PDG PROmote 2021-2023

PDG PROmote 2021-2023

Category: Education
Version: 8.0.2
Adult Rating: 12+
Filesize: 71.58 MB
Developer: ForceReadiness.com
Compatibility:   iOS 11.0 +.
Score: 4.76611
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Download PDG PROmote 2021-2023 8.0.2 for iPhone/iPad by ForceReadiness.com directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 12+ to be able to install and run.

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Why should you join the countless Airmen who have already been promoted using this app? Read on... 1. PURCHASE ONCE, USE FOR A CAREER! PDG PROmote provides lifetime free updates. Why should you have to pay for a new app every time the study guides are updated? You don’t pay $0.99 for these apps. You deserve lifetime updates. We know that your promotion is important to you but that doesn’t give us the right to take advantage of it. Should the Air Force resume testing for the SNCO ranks in the future, rest assured that we will include those ranks in the app too. 2. EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE APP! This app contains everything you need to prepare for your WAPS testing. We're serious. You never need to leave the app. 3. ADAPTABLE TO EVERY LEARNING STYLE. Not everyone studies the same way. PDG PROmote provides all of the options you need to study in a manner that works best for you. Want to read the AFH 1 paragraphs? You can. Want to read condensed nuggets of information from AFH 1? You can. Want to study flashcard questions? You can. Want to study flashcard questions but with the answers always shown? You can. Want to listen to the slides, flashcards, or AFH 1 paragraphs on your way to work? You can. Want to listen and read at the same time? You can. Your mission is to master all the testable sections of AFH 1 and no other app offers you as many ways to do that. 4. JUST SIT BACK AND LISTEN. We made our audio even better. Sit back and listen to study slides, questions, and even AFH 1 paragraphs. Sure, it's synthetic audio but it’s a popular feature that many of our users use on their drive to and from work. 5. OUR SMART TESTS WILL SET YOU UP FOR SUCCESS. PDG PROmote knows which questions you have seen, answered correctly, gotten wrong, how many times you answered correctly, how many times you answered incorrectly, even how many consecutive times you answered a question correctly. It uses this information to always put the right questions in front of you on tests. 6. OPTIMIZE YOUR LIMITED STUDY TIME. You have a full-time job. We know you need to get the most out of your limited study opportunities. PDG PROmote makes it easy for you to maximize the effectiveness of your study sessions. 7. INTUITIVE DESIGN. PDG PROmote is simply the most intuitive and least frustrating AFH 1 study guide you will find. Experience the difference a great designed app can make. 8. OUR QUESTIONS ARE SIMPLY BETTER. Many of our users have commented to us that our questions aren't as simplistic as other apps. They make you think a little more. The actual exam seemed easier. PDG PROmote provides TOTAL COVERAGE of the AFH 1 based study guides. 9. DON’T BE TRICKED INTO PAYING SKY HIGH PRICES! You will be accused of selling yourself short. Don’t believe it. You will be asked to pay a small fortune for their "experience". Just remind yourself that you are being tested on a handbook (AFH 1) dated 1 November 2021, not 1987. You can easily find Airmen who have used our app and scored high. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. Our users pay about half as much, get the same or better results, and get free lifetime updates. Doesn't that sound wise to you? ON MAC AND PC! Go to http://forcereadiness.com/pdg-promote-pdg-study-guide to learn more. PDG PROmote is an application aimed to prepare Airmen who are taking the Air Force Promotion Fitness Examination (PFE) or the USAFSE-United States Air Force supervisory examination. Its sole source of reference is The Study Guide for Promotion to (SSgt, TSgt), 1 November 2021. All study guides are sourced from Air Force Handbook 1 (AFH 1) dated 1 November 2021. Just select the appropriate study guide for the promotion grade that you are testing to and begin studying!


  • Review

    By jokingsquirrel
    The format is good. However, There are 2,077 slides of info for a 100 question test. It doesn’t narrow anything down helpfully. Things that sound the most important end up not being on the test at all, rendering note taking almost useless.
  • Not up to-date.

    By krissy575
    I see below you said it is up to date  but it is not. Example we don’t study chapters 1,2,3,9,10,16,20Example chapters have changed. Ch12. Developing organizations. ch13 developing others ch14. Developing self.  Ch15 developing ideas. I would recommend putting 2019-2020 and 2021 table of contents next to each other and taking a lot. Bc what’s on here and what’s on the handbook that was emailed out and what’s on 2021 AFG 1 gold does not match up to either. But hey it’s a free app and they released the material mad late. I appreciate the effort but I would deff get on double checking this issue out. It’s not yalls responsibility it’s on the tester at the end of the day. But this app has great reviews and has helped many so some will be blinded. Specially since as of this past week some didn’t even know the material came out in Nov. aka we have people trying to make tech but can’t be bothered to even make sure an email is important or not before just hitting that delete button. Should I think of this as a leg up , yea and I already do. But morally I couldn’t just not say anything. If after this review you still think you are in the right with the information on the app, well I did my part but you are definitely giving me and anyone else who knows a severe advantage. They will be spending extra time studying useless chapters and won’t know the changes made. 
    Hope y’all get it fixed.
  • Made TSgt

    By Bushninja
    Studied and listened to all chapters. Took all the tests. Put on tech! Easy stuff…
  • I made Staff With this app!

    By Kingtyric23
    This app was great. I scored really high on my PTG. I would change the listen to a better AI force to make the listening experience more fluent
  • Not updated PDG

    By OB_27
    The promote APP is not updated to the new 2021-2023 PDG for Tech & Staff . It’s hindering member’s due to upcoming official test dates.
  • Needs to be updated

    By SARCAST1C_S0undz
    Good app but needs to be updated with the 2021-2023 study guide
  • Update

    By whattheheckishappening
    When do they plan to update this? Doesn’t give enough to to study for the next cycle.
  • Great but be careful

    By Don110417
    Great App overall, however, if you are testing for TSgt this year, it is outdated. Revert to the EPRRC until this app is updated to reflect the new material. For example, the sections do not align with the testing material.
  • Update

    By lorin14
    Just curious when the new update will be. Love using this app.
  • Not current

    By acidbrn
    Not as useful as it could be, lack of current update holds the app back.