Wim Hof Method®

Wim Hof Method®

Category: Health & Fitness
Version: 7.1.2
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 401.18 MB
Developer: Innerfire B.V.
Compatibility:   iOS 14.0 +.
Score: 4.79362
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Wim Hof Method® 7.1.2 IPA. Wim Hof Method® for iPhone/iPad. Wim Hof Method® latest version free download. Download Wim Hof Method® 7.1.2 for iPhone/iPad by Innerfire B.V. directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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Get a comprehensive introduction to the Wim Hof Method® with the official mobile app. Have the Method with you wherever you go for consistent practice & maximum benefits: increased energy, reduced stress levels, and a faster recovery. The app includes: • Instruction videos teaching the 3 pillars of the Wim Hof Method • Interactive calendar to track your progress • Stopwatch to time your retentions • Document explaining the scientific underpinnings • Fully integrated with Apple Health, exchanges mindfulness minutes Get strong, happy & healthy!

  • Not free by any means

    By Tabster344
    On day 5, the free breathing module was Locked until I upgraded to premium. The app was supposed to offer this part for free. Deceptive advertising.
  • Good App, Questionable Leadership

    By PorquePorque
    I highly urge everyone to go and watch the video by Scott Carney on YouTube titled “How Wim Hof Lost His Method” before purchasing the app.
  • Was a great app then everything became a premium feature

    By not paid todothis
    I used to use this app to do the breathing method and got to 3:30 retention during my breath hold. Then the 5 dollars I paid for premium became a 1 year redemption towards the subscription and then I would have to pay every month. It’s a shame to see this happen again to another good app. BMW saw this and said let’s do this with our heated seats. TLDR. Only useful feature is the guided breathing and that feature is a paid sub when it was apart of the paid app. Now 5 free guided breathing until you need premium. Sad to see. 
     I’m sad to see the excuse that such a complicated app that took forever to develop not change in 3 years but only change how they monetize. It’s sad to see someone with such a powerful message become corrupt with greed. It’s a literal stopwatch/lap count app with voice lines. Let’s not oversell it or mislead anyone. I respect what wim did and his journey. I don’t respect how he changed and the message he made for all become for those who can afford it. 5 dollars was an affordable one time fee. Becoming a subscription that’s greed. Also responding with the same message to everyone who disagrees instead of taking the feedback. Disappointing but what else do you expect when you become corrupt chasing the money. That response got me annoyed.
  • Good until they change the rules to charge you more

    By Leaf WJ
    App is pretty good. It hasn’t changed much over the years but didn’t really need to. They recently added a paywall for the guided breathing and didn’t grandfather in people who got it as part of a course where part of the course was having access to that part of the course. 
    So it was good but greed on their part has me moving to alternatives for the breath timer.
  • Pay to Breathe

    By _rtn
    The latest updates remove the free breathing exercise and forces a subscription to use it. The latest update also REMOVES access to video courses that users paid for on the website.
    Good for business, bad for love. Did Wim approve this? There’s time to make this right.
  • Pay walled now...

    By Bri18392472791jd
    I bought every program for hundreds of dollars.  Now the guided breathing is pay walled for $42/year. I'd pay 4.99 a year tops.  Disappointed they took the one thing I use the app for away.  The method is gold and life changing, the app not so much.
  • New account requirement

    By cdy70
    I’ve been a paying supporter for a few years now, and I open the app this morning only to see that I suddenly need an account to use the app. When I look at other recent reviews in the App Store, I see others complaining about the addition of paywall features.
    Whoever is making decisions like these for the app should be ashamed. I’m cancelling my support subscription and won’t use the app again - which is a shame because I’ve used and enjoyed it for years now.
  • Unhappy

    By Dr writing this review guy
    Unhappy that I purchased this yrs ago and now have to pay for the guided breathing
  • Crooks — Extortionists

    By meditatealways
    4-5 years ago I paid for the Wim Hoff course, paying almost $300 for it and access to the tools to practice the learnings in the course. There’s rarely updates for this app, but recently there was one or two. I go to do my morning breathing — I’ve been doing it everyday for 4-5 years — I all of a sudden get a pay wall. This asks to pay $5.99 p/month or some obscene amount for the year upfront… just for guided breathing. I then email support and explain how unfair it is to now charge again after me already paying, and no response from them to say anything. I’ve been an active member for half a decade and they won’t even respond to an email. Wim Hoff, you should be ashamed and embarrassed!
  • Please make up mind…

    By $inD
    Breath work cool timer free then not free then free then not free. I’ve been a Hofer for 2.5 years using this app. It’s wonderful but… free? Ugh. I have paid for it before and gotten a class but then it goes away. Wish there was more explanation. Love Wim and the method!


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