies on the road ahead. Join the millions of drivers already out on the road, sharing photo enforcement areas, police spotted locations, automatically reported radar/laser detection zones, and more! ESCORT Live Features • Community-based alerts to upcoming ‘Police Spotted’ speed traps, accidents, work zones, road hazards, detours, and traffic jams • Verified alerts from Defender®, the world’s largest database of red light, speed, and mobile cameras • Integrates with compatible ESCORT and Beltronics products to control settings and present alert information • Great driving features including Live Traffic, Car Finder, Get Directions, Day/Night Mode, and customizable vehicle icons Premium Features (requires in-app purchase) • Radar Relay – ESCORT Live’s patented technology that connects radar detectors so that radar/laser alert information is automatically shared among users in real time • Posted Speed Limits displayed both in the app and on your connected detector • Two convenient levels of subscription service – $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year • 1 year Premium subscription included free with purchase of a compatible ESCORT or Beltronics product Did you know, • Radar detectors are legal in 49 states (only Virginia prohibits their use) • More than 42 million drivers receive a speeding ticket in the United States each year – about one in every five drivers • The average speeding ticket costs $150 and increases insurance premiums by $900 over a 3 year period • The ESCORT Live and Cobra iRadar Communities have combined, effectively doubling the number of users contributing radar/laser data and user reports. There is strength in numbers! ESCORT Live is here to help you Drive Smarter! Whether you’re using one of our industry-leading detectors or simply using Escort Live on your smartphone, we’re here to keep you safe on the road and ticket free. Take us for a drive TODAY! -

  • Not great

    By jrac2
    Leaves a lot to be desired
  • Yikes. No Update in Two Years

    By IAFF FF
    Nice app and have to say use to get emails on updates   I am in range to get them Wi-Fi and that I would say has not happened in 9 months plus. Plus it into PC and no updates for anything, not even firmware. 
    I see it was last updated 2 years ago by Escort and now two new iPhone models and  two new iOS versions. Escort I would say is stuck on the iPhone 12 and iOS 14 and one would think with all the new things Apple came out with something???
    Hoped for CarPlay years ago and told it was in the works for approval. So many apps are on Apple Watch now and is Escort? Nope. They should know the Apple Watch has cellular and Apple Maps and so many other, even free apps work on it. Free apps update more than Escort and paying a subscription for this? Not when this one expires I won’t be. The new Dynamic Island I am guessing many, many years away. A new look? Updates? Anything. 
    Tons of emails about products of course so I know they are still in business. 
    Red light and speed cameras I mark and so do other people and Escort takes them down only to be marked by a user again. They should know many new ones go up and had Escort  I would guess 15 years and they did updates non-stop. 
    Making the app look better giving it a face lift would be a good start. More user options and incorporating a navigation program into it would be nice, but they would have to pay a company for that. People can put work zones in and I do, but never see them when I drive. Apple Maps is coming close to Escort and just needs a few more things. That’s all FREE!
    There are some nice apps that have a subscription of course and they are always updating red light cameras, speed, work zones, you name if they update it. I feel why spend all the money on a detector and a subscription for it updates 2 years ago spending a decent amount of money. 
    Get it together Escort with new iPhones coming out app updates are non-stop by every developer. You? I have no clue what you are waiting for with all the apps with subscriptions and have to say better than owning one of your detectors and paying a subscription higher than the ones apps have that are better. 
    Once my subscription expires and no updates with improvements like all other apps up for sale my detector goes to the highest bidder. Check out the “version history” Solitaire  and checkers get more updates.
  • iOS 16

    By DR1208
    Needs to be updated to be able to connect to Wi-Fi since iOS 16 update.
  • Escort radar detector!

    By savor one Jim
    I bought my first escort 45 years ago when it belonged to Cincinnati microwave been a loyal customer for a long time and really appreciate your product James Tucci
  • Anthony

    By AntBall83
  • Must Have App!!!!

    By Phantomwhiteboi
    This is hands down the best way to communicate with your device. Just can be a lot to absorb to those that are new but I love it and I feel you will too. Might I just suggest that the Escort company offer some sort of visual crash course as many YouTubers videos tend to be long and can almost be overwhelming to the beginner user. I do realize though that this is a responsibility of the purchaser but just my personal suggestion. Love the quality and products!
  • Not working with iOS 16

    By Prckybgd
    After update to iOS 16 on my iPhone 12 Pro and  13 pro app do not want to connect RedLine 360C to WiFi.. i have to downgrade my iPhone 12Pro to make sure that is software issue and not Unit 360c went bad and confirmed that under iOS 15.7 works fine!
    Called Escorts Technical Supply line and they told me this doesn’t make sense.. apparently it does! Confirmed on 3 different devices!
    iPhone 12Pro, iPhone 13Pro and iPad 12.9 Pro 4th Gen. Under iOS 15.7 WORKING FINE once you upgrade it to iOS 16 no more wifi connection working.
    Another thing.. I noticed this app was not updated from Escort for 2 years.. really!?
  • Needs an auto update feature

    The app needs an automatic update feature  when connected to detector
  • Battery

    By (Franc
    The always on feature kills my battery. The app should allow the user to only use location services while using the app.
  • Still some problems

    By Me9418
    So now I noticed the app is putting 2 air patrols in each of areas. Why 2? The other problem is sometimes I open the app and my detector doesn’t connect to the app. After looking at it the app says I have no detectors connected. If I close the app and open it again, it will say my detector is right there.  I call support and they aren’t sure what the settings are for that.  I told them why have a place for my devices if nothing is supposed to be there.


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