Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes

Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes

Category: Food & Drink
Version: 2.2
Adult Rating: 17+
Filesize: 62.71 MB
Developer: Cooper Bold Interactive
Compatibility:   iOS 11.0 +.
Score: 4.72917
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Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes 2.2 IPA. Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes for iPhone/iPad. Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes latest version free download. Download Cocktail Party: Drink Recipes 2.2 for iPhone/iPad by Cooper Bold Interactive directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 17+ to be able to install and run.

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Finally — an app that shows you all the tasty drinks you can make from the stuff you've got. Cocktail Party is sexy, simple, and chock-full of balanced, delicious cocktails anyone can make at home. Check off ingredients you have, and Cocktail Party will show you all the drinks you can make right now. It’s that easy - no shopping trip required! Cocktail Party is jam-packed with the best recipes – everything from hundred-year-old classics to modern masterpieces from up-and-coming new mixologists. Have brandy but not cognac? Rye, but no bourbon? Cocktail Party is smart enough to use appropriate substitutions from the ingredients you already have. Cocktail Party works wherever you are. Choose from imperial or metric measurements, and search for ingredients by their regional names. We’re constantly adding new drinks and ingredients from all over the world. What you won’t find in Cocktail Party: * No sour mix! * No obnoxiously specific B®and-name™ re©ipes * Did we mention no ads? No pushy popups, either. * No in-app purchases - you buy it once, you get updates and new drinks forever.


  • Great app!

    By Jiojj
    Love how it makes it easy to see what I can make based on what I have in my cabinet…but I wish I could add my own recipes
  • Love this app

    By ThroughTheMixingGlass
    Easy to use and a great library of drinks
  • Might be the best cocktail app!

    By ipodmartin
  • Flat out amazing, stop looking

    By Dstets
    I'll pull the ol 'I never leave reviews' card but it's true and I'm reviewing this because it is flipping fantastic. These are legit recipes, classics and modern classics, and ALL of them, so many. The ingredient tracker is easy and clear and just freaking download this already!
  • Best cocktail App

    By gabholgu
    This has helped me revisit and enjoy the art of Mixology!  My girlfriend and I have grown our bar exponentially and enjoy making different cocktails For family and friends when they come visit!!
     hoping for more drink updates and more recommend spirits to add to the library.
  • Solid cocktail app

    By Jalus854
    Clean, uncluttered, easy to use, and very helpful. Well worth the few dollars! Best cocktail app I’ve seen honestly. Like that there is a description with each drink.
    Constructive criticism:
    Each section in the Drinks tab should be an accordion (collapsible). If I want to see drinks I need ingredients for, I don’t want to scroll thru all the drinks I can make first.
    Search by ingredients. So if I want to make something with, say, mint and grenadine, show me all the drinks that include these (both together or individually). I would slam the star rating until you magically got 6 stars if this was included :)
  • Fun & functional

    By danideru
    Simple design, easy to understand & use, super fun little illustrations. Those might be my favorite part honestly, they’re just satisfying and clear. Makes it easy to see what new recipes I can try with what I have. Worth every penny.
  • Must-have for home bartenders

    By btnguy
    This app is incredible, it's so easy to use and perfect for learning new cocktails.
    Home bars by nature are limited in the variety of ingredients at your disposal. This app is great for planning out the variety of drinks you can make given a limited amount of ingredients, which is something lacking in other cocktail apps.
    If you're hosting a small part or event, it becomes as easy as inputting the ingredients you have available, and then letting your guests pick from that menu. This opens up so many possibilities for drink discovery and fun cocktail nights. 
    I also love that it recommends drinks requiring 1 additional ingredient, because it makes my next grocery trip so much easier. 
    The user interface is also great and very easy to navigate. Highly recommended!
  • Exactly what I was looking for

    By Club Flamingo
    This a great app for anyone building a home bar. The value is in its ability to take a list of what you have and match that to recipes for things you may have never even considered. It has a very broad range, I was surprised to find recipes from bars that I have actually been to along side established classic cocktails. Any time some one comes over and asks what I can make them I just give them my phone and let them pick a drink, it’s almost like having a custom menu for my own bar.
  • Bartender Superpowers

    By MrJDK
    Incredible app. Before this app, I knew how to make about five simple cocktails (e.g, Jack and Coke, screwdriver, and Cape Cod). Now I have the ingredients and know how to make 200+ cocktails. I’ve discovered many new favorites and enjoy mixing drinks for family and friends. 
    Features I love:
     - Pay for app once, not monthly 
     - Enter inventory of liquor and mixers from your home bar, and app shows you what cocktails you can make with what you have on hand
     - App makes it easy to discover new cocktails. For example, if you feel like drinking gin, select gin, and the app shows you all the drinks you can make with gin. Select ginger beer, and it shows you what you can make with that. 
    - For each cocktail, the app describes the history, where the recipe came from, what ingredients to use, and step-by-step how to make (including whether to shake or stir).
    - Individual cocktails show you what ingredients you can substitute if you don’t have the preferred ingredient in your bar. 
    - App recommends liquors and mixers to buy by showing you how many cocktails and which ones you could make by buying that one extra ingredient. 
    - Find a drink you like, and the app will tell you which ingredients you have and whatever ingredients you need to buy to make. 
    - Mark your favorites and easily find in the future. 
    Features I’d love to see added:
     - Rate cocktail from 1 to 5 rather than simply liking it. I’ve tried some cocktails that sounded better than they tasted. I’d like to remind myself in the future that I have already tried it and did not like it. 
     - Mark cocktails that I want to try in the future.


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