e-Sword X: Bible Study Extreme

e-Sword X: Bible Study Extreme

Category: Reference
Version: 8.1
Adult Rating: 4+
Filesize: 15.28 MB
Developer: Rick Meyers
Compatibility:   iOS 10.11 +.



e-Sword X: Bible Study Extreme 8.1 IPA. e-Sword X: Bible Study Extreme for iPhone/iPad. e-Sword X: Bible Study Extreme latest version free download. Download e-Sword X: Bible Study Extreme 8.1 for iPhone/iPad by Rick Meyers directly from Apple Appstore. This app version requires iOS 4+ to be able to install and run.

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e-Sword® — the world's most popular PC Bible study software is now available on the world's most advanced desktop operating system! e-Sword X is feature rich and user friendly. As your Biblical library grows you will appreciate the intuitive layout and synchronization of resources. e-Sword X is so easy to use you may never need to click on the Help menu! EVERYTHING NEEDED to study the Bible in an enjoyable and enriching manner. All Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, … everything is just a click away! POWERFUL SEARCHES that are simple to use. Enter as many words you want to search for and select the settings.  You can even search on Strong numbers! INTEGRATED EDITOR for creating your own study notes, even with images. Rich text notes are "linked" to the Bible for easy viewing as popover tooltips! PARALLEL BIBLE of your own design for comparing passages. STRONG'S DEFINITIONS are just a click away and presented in a popover tooltip. SCRIPTURE REFERENCES too are just a click away and presented in a popover tooltip. COMPARE BIBLES quickly to see how the different versions translate a verse. LOCATION MAPS pin-point Biblical places on live modern maps to help bring the narrative to life! READING PLANS designed to help you grow in your knowledge of the Bible. No Internet connection is required to use e-Sword X. e-Sword X initially installs with the King James Bible and the King James with Strong's numbers study Bible, the Strong's Lexicon, Smith's Bible dictionary, F. B. Meyer devotional commentary, and the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge cross references. There are over one hundred additional Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, lexicons, reference books and devotionals that you can download and add to your library absolutely free! Also available are some "locked" resources which must be purchased from their publisher. These are copyright and licensing requirements which are unavoidable. Please note that e-Sword X is an *ENGLISH* release (but does include Spanish UI localization.) There are dozens of non-English Bibles available, but all other content is in English. The perfect app on the perfect platform. What are you waiting for? Download e-Sword X today and get to studying the Bible!


  • Incredible!

    By DrGrateful
    I have been using e-Sword ever since it's early beginnings. There are so many resources available for this bible app that make it the best bible software to date. Thank you Rick Meyers for continuing to update this incredible bible app!!!
  • One of the better programs for studying the Word.

    By abelmusic
    I use this every day It's one of the best. I appreciate that it's oriented around studying the bible unlike some of the more expensive suites that are cluttered with extra biblical "resources".  The simple intuitive UI was easy to learn. 
    The only thing I wish it had was the ability to open verses in a new tab like the finder app let you do with folders so I can go down a rabbit trail without losing my original spot and compare things with ease.
  • Backup & Sync

    By tx6607
    I've had a number of Bible software packages through the years, and one of the most frustrating things was in the note keeping process and tracking of those notes. A month or so down the road and you've likely forgotten the verse and there goes all your notes without putting in some effort to find it first. Not so with this e-Sword software.
    Now I just installed this within the past week, and when I first took a look at it, I wasn't all that impressed. First, it's not pretty looking. But after going through the 'Help' page and clicking around, I am now familiar enough with it to do the things I need.
    One thing that is very important to me is having a backup capability, which I haven't been able to find one and don't believe there it exists. I did a little looking but not being all that familiar with a Mac, I was unable to locate the database file which stores the data, and wouldn't know how to restore it intact if I had to. Can a Backup function be added? I'd hate to lose all the material I've added thus far, not to mention the loss a year or so down the road!
    Another thing that would be nice is to add a Sync function for the iPad or iPhone versions of the software. This e-Sword software would really be humming then, but the ability to backup my work is the critical issue right now.

    By McKeebler
    I wrote a review (and sent an email) about an hour ago regarding the Bible Navigation sidebar that was new in the app, and low and behold Rick returned my email in that short span of time - with an answer already built in.  Thanks Rick!
    e-Sword is (and has been for over 20 years) my go-to program for Bible study...I use one other (Accordance, for the book support), but after my Bible, e-Sword is where the studying starts!
  • Get it and read it!

    By Older&dirt
    I used e-Sword for several years on a PC and am now using it on a MAC. It is essentially free on the MAC (a small fee probably probably related to listing on the App Store). I have also used Logos and Oive Tree Bible Study for several years. All have their own virtues. If price is no object and you want the largest availability of theology books (all searchable), Logos is the answer.  Olive Tree would satisfy most peoples needs and is much easier to learn and use than Logos. For the average Christian layman (like me) I strongly recommend e-Sword. Almost any biblical resource you could want is availiable free. Several Bible commentaries are available free on e-Sword including my favorite, Kretzmann's Popular Commentary. I am not aware of any other Bible software that offers Kretzmann, Logos has promised it for four years (at a price) but to this day have not delivered. Finally, e-Sword is so easy to use, you can quickly learn to use it by simply using it.
  • love it

    By MA1384
    love it but can u guys update this into a spanish version

    By RickeyDee2789
    Extremely difficult to make notes and highlight verses. Literally right clicked for 20 minutes before it gave me the option. I would like the problem fixed or a refund. Also there is no variety of translations only offers KJV. smh
  • Great support

    By I mainly use e Sword!
    At first, I gave this a two star and said why. The problem was fixed. 5 Stars all the way!
  • Nice update!

    By AnotherAnotherJorge
    That was very clever! Love the side bar!
  • Takes up too much screen space

    By Fulfilling Torah
    The previous edition used up too much screen space. This is worse. It takes up 1/4 of my screen. I am writing all the time and my word processor allows me to shrink its footpring to a smaller area. A use e-Sword to copy/paste open access scripture, like KJV, into my own works. 
    I do not like it, Sam-I-AM! any more than Green Eggs and Ham.


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