California Crime Finder - Pad

California Crime Finder - Pad

Category: Reference
Version: 6.22
Adult Rating: 12+
Filesize: 78.39 MB
Developer: The PlacerGroup
Compatibility:   iOS 14.4 +.
Score: 3.33333
From 6 Ratings



California Crime Finder - Pad 6.22 IPA. California Crime Finder - Pad for iPhone/iPad. California Crime Finder - Pad latest version free download. Download California Crime Finder - Pad 6.22 for iPhone/iPad by The PlacerGroup directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 12+ to be able to install and run.

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A crime finder application from the makers of CrimeTime. Designed for legal practitioners by legal practitioners actively working in the field. This is a quick reference tool for looking up most of the California Statutes as they pertain to criminal law. Features: -Quick description or section number search -Advanced filter and full text search with results being highlighted in the statute text. -No network connection required -Portrait and landscape modes -Elements of each crime -Punishment text for each crime -Easily see the collateral consequences of each crime with descriptions narrowed down to the specific authority text, making it easy to find the justification of each result -Immigration consequences


  • $20 a year is criminal

    This app is nice. But not $20 a year nice. Lower the price or make it a one time fee. I think some of these 5 star reviews are shills.
  • Problems

    By Crime lawyer
    The Custody Credit and Release Calendar does not work.
  • Had to pay twice

    By Sashafabulous
    Why did I have to pay twice for this app when I already paid for it on my iPhone!!!  You said I could use it on multiple devices,  if so why did I have to pay twice!!!  I want my money back!!!
  • Bugs need to be fixed ASAP

    By Marsden28
    They need to fix the fact that it keeps telling me that my trial period has expired when I have paid $20.00 for the app!!! I log off and back on and the same!!! Because of this I can't use the app at all on my iPad!!!!! Fix this or give money back!!!!
  • Stop moaning its a great cheap app

    By Bummed big time
    As a criminal lawyer, I love this app and use it almost every day. If I need to quickly see sentence range, strike, immigration or registration consequences or just need to look at the definition, this is perfect and faster and easier than anything else. $20 a year is way cheap given 1) the other options, and 2) the limited market for the developer. How many of us that can use this are out there? I'm guessing they still have trouble making much off this. Even if you helped with the bug reports (which I did not) how can you complain when this still costs much less than even the pitifully indexed penal code. Btw, never crashes on me.
  • Very buggy app

    By bucknoy
    Very useful app for criminal practitioners. However, the app is extremely buggy. I have had two problems with it. First, it seems incapable of smoothly transitioning from portrait to landscape mode -- something that's just fundamental to all iOS apps.  Second, after paying the subscription fee on my iPad, my iPhone still asks me to pay another subscription fee! Not sure if this is their business plan, or just another bug.  I wasn't happy about paying the $20 subscription fee in the first place, but it is well worth it for an app that works. Unfortunately, the app has only gotten worse after they introduced the subscription plan.
  • Great program

    By potlawyer
    The subscription price is still a bargain!  I've been doing criminal defense for 35 years and i dont know how i managed without it
    Great work guys.  Looking forward to ongoing developments
  • Seriously?!

    By CaliLaw
    I am so disappointed that the makers of this app have decided to charge a $20.00/year limited subscription. Robbery!!
  • Horrible

    By Globo77
    I agree. Charging $20.00 for something the users made possible is plain robbery. The law books worked fine for me and will continue to do so since they chose to charge this price. Hope no one subscribes!!
  • Helped you fine tune it, now it costs us?

    By 123whip1
    I'm surprised to see this app skyrocket to $19.99 for a year's subscription.  Truly a shame, since many of us fans helped to report bugs, edit info, etc.  at least grandfather those of us who've already downloaded it have it in.  I could see paying $5 a year-but $19.99 for a LIMITED (one year) subscription?  What a disappointment.


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