Seeking Alpha: News & Analysis

Seeking Alpha: News & Analysis

Category: Finance
Version: 5.4.2
Adult Rating: 4+
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Developer: Seeking Alpha Ltd.
Compatibility:   iOS 12.2 +.
Score: 4.7667
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Seeking Alpha: News & Analysis 5.4.2 IPA. Seeking Alpha: News & Analysis for iPhone/iPad. Seeking Alpha: News & Analysis latest version free download. Download Seeking Alpha: News & Analysis 5.4.2 for iPhone/iPad by Seeking Alpha Ltd. directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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Be the first to know about market moving news and analysis on the stocks you follow. The Seeking Alpha app gives you access to our: • Real time, concise news created for rapid reading • Market moving analysis from investors and industry experts • Instant alerts of news and analysis on the stocks in your watchlist • Price quotes and charts for the stocks and indices of your choice • Personal portfolio that allows you to easily track instruments across our features • An active community of traders, investors, business leaders, journalists and bloggers • Earnings reports, transcripts and filings Join the conversation, gain insight, and achieve your investing goals! Seeking Alpha is the world’s largest investing community. Powered by the wisdom and diversity of crowdsourcing - millions of passionate investors connect daily to discover and share new investment ideas and strategies, discuss breaking financial news, debate the merits of stocks, and make informed investment decisions. +22 million people use Seeking Alpha every month across multiple platforms. Seeking Alpha has unparalleled breadth and depth: from stocks, ETFs and mutual funds to commodities and cryptocurrency, including thousands of stocks (such as small and mid-caps) not analyzed elsewhere. SA writers also dive into personal finance, with suggestions for retirement minded strategies. Written by and for investors, thousands of contributors publish thousands of investing ideas every month. Each investment thesis undergoes a rigorous editorial review, ensuring the highest quality standards. A healthy debate ensues, as trading enthusiasts all over the world discuss and share their own thoughts and ideas. Seeking Alpha levels the playing field by putting exclusive tools, until now available only to Wall-Street professionals, into the hands of individual investors. Advanced tracking, monitoring, charting, data visualizations, technical and fundamental analysis add clarity and enable informed, data-driven decision-making. Our brand offers a suite of plans that address specific investing styles and user needs: BASIC MEMBERSHIP PLAN Upgrade your Seeking Alpha experience by registering for a free account: • Get breaking stock news, original and unbiased analysis, earnings and transcripts • Receive your favorite authors’ latest articles and investing ideas and strategies • Subscribe to your choice of Newsletters: Wall Street Breakfast, Morning Briefing, Investing Ideas, Macro View, Dividends and Income, Energy, ETFs and Portfolio Strategy, SA Tech Stock report, IPO daily, Global Investing, M&A, Financial Advisor Daily • Follow people and read their StockTalks and Blogs • Comment on news and articles and join the conversation PREMIUM (in-app subscription available) • Unlimited access to 1 million investing ideas and earnings call transcripts (including audio) on thousands of stocks not covered elsewhere • Seeking Alpha Stock Ratings: from ‘Very Bullish’ to ‘Very Bearish’ • Author and article performance metrics: see how each investing idea performed • Quant Ratings: gauge a stock’s growth, value, profitability, and earnings against its industry peers • Exclusive, proprietary dividend scores • Data visualizations: earnings and dividend forecasts MARKETPLACE (in-app subscription available) The Seeking Alpha Marketplace is a diverse directory of services with distinct investment styles and interests. Marketplace offers a curated, VIP experience: direct contact with the service’s leaders, access to exclusive real-time trading and investment ideas, model portfolios, and a market trading room where like-minded members surface and discuss exciting opportunities. Marketplace services are provided by experts on dividend investing, aggressive growth, ETFs and portfolio management, technical analysis, options, IPOs, commodities, tech and biotech stocks. For support and feedback: Terms of Use:


  • I rely on Seeking Alpha

    By My535
    When I started trading, one of the fundamentals I was late understanding was sector rotation.  I learned the hard way that ETF sector trades can work for or against a stock within a sector creating headwinds or tailwinds irrespective of the technicals for a given stock.  Seeking Alpha not only shows shows me what sectors a stock resides in but also how those sectors are behaving.  I check the SA Top Stocks for trade ideas, check their industry and  sector standing, sector strength and bear down.
  • I Like The Information

    By CASbuffalo
    I like the information that you can get on your stocks that you can’t get in other services. Especially their ranking in the industry. I also like the ranks of A+, A, B+, B etc.
  • App doesn’t work

    By FantasyFan2020
    Nothing but a blank screen after signing in
  • Notification Counter Still Broken

    By Hates Crashes
    Notification counter still broken after months and at least 2 updates.
  • Trash 🚮

    By Apple20137
    1. They hold your account hostage. There is no way to delete your account instead they tell you to email them to deactivate your account. I don’t want my account deactivated i want my account permanently deleted. 
    2. The Seeking Alpha Community has to many liars and emotional cowards in it. They write Articles telling people to buy stocks that left them holding the bag. I seen them delete honest comments. The people they give this ability is corrupting the app experience. 
    3. I only bought premium because i like seeing 10+ years of company financial data. But i stopped paying for it due to SA allowing emotional cowards to ruin the community.
  • Used to be great. Not so much anymore

    By JHgardener
    The latest updates have left the app very buggy and the display is too busy. I can’t even get a full screen of my portfolio because there is a tool bar at the bottom of the display. Way too many ads as well. If I’m paying for Pro, why do I keep getting ads for Pro?  These folks need to get back to basics.
  • Disruptive Articles

    By HealthySkeptic09
    There is a new behavior that comes across as potentially deliberate on the mobile app. I will just be reviewing charts or articles and then  suddenly random SeekingAlpha articles will pop up as if I selected them. At first I thought I was having having ‘fat finger’ moments, but after several other times I can’t see how that would be possible.
  • No Good for IPAD

    By BILLION$Blue
    Good App in many respects, however, it is basically unusable on an IPAD.  Works well on PC but forget about it for IPAD (don’t know about MAC).  Unlikely I’ll pay for another year of service as I can get all the critical data from my Think or Swim acct for free.  The non-stop stream of free investment ideas/articles just add to the cacophony of speculative noise and primarily serve as advertisements for all kinds of investment newsletters/services & (of course) juice the recommendations they already made to their paying customers.  Bit of a racket IMO.
  • Access to photos

    By JoeSkeptic
    I deleted this app when I found that it uses your photo library and other data off your phone. This might be okay if they said what they need it for but they don’t.
  • Please fix alerts

    By Raw_Beast_23
    The app is showing that I have 80+ alerts but no matter what I do they won’t go away please fix this.


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