Clue Period & Cycle Tracker

Clue Period & Cycle Tracker

Category: Health & Fitness
Version: 102.0
Adult Rating: 12+
Filesize: 34.84 MB
Developer: BioWink GmbH
Compatibility:   iOS 15.0 +.
Score: 4.77548
From 336,909 Ratings



Clue Period & Cycle Tracker 102.0 IPA. Clue Period & Cycle Tracker for iPhone/iPad. Clue Period & Cycle Tracker latest version free download. Download Clue Period & Cycle Tracker 102.0 for iPhone/iPad by BioWink GmbH directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 12+ to be able to install and run.

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Meet Clue - the only period, ovulation, and menstrual cycle tracker 100% based on science. Stress-free cycle tracking with personalized, pinpointed predictions for your period, fertile days, and everything in between. Clue’s got you covered for each phase of your menstrual and reproductive health and makes it easy to live a life in sync with your unique cycle. Founded and led by women, Clue is trusted by millions of people all over the world, thanks to factual, easy-to-understand tracking and an unwavering commitment to helping everyone understand what their cycle is saying about their health. Trying to conceive? Get pregnant faster with daily fertility predictions, based on a clinically tested algorithm that finds your ideal days to try or do home insemination. Your privacy is important to Clue. • Clue does not sell your personal health data and will never disclose it • Clue is based in the EU, protected by some of the strictest data privacy laws in the world (GDPR) Experience the app that everyone with a cycle is talking about. • Best Fertility App 2022, Healthline • App of the Day, Apple PERIOD & MENSTRUAL CYCLE TRACKING Easily track your period, discharge, birth control methods, and more, plus log 60+ other factors like skin, mood, pain, and energy levels to understand your body. Just tap what you're experiencing and the industry-leading AI algorithm calculates the rest, allowing you to discover how your cycle affects things like your hair, workouts, and sex life. With Clue, you can count on reliable birth control reminders and period predictions - you’ll even get a heads-up from Clue when you might be tracking something outside of your typical pattern. FERTILITY & OVULATION CALCULATOR Get pregnant faster without the hassle of temperature checks or pee tests. With Clue Conceive, everything you need to increase your chances of getting pregnant is at your fingertips and backed by fertility experts. Simply track your period start date and the app will give you daily predictions for your good, better, and best days to have sex or do home insemination. Get the most out of Clue with a Clue Plus subscription. Try Clue Plus and experience the all-in-one reproductive health app for every phase of your cycle, with access to science-based articles, six months of advanced cycle predictions, enhanced analyses of your unique cycle patterns, and more. Your Clue Plus subscription also includes Clue Conceive, so you can easily adapt the app to your body’s changing needs. A few legal details: After you choose the Clue subscription that’s right for you & confirm your purchase, the credit card associated with your iTunes Account will be charged. Once purchased, your subscription will automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. If you currently have a free trial, any unused time will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. If you want to renew your subscription, your account will be charged the same amount you paid for your initial subscription, 24 hours before the end of the current period. You can manage or change your subscription at any time, including turning off auto-renewal, by going to the ‘Account Settings’ on your device after the purchase. If you have any questions, our Support Team is here to help. Feel free to reach out through the app or at Note: Clue should *not* be used as a contraceptive. Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:

  • It’s like any other period tracking app now

    By missminnie4
    I’ve used and loved this app since 2015, but I can’t be bothered to open it now since the update changed nearly everything. I can’t even get notifications now for tracking my non-pill BC
    At the response: Tracking for every BC should have been the first thing you put back in. It’s not cool to just not get a reminder for something as hugely important as that
  • Update not worth it

    By alexxandraa
    I have been using Clue for years and loved it. With the newest update, it is completely changed. It no longer accurately tracks anything for me and some features I was regularly using before are still not showing up. 
    I am very disappointed and looking for a new app.
  • Stole my money

    By DoBetter123
    Very disappointed. The app charged me a year subscription for a birth control feature and soon after took the feature down?? They won’t respond to emails or return my payment. Do not pay for in app purchases, this has been a huge waste of time and money. 
    Update: I received a single responded to one of my many emails I’ve sent. They completely ignored my concerns. I have not received a response since. This company is not willing to take responsibly for the mistake they made, at such a small expense. Red flag.
  • HATE since update

    By BettyKhosh
    I used to use CLUE for years and years. I even recently used it for tracking my pregnancy and symptoms. But it seems they got an update in December that took away the ability to track pregnancy?? And all my data from years is suddenly gone from the Analysis page. And with this new update, the user interface has changed. I HATE HATE HATE the new update and will not be using CLUE anymore. I will be trying a different app
  • Shady & selling your info!

    By BlueUnicornsRock
    Clue tries to use whatever you’re tracking to sell it to advertisers. You can disable it under settings, which I did. Clue turned it back on during on of their many recent updates. This app used to be really great, until they became money grubbing and needlessly invasive. “Do you want to track EVERYTHING so we can sell it to ADVERTISERS????” No. No, I don’t. I’ll be cancelling my subscription.
    Edit: I got a response from the developer that apologized for the technical issues I was having. (LOL!). After my first review, I had turned off the “sell my data to everyone” option.  I just checked again this morning, and the setting had been RE-ENABLED.  I had to turn it off AGAIN. And NO, I haven’t updated!
    Period & pregnancy/conception data are BIG MONEY in the advertising business. Clue is unethical and shady as ****.  BE AWARE AND AVOID!!!
  • Very pro abortion

    By rachey777
    Warning!!! Pro abortion company. When your period is a day late, it lets you read an article that says not to go to crisis pregnancy centers because they use scare tactics to talk you out of abortions. 😔 I will be deleting this app.
  • Horrible update & overhaul. Bring back the old version.

    By Blindpink
    The new revamped app has killed tons of useful features (like your basic cycle length, and variability, reminders to take pills, and much more). Instead they’ve replaced it with a bajillion useless tracking features like “track your good hair days”. Please. This has devolved away from a period tracking app and is now more like a tween’s diary tracker. I’m switching to an alternative.
  • Downhill

    By montanneh
    This app used to be great and I used it for years. The new update makes it literally unusable it doesn’t save my changes if I want to track something and constantly changes my settings. I hate it
  • Recent Update

    By jcg0727
    They’re trying to make this something to track every aspect of my life when I really just want to track my period & it just makes the app less useful to me. I’m not trying to track exercise, sleep, partying, meditation, etc, etc, etc.  What I hate the absolute most though is they removed the widget feature so now I have to open the app just to see when my next period is. Please give us back the widget.
  • Not a fan of the update

    By apple watch enthusiast
    Exporting to apple health is no longer an option, I still like to use clue but I just upload it also to apple health just so I can see different trends across workouts recorded by an Apple Watch and sleep records. This just makes it harder for me unfortunately - would love to have those settings back. 
    Otherwise I’ve been using this app for 3 years and have really enjoyed it during that time, just enjoying a little less now


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