HuntWise: A Better Hunting App

HuntWise: A Better Hunting App

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Version: 8.1.2
Adult Rating: 12+
Filesize: 215.74 MB
Developer: Sportsman Tracker
Compatibility:   iOS 14.0 +.
Score: 4.66579
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HuntWise: A Better Hunting App 8.1.2 IPA. HuntWise: A Better Hunting App for iPhone/iPad. HuntWise: A Better Hunting App latest version free download. Download HuntWise: A Better Hunting App 8.1.2 for iPhone/iPad by Sportsman Tracker directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 12+ to be able to install and run.

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HuntWise provides the ultimate hunting advantage that optimizes your outdoor experience and increases your odds of filling your tag and your freezer every season. Here’s how: WEATHER Weather is integral to hunting, dictating when you should and shouldn’t hunt and how likely you are to be successful. That’s where HuntWise comes in. Never Miss a Great Hunt HuntCast’s proprietary algorithm tracks and analyzes key weather variables proven to influence species movement, allowing you to pinpoint, on a day by day, hour by hour basis, the absolute best times to hunt whitetail, turkey, waterfowl, big game, and more. Dominate Every Rut Phase RutCast tracks all phases of the whitetail rut on a county by county basis and provides expert strategies to maximize your hunting effectiveness during each and every phase. Hunt the Best Tree Stand Every Time WindCast tracks wind speed and direction at all of your tree stands and pinpoints the best spot to hunt each time you head to the woods. Get Notified HuntCast Alerts give you a days-in-advance heads up that there’s a great hunt in the forecast, allowing you to clear your schedule and hit the woods at the most opportune times. MAPPING We’ve amassed an arsenal of cutting edge hunting maps and mapping features built to take your scouting, land management, hunt strategy development, and in-field navigation to the next level. Map Out Your Hunt Leverage over 450 hunting maps, satellite imagery, and base layers designed to help you scout, dissect terrain, topography, and habitat features, and navigate confidently while you’re in the field. Stay In Bounds Our property lines map layers make it easy to see where one property’s boundary starts and another ends, no matter if you’re scouting from home or out in the field. Make Contact Tap anywhere on our hunting maps to see the name, address, and phone number of the landowner, and more easily gain hunting access or permission to retrieve your harvest. Navigate Off Grid Easily offline your maps and pins to your smartphone and seamlessly access everything you’ve mapped out, with and without cell service. Mark Your Spots Use custom map pins to mark the locations of everything from your tree stands and trail cameras to your base camp and glassing points, and more. Find More to Hunt Toggle on our public land map layers to find open-access, no-permission-necessary hunting land in your home State and across the country. Hunt With Friends Share your hunt areas and associated pins, notes, and images with others, and get them up to speed on your favorite hunting locations in real time. GEAR Never pay full price for brand-name, brand-new hunting gear again using HuntWise Pro Deals. Save Big on Everything Access massive discounts on top of the line hunting gear from over 100 brands. Gear for All Hunters Our curated selection of brands offers gear that fits every hunter's needs and is designed to give you an edge on whatever species you’re after. COMMUNITY Join a community of hunters who understand what’s at the heart of hunting; who appreciate the patience and skill required to be successful, and who will celebrate with you when you get the big one. Share your experience, communicate with others, and learn from the collective knowledge of hunters around the nation via the HuntWise Log Feed. Hunt More. Hunt Better. HuntWise. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:

  • Works good sometimes but most of the time is not accurate at all

    By Bobghsbdhybcvcvfdadkkkj
    What ever direction this app says the wind is it’s actually the opposite not very accurate with wind direction or speed. This app has screwed up hunts for me because I drive all the way to a spot that the app says has good wind only to find out it has terrible wind.
  • Not great so far.

    By japars32
    When trying to download offline maps, it automatically closes the app
  • My two cents on HuntWise

    By bis man
    This app shows you everything you need to know
  • Great useful hunting app

    By Let it go, I got it!
    I’ve been using this Hunting app for 2 years now and it’s no nonsense and navigation is great. I tried 2 other hunting apps lately because of the hype they were getting and they were not user friendly, pushed advertising and product tabs instead of concentrating on it being a useful easy to navigate tool. 
    HuntWise nailed it in my opinion and was more reasonable per annual cost.
  • Not working properly

    By edqw12
    My whitetail deer hunt forecast force closes the app every time. I’m an elite member and this has been happening for a month. Not worth the money if it still can’t be fixed after 2 months. Everything else will work as long as I don’t try to look at the huntcast for whitetail deer.
  • Wow

    By big wap dog
    It had a 90% chance of whitetail movement and in the same hour my brother killed a 11 point
  • What a joke.

    By ZomBxB
    Had this app last year and tried again this year. Waste of time. 99% chance of whitetail movement? No. It means 100% chance there’s no movement, not even squirrels. So inaccurate it’s just laughable.
  • Terrible

    By landenosurpreme
    I got the 7 day free trial and it charged me for a year anyways. App is ran by dummies.
  • App quality

    By Sir. Reviews-A-Lot
    Are you paying a 12 year old to develop such a terrible application? I tap “create account”. Make my way through the first few question and stumble upon “State and County” I select state and the app skips me forward to the next question without allowing me to select the county. Poorly developed app off the start 😬
  • Please add more MARKERS

    By Bjonpan
    Love the app but the markers are lacking. Most private hunting property has cabins and barns (fallen damaged and useable). These markers can be mostly hidden in tree covering or aren’t visible when zoomed out on a normal map. Please update with more common sense markers that you know exist on these properties. The more details I can add to the land, the more value I find in this app. It would also be amazing to have simple arrow markers that can show direction of animal movement or water. Keep up the good work!! 👍🏻


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