muzmatch: Arab & Muslim dating

muzmatch: Arab & Muslim dating

Category: Lifestyle
Version: 6.7.3
Adult Rating: 17+
Filesize: 134.99 MB
Developer: muzmatch Limited
Compatibility:   iOS 12.1 +.
Score: 4.22775
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Single and Muslim? muzmatch is the Muslim dating and marriage app with over 4 million single Muslims looking for serious relationships. 4 Million Single Muslims: Chat with amazing Muslim brothers and sisters near you. It Works: Over 100,000 Muslim weddings thanks to muzmatch and 300 new couples every day! Could you be next? Powerful Filters: Find your perfect match by Location, Profession, Ethnicity, Language, Education and much more. Safe & Private: You have complete control of who can see your profile and keep your photos private until you're ready to share them. Verified Users: Every new user is verified with a selfie to make sure you only talk to real authentic people. Video & Voice Calling: Get to know your matches better with voice and video calling. Whether you're looking for halal Muslim dating, rishta, matrimony or shaadi - muzmatch is the best Muslim marriage app to help you get a Nikah. Sign up in just a few minutes and find your perfect Muslim partner today! - ---------------------------------- HOW IT WORKS 1. Simply sign up and create a profile 2. Use good photos and write a bio letting other single Muslims know what you're looking for 3. We'll show you compatible single Muslims near you who fit your filters and preferences 4. Like them if you're interested, Pass on them if you're not 5. You control who can speak to you. Once you like each other you can start chatting for free 6. Take things to the next level with a voice or video call 7. Go complete the other half of your deen and get married! - ---------------------------------- Use muzmatch Gold to accelerate your search. This is available as a weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannual or annual subscription. If you choose to purchase muzmatch Gold, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Prices are in US dollars, may vary in countries other than the US, and are subject to change without notice. No cancellation of current subscriptions is allowed during the active subscription period. If you decide not to purchase muzmatch Gold, you can simply continue using muzmatch for free. Privacy Terms EULA


  • Don’t waste your money!

    By Berry Hava
    If you want to pay for a fake gold membership. And still get charged for everything else. And if you want to read their stupid articles, go ahead and waste your money! Worst marriage app ever! It seems like these days Muslims only care about money and boosting their little egos.
  • Premium & Blurred images

    By H4mz4Li
    I hope this review finds you well. And that there are other users who agree with me. 
    Please introduce a yearly plan. $60 / 3 months is ridiculous. Minder offers 12 months for $72. That’s not even a comparison…. And why charge users for viewing the images now??  That signals that this is now about money rather than helping Muslims find their future spouses. I understand wanting to make a profit but customers’ satisfaction is important. 
    Also, the blurred images feature should be disabled. Completely taken out. That feature is also ridiculous. This is not the 1900s (or prior) where people blindly get married. Personality and character are crucial but VERY rarely does a person marry someone without seeing them first. Looks are a part of compatibility.

    By happy_Hawk
    This app & others like it are completely horrible for serious muslims. To start off, in the beginning when creating your profile you are asked if you smoke or drink, everyone knows muslims are forbidden to do this under any circumstances. Oh, but it gets so much worse! Later on it asks if you eat halal food… what type of ignoramus question is that? If you aren’t following the principles of Islam then you aren’t Muslim. I know some of us struggle and no one is a perfect Muslim but these questions imply the true nature of this app. And this isn’t the worst of it yet. The worst aspect of this app is the hundred of profiles of “muslims” taking lewd or provocative photos, first off, in Islam, looks should be the very least of requirements in seeking a spouse. What is important is your deen and your character as a human being and Muslim! Looks are nothing more than preferences and shouldn’t be held high due to various things. This app forces you to show your face, and if you’re not good looking or a six figure career than good luck even getting a single like, don’t even think gold status will help you. So many aspects of this app are so extremely haram and useless when looking for a serious partner. This app is literally just a bunch of muslims by name only, looking for attractive people to marry regardless of the true reasons why one should even look for marriage which is always for the sake of Allah and completing your religion! If you want to find someone truly there’s a page on Instagram called “Salafi spouse” which allows you to sign up in a halal and safe manner, women are required the permission of their wali, men and women submit no photos and are left to the discretion of other safe and halal potential suitors, all of this according to the sunnah of our blessed prophet Muhammad(pbuh), so please MUSLIMS, stop using this disgusting and abomination of an app and return to the true and halal ways of finding a spouse. May Allah bless you all, salam alaikum.
  • V6.7.1 - Stop trying to decide my dealbreakers!

