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Version: 9.45.0
Adult Rating: 12+
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Developer: Noom, Inc.
Compatibility:   iOS 14.4 +.
Score: 4.69746
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HOW NOOM WORKS Psychology: Our curriculum uses evidence-based approaches and scientifically-proven principles such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help people build sustainable habits that last a lifetime. Technology: We’re constantly innovating and fine-tuning our platform to ensure our users—we like to call them Noomers—have access to the most effective healthcare tools in the market. Human Coaching: Noomers can opt to be matched with one of our thousands of trained coaches, who help guide them along their health journeys and provide the support needed to achieve their goals. NOOM WEIGHT Lose weight and keep it off for good. We’ll help you better understand your relationship with food, how to be more mindful of your habits, and give you the knowledge and support you need for long-lasting change. FEATURES - 1:1 coaching to help you achieve your personal health goals. - 10-minute daily lessons that help you develop healthier habits. - A diverse food database with over 1 million scannable barcodes. - Health-tracking tools like weight logging, water tracking, and step counting. - Hundreds of healthy, simple recipes that don’t require you to restrict your diet. NOOM MOOD Manage daily stress and anxious thoughts. We’ll guide you, step by step, to mental wellness—and help you gain the emotional awareness to live your happiest life. FEATURES - 1:1 coaching to encourage you and help you work through challenges. - 10-minute daily lessons that help you develop coping mechanisms and build resilience. - A variety of mindfulness-based techniques and skills, which you can put into practice right away. - Mood logging to better understand your moods and measure progress. Ready to join millions of other Noomers and take control of your health? Sign up for Noom today, and change your life for good. For CCPA: "Do Not Sell" Policy for California Residents, please see


  • The app needs major improvement

    By Missmcfee
    It used to somewhat functional but now the food input is terrible. It seems like the database has some major flaws and it’s difficult to add foods. The same food generates multiple times in three different categories. It seems like paying for the service is null because the function isn’t there. 
    The coaches are okay, but overall I don’t see myself paying for this app beyond my current subscription until there are changes made for ability or at least the ability to manually enter your own food without using other users data- which is quite often incorrect.
  • They don’t send subscription renewal reminders

    By LawrenceSmithII
    Let me start off by saying, it is my fault that I didn’t cancel Noom before my subscription automatically renewed. So it is 100% my fault that I was billed another yearly subscription. 
    That said, I thought Noom was a better company. I have recurring subscriptions on differing apps. Days prior to being charged for the next subscription cycle, I have always been sent a courtesy reminder email. And I know that’s exactly what it is, a “courtesy” reminder. Well, I would have expected a company such as Noom, to at least send an email advising that I will be billed for the upcoming year subscription just as other companies have done. 
    I guess I expected great customer service from a relatively great company so this is appalling. They would actually keep more customers by sending out the courtesy reminder emails. That’s not a good business practice. 
    I’m done with Noom.
  • The app works great

    By Mudspun
    The app works great. They need to continue with the reading of the lessons part. That feature only works for about three weeks, then it’s gone.
  • Game Changing

    By periwinkleblu
    Really feel good with the approach I’m now taking with respect to wholistic health and wellness. Diet was the last mile for me as I was doing many of the other things necessary to maintain proper health, balanced living etc. Noom has helped me change the way I think about food as well as what I eat and drink on a regular basis. It’s early in the process but I’m firm and resolute about what I’m “playing” for.
  • Terrible Updates!

    By Foul Updates
    I was doing fine, but someone decided to update the app. Now it takes a lot longer to log my meals and it eats up the battery life!
    I’ve only got a few more months until the end of my contract, I won’t be signing up for any extensions.
  • Not Working

    By 2DBruce
    The new update has broken nearly everything; it won’t track calories anymore. The only option on the main screen is Track More Progress. Ugh.
  • Noom app is amazing

    By Denise in Citrus Heights
    I love the positive messages and the lessons they have you do everyday it really is useful to have all of your tracking and tools all in one place. It has really helped me to be educated and motivated. I highly recommend it to all my friends and family.
  • Overall great program until you stop paying

    By JuliaM573
    I paid for a 6 month subscription and lost 30 pounds. It taught me how I should be eating to get to my preferred weight. The group coach and guide were marginally helpful to me; I don’t really like a whole lot of rah rah stuff. The daily lessons were mostly very helpful; most of it is geared towards people who work full time and have lots going on. I would love to see more help for those of us who are home more often. My problem is not grazing in the break room.
    I would have given 5 stars up until this morning. I did not renew my subscription last month because the lessons had become too time consuming, too much writing. I wasn’t doing any of it and thought why keep paying for something I’m not doing. I was told I would have access to all my previous lessons (yes, but only if I tapped back 200 times).  Ultimately, all the material that I paid for was essentially gone. 
    Yesterday, I naively installed the latest update and it erased my progress. What is the point in making us proud of our progress if you take it away? Support was a joke. 
    This morning made me feel like giving them one star, but I have lost 30 pounds. Great for that but don’t trust them not to pull the rug out from under you.
  • Noom is freeing!

    By Strteach
    I’ve been using Noom for about a month. There have been some freeing moments! I’m no longer afraid of the scale and don’t beat myself up if the scale doesn’t move! I’m learning that all foods are on the table and I can occasionally treat myself and not feel guilty! 
    My wish is that all of courses were audible.  My work keeps me constantly in my car and I enjoyed listening to the readers as I traveled from place to place. 
    Thank you, Noom!
  • Great program but the app needs a few things

    By cansel
    I am loving this program, but I would like it more if these things were modified:
    Easier way to log foods - once you log something in, you have to go through a few screens to be able to log another meal. In other words there isn’t a back button.
    However, the biggest complaint is in logging new recipes. Once you’ve entered the recipe, you can only enter in a serving. You cannot decide to measure it by grams. It’s kludgy, and you cannot share a recipe. 
    The program itself has been eye opening and I feel it’s worth it, even with a few minor inconveniences.