    By MBMB210
    I can’t even set my dealbreakers anymore. The app automatically adjusts them which has got to be the stupidest update.
    A dating app where I can’t set my own dealbreakers, uninstalled!
  • Not Niqabi Friendly

    By AlaskanJos
    This app is fine, people seem to be a bit more serious and if they aren’t you can tell almost immediately based on their bio. 
    I wish the “frequency of prayer” wasn’t a good option because for many of us that is one of the most important aspects. 
    As a niqabi your only option is to 1) take off the niqab and show your face or 2) pay for gold and have your photos blurred then tell the brother that you wear niqab and won’t in blue your photos for him which is a red flag. Just issues that there must be some way around. I understand why the guidelines exist it’s just quite bothersome. 
    I wish it didn’t tell people when you view their page, sometimes I’m talking with someone and use their page for reference but I look like a weirdo going back to their page two/three times in 20 minutes.
  • Not a good app

    By Samus12
    This app is the worst I have given it two tries and for one moth period with paying for it too I don’t think this app should be on the App Store either totally a  waste of time and money to uses also most people on this app are pretty rude to as well or are fake users I would say stay away form this app if you know what is good for you too!
  • Terrible experience

    By Jcantony
    One would think that it isn’t muzmatch fault  in creating  a terrible experience. Most woman who are on this app are looking  for Prince Charming . The others tend to talk disappear then talk again then disappear . Muzmatch isn’t helping at all . They say they welcome ideas but as long as it doesn’t hurt their pockets . They always answer with be patient . ( keep buying our gold membership) is what they mean . They try to make you believe that the reason your not being seen , liked …… is because your not a gold member . but they never warn you that the person you liked or want to Instant match isn’t interested . It’s always 100 % compatible . Then you have the fake accounts  That muzmatch  either creates or  it bypasses them even though they have a regress profile approval system . If you report them they only hide the profile from you . Which is shady . All in all this isn’t it jack . If you care about your well-being and don’t want to destroy your self esteem run away . If muzmatch really cared  about people like Muslims should do . They wouldn’t be doing this . I understand it’s costly to operate but we are talking about a serious topic MARRIAGE  This isn’t tinder .
  • Not a Muslims App

    By KT-2019
    They are not following Islam rules in their ads. They are looking for money and you will find it similar to any non Muslims dating app.
  • Hala scamming!

    By Hahahanfockebxg
    $46 for 10 chats (which give me the option to send only 1 message to someone unless they respond back which is 5%rate) 
    And $85 for 10 profile boosts! 
    Gold membership gets you 1 boost every 3 days and 1 chat every day! Very generous!! 
    So basically to have 30% normal response rate. Which is relatively low comparing to other scathing or matching sites. You need to spend $800 a month on this app. 
    Not mentioning the 80% “just looking” profiles or “hi” profiles without knowing nothing about the person! 80% not serious and if you are divorce or have kids your chances to get a response is less than 1% 
    I am not sure how they can verify sisters profiles who uses very heavy makeups that makes them look like someone else. 
    Like why sisters need to wear heaving make up and hid all the things they think going to push someone away! So they think someone going to marry them without knowing how they truly look like!
    I think they should not allow any sisters with heavy make up. And shape up too. Oh yeah they can make the shapes different. 
    Smaller nose. Larger eyes 
    Longer eye lashes. I truly hate make up. 
    And sisters who abuse using it should know they can’t fool someone  because end of the day they will wash and deeply clean. And remove all those layers of colors and whatever they called.  Imagine !
  • Scams and catfish

    By Mu'ad
    Forget that this app is full of non Muslims. This app is a complete and total scam. Don’t bother spending a dime, you’ll regret